Hot Lips

MM romantic suspense mystery full of sexy secrets
Hot Seat by Eli Easton and Tara Lain

Hot Lips

By Tara Lain

Sometimes there are too many closets to come out of.

For two years, Tito’s been hiding from his past in the midst of his uncle and aunt’s big, crazy, compound full of relatives in a tiny town in California.
Now his past’s come to get him – and threatens not only Tito’s life, but to reveal the secret that will get Tito kicked out of the family he loves.

Time to fight back!

Ari Cohen, a tough cop on the hate crimes task force, knows about hiding and fighting, since he spends his life undercover searching out bad guys.
Ari’s got a big secret too that perfectly matches Tito’s –both in and out of bed.

But don’t play hearts and flowers yet.
The price they have to pay for the match may send them running back to their closets – if Tito can stay alive long enough to get there.

HOT LIPS is a M/M romantic suspense mystery, packed with sexy secrets, danger, family love, and a crazy, one-eyed cat.

Available in Kindle Format

Release Date: August 23, 2022
Easton Lain Publishing

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