In Progress and Free Reads

What's in progress , on the horizon, and free reads from Tara Lain and the Beautiful Boys of Romance

What’s in Progress

May HEAD TO HEAD, book 3 in the popular Nerds vs jocks series Tara co-authored with Eli Easton comes May 25th.

June/July – Watch for the re-release of the Superordinary Society, Tara’s superhero adventures.

July – Pouncing of a Papillon – book 3 in Fuzzy Love, the romcom adventures featuring the wild little dog named Batshit

Later in the summer – A new book in the Nerds vs Jocks series

Fall – a continuation of one of Tara’s popular series – TBD

Holidays – A new book in the Fairy Shop world

2022— Tara and Eli are cooking up a new co-authored series

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Free Reads

Killian’s Magic Birthday

I recently wrote this short story based on my book, SPELL CAT, for Amber Kell’s Birthday Bash. I thought I’d reprint it here so you can read it.


This story is offered as a “free read” to fans of Tara Lain. This story takes place after Tara’s novel, Genetic Attraction.

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