In Progress and Free Reads

What's in progress , on the horizon, and free reads from Tara Lain and the Beautiful Boys of Romance

What’s in Progress

November 2020 – Cowboys are Back!

Cowboys Don’t Come Out, Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns, and Cowboys Don’t Samba – but they will be back on Amazon and in KU during November

December 2020 – Holiday Fun!

Tara will kick off the serious holiday reading with the re-release of The Fairy Shop, one of her most enchanting stories.

December will also see the re-release of two tropetastic favorites, Taylor Maid and Rome and Jules

Audio fans! – Spell Cat returns in audio, narrated by the great Kirt Graves

January 2021 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

NEW Release! January 12th – An exciting addition to the Balls to the Wall Series arrives – HAIR BALLS!

 2 big AUDIO Releases – Brush with Catastrophe and Cataclysmic Shift will be introduced in audio by Tantor read by Kirt Graves.

 Watch for the return of Tara’s super popular Movie Magic Romances! – Return of the Chauffeur’s Son and Love and Linguistics


February 2021 –Love is Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the re-release of Hearts and Flour

The Dangerous Dancers Return – Golden Dancer, Death Dancer


March 2021 –

Tara will finally wrap up a year and a half of re-releases with the Love You So Series –

Love You So Hard

Love You So Madly

Love You so Special

Love You So Sweetly

April – Wind Up the Re-Releases with Magic

 Tara brings back her YA series of Shifter/magic novels, Hidden Powers and Rising Magic

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Free Reads

Killian’s Magic Birthday

I recently wrote this short story based on my book, SPELL CAT, for Amber Kell’s Birthday Bash. I thought I’d reprint it here so you can read it.


This story is offered as a “free read” to fans of Tara Lain. This story takes place after Tara’s novel, Genetic Attraction.

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