Love You So Sweetly

Book 4 in Tara’s “swooniest” series of love stories (though all the book completely stand alone), this is the romance of a stressed California billionaire and the sweet southern boy who changes his mind.

What if Eliza was a guy and then he met Henry?

In Love and Linguistics by Tara Lain, El Martin has worked hard for a job in IT, but his slang-ridden speech could crush his dreams. Linguistics researcher Henry Fairhaven can help… and get the evidence he needs to publish. When their dreams collide, they must choose between their careers and a future together.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement—A Love Story, Tara Lain’s first romance set in her new home town Ashland Oregon, brings together a “regular guy” who works in a home improvement store and falls for an eccentric homeowner who is totally not who he seems to be.

Set in Ashland

Home Improvement—A Love Story, Tara’s first romance set in Ashland, Oregon.

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Love You So Sweetly, Book 4 of the Love You So series, is a glass of sweet tea!

Coming in November!

What if Eliza was a guy and then he met Harry? Love and Linguistics is coming in November!

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