Meet the Superordinary Society! HIDDEN POWERS is 99 Cents for a Limited time!

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Have you met the Superordinary Society? This is my Harry Potter Meets Justice League new adult series about six extraordinary friends who have to save the world – between classes. Werewolves and magic and creatures you’ve never seen before haunt New York City along with some amazing humans that more than hold their own.

If you haven’t plunged into this world, now’s the perfect time to do it. From March 15 through April 15, we’ll be offering the first book in the Superordinary Society, called HIDDEN POWERS, for only 99 cents! You’ll meet Jazz and Dash and Carla and BeBop, and be introduced to Khadija and Fatima, as the world of werewolves and mages meet and clash!

Here are links where you can get this special deal on Hidden Powers!

This will get you ready for the release of RISING MAGIC, the next book in the Superordinary Society series, that takes our heroes much deeper into the world of magic at Arcantaria, the school for superwizards, where things are so not what they seem. You can preorder RISING MAGIC right now! Grab it.

Superordinary Society: Book Two

The next adventure in Tara Lain’s award-winning new adult, superordinary adventure/romance series.

Even as a baby mage, Dash Mercury dreamed of going to Arcantaria, the barely whispered about school for superwizards. When he’s invited at eighteen, making him the youngest student in Arcantaria history, Dash is less excited because he has to leave behind the only good friends he’s ever had—Carla, BeBop, Khadija, Fatima, and most of all, the guy he loves, werewolf mage Jazz Vanessen. At Arcantaria, the other students treat Dash like dirt until he manages to join the exclusive Olympus Club… a group with an agenda. A scary one.

No one—not even the students—knows where Arcantaria is located, so Jazz is desperate when he picks up danger vibes from Dash. He and his friends set out to find the school and break in. When they realize what the club is training Dash to do—and the dire consequences if he succeeds—they know the human race is in danger, and they’ll have to step up and save it.

But first they have to save themselves.

Rising Magic (Superordinary Society Book 2)


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