Cover Reveal! The Panther and Wolves Are Coming!

by Mar 19, 2020News, Tales of the Hacker Pack

Hi and welcome.

What a fun thing to get to reintroduce the book that started a lot of good things for me. THE PACK OR THE PANTHER was my first werewolf paranormal and began the series Tales of the Harker Pack, which went on to have three books and launch a spin-off series.

One of my main characters in The Superordinary Society, Jazz Vanessen, was first introduced in Wolf in Gucci Loafers which will be re-released next month. (BTW, there’s a 99 cent special right now on the first book in Superordinary Society, HIDDEN POWERS. You can grab it HERE or at any retailer)

Do you like the new cover? All the new covers were created by the fabulous Lex Valentine. We felt we wanted something a little edgier and I wanted to feature my panther, Paris Marketo, on the cover. Paris is a total cat – independent, snarky, and selfish, but also loving and devoted once he’s engaged. He’s a fave character of mine and a good contrast to the big, lovable, sincere, self-effacing super-wolf, Cole Harker.

If you’ve read THE PACK OR THE PANTHER, this book isn’t changed, so no need to reread unless you want to go back to my unique wolf pack. If you haven’t stalked the forests of Connecticut with my guys, come on over and enter the world of the Harker Pack.


  1. Jennifer Shoemaker-McKinney

    Sounds like a TBR book to me

  2. Laney4

    Reintroducing a book is a wonderful thing – similar to watching reruns on TV, but with the added attraction of checking out a new cover too – bonus!

  3. Jodi Hunter

    Love the cover.

  4. Jenn

    Very intriguing cover! Sounds great!

  5. Mary Preston

    It is a great cover.


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