Rising Magic Rereleased! Saving the World Between Classes!

Aug 17, 2021News, Superordinary Society

The re-release of Rising Magic not only signals the complete availability of my New Adult adventure/romance series, The Superordinary Society, but also the full availability of my entire backlist! Whew! When I began self-publishing back in November of 2019, I had over 40 books to re-release. A bit at a time, they are now all available on Amazon and KU.

Lots of people are loving the first book, Hidden Powers. Here’s a recent sample –

This book was absolutely magical. The story of a super Alpha werewolf and the super Mage he at first distrusts and then comes to love; superb. Yes, they are young. But this was no YA book (or none like the ones I read as a youngster). Their solutions to the problem of a wolf mage hybrid that wants to take over the world and maybe destroy the Vanessen pack in the process, are mature, unique and well thought out.

Jazz Vanessen falls into instant lust with Dash Mercury. Even though he knows something is off with the other. Mage Dash is astonished to find out werewolves are real.This was a very enjoyable romp of a book. A quick, engaging read. The second book awaits.

So yes, it would be good to read Hidden Powers before you embark on Rising Magic. It’s a complicated world, but as readers say, a lot of fun to plunge into.

Rising Magic by Tara Lain

Rising Magic

Rising Magic is a paranormal, urban fantasy, new adult superhero meets teen wizard adventure with a heady spice of MM romance.

Can you really save the world—between classes?

The only 18-year-old wizard ever accepted for entry to Arcataria, the super-wizard school? Check.
Recognized for his growing powers in battling and teleportation? Double check.
Got everything he’s wanted since he was a baby mage? For sure.
Then why the hell is Dash Mercury miserable?

Maybe because the other students at Arcantaria treat him like dirt, he left his only friends far behind and he misses the guy he loves, Jazz Vanessen, the werewolf-mage.

Arcantaria’s just plain creepy. There’s something suspicious going on, Dash is getting sucked in and it’s life-threatening!

Jazz gets the message—Dash in danger! The Superordinary Society lines up for action—but first they have to find Arcantaria and break in. One BIG problem. No one, not even the students, know where it is.
And if they do find Dash, can five teenagers take on the combined power of the world’s super-wizards?

Jeez, maybe they should just go back to class.

Available in Kindle Format

Release Date: August 17, 2021
Second Edition
Tara Lain Books
286 Pages

Superordinary Society

Harker Pack meets Harry Potter in this New Adult series taking readers to an exciting world of mystery, magic and superordinary adventures for a group of young friends.


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