Top 10 Rom-Coms We Want to Live In—Plus RETURN OF THE CHAUFFEUR’S SON

by Dec 27, 2020komono, Movie Magic Romances

Hi. My re-release coming tomorrow, Dec 28th, RETURN OF THE CHAUFFEUR’S SON is a all rom-com, all the time. Based on the classic rom-com, Sabrina, RETURN OF THE CHAFFEUR’S SON has that lightness, effervescence, and assurance of happy-ever-after that the best rom-coms have.

And speaking of the best rom-coms, here’s a fun video of the Top 10 Rom-Coms we want to live in. I definitely agree with a lot of these choices, although probably not their choice for #1.

What do you think? Do you agree with these choices? And you can grab RETURN OF THE CHAUFFEUR’S SON now!


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