Thank You Jet Mykles, Lynn Lorenz, & ZA Maxfield for the Romantic Inspiration

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Hi! You’re invited to be a part of a fun celebration!

I’m celebrating the re-release of the first romance I ever wrote, GENETIC ATTRACTION, which was published in January of 2011. On Tuesday Feb 21, it will be republished at Amazon and in KU, largely unchanged from its original version. This is a sexy, erotic ménage full of love and passion between two men and a woman.

What inspired me to write this book and the over 50 romances I’ve published since then were three fantastic authors that I think of as my “gateway” to a career writing romance.

On Saturday, Feb 8th, I’m having a little party in my Reader Group on FB, HEA, Magic and Beautiful Boys. I’ll be giving away copies of ebooks from my three inspirations and a couple of them will be stopping by also.

Thank you always to these three brilliant authors! You be sure to come on over and enter to win some of their books. You’ll be inspired too. Hugs!

Come join us – on Feb 8, 9, or 10 – to enter to win.


Jet Mykles

Jet was my very first introduction to gay romance – by accident! I had been reading her Dark Elves series, which are MF, and loving them. I hit buy now on another book without even reading the blurb. It was called Heaven and, when it arrived, imagine how stunned I was o realize it was two guys! I didn’t even know MM romance was a thing. I read it and loved it – so dynamic, no gender roles, exploring men’s emotional landscape. I ordered more and was hooked!

Jet is republishing her amazing Heavensent Series on Amazon. Here’s a blurb from book 1, Heaven.

The Weiss Strande Hotel is in trouble. Business just isn’t what it used to be when Tyler’s father ran the family-owned hotel. On top of business being down, Dad’s now sick with cancer so bills have skyrocketed. Desperate to save his family livelihood, Tyler sinks his hopes and money into a new venture: a nightclub at the hotel. It’s imperative that the White Room is a success, or else the hotel will go under. Lady Luck seems to be with them, however, because they manage to sign the mega-popular rock group Heaven Sent to play the grand opening.

Already a huge fan of the group, Tyler couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to his hotel. He’s not at all prepared for the bomb of lust that hits him when he’s finally face-to-face with the painfully gorgeous lead singer, Johnnie Heaven. No, it couldn’t be lust. Yes, Johnnie’s probably the most beautiful person he’s ever seen, but Tyler is straight! It must be a misguided form of hero worship that he’s feeling.

Tyler finds out that he and Johnnie share an obsession: video games. When Johnnie invites Tyler to his room to play, Tyler jumps at the chance. Who wouldn’t snap up the opportunity to spend time with their idol?

He and Johnnie have a great time with the games, but Tyler soon discovers that Johnnie’s got more in mind. The rock star’s aims to introduce Tyler to a whole new level of game play.


Lynn Lorenz

My friend Lynn Lorenz has been an inspiration to me on so many levels! But when I read Edward, Unconditionally, I hadn’t met Lynn. I wasn’t really even an author yet! I love Lynn’s books and Edward will always have a special place in my heart because he showed me that all heroes don’t have to be alpha males – a fact well represented in my body of work. Here’s a blurb from Edward, Unconditionally.

Edward is on a mission to save his grandmother by using his power. Jack is on a mission to never come out of the closet. It’ll take a dog named Winston to bring them together.

When Jack meets Edward at a traffic stop, his world is rocked—and not for the better. Edward is the gayest man he’s ever seen and Spring Lake is a small town just getting comfortable with its own new gay couple, Brian Russell and Rush Weston. Unlike Edward, Rush and Brian are big, strapping, manly men. But manly isn’t what turns Jack on. It’s Edward—everything about the younger man drives Jack wild with desire and the need to control Edward’s wild, impetuous spirit.

For Edward, his attraction to ‘bad boys’ has been his romantic downfall. His heart’s been broken so many times he’s lost count. When he meets Jack, Edward falls for the all-American by-the-book lawman, but finds his attempts rebuffed and his pride severely wounded. Jack’s straight, or at least says he is, but Edward knows that look in Jack’s eyes—he’s seen it before in other men. How can a man so right be so wrong?

Edward tempts Jack beyond anyone he’s ever met and his desire for Edward builds each time he encounters the younger man, until he can no longer deny it or himself. But Edward doesn’t want sex on the side, he wants forever. He wants the fairy tale.

Can Jack give Edward what he wants or will Jack’s fear of being ridiculed for his choice of a partner keep them from their happily ever after?


ZA Maxfield (ZAM)

ZAM has become one of my closest friends over the years, but like with Lynn, I didn’t know her when I read Drawn Together. Like so many readers, I was enthralled! ZAM showed me more of the fun of combining and recombining tropes – opposites attract, gay for you, mystery/romance, mistaken identity, and more. ZAM uses humor to deepen the feeling and, like Jet and Lynn, reveals you can be a bit over the top and still be deeply authentic. Here’s a nibble of Drawn Together.

Rory’s just be a simple southern boy from St. Antoine’s Parish, Louisiana, but he knows what he wants — the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane. He’s loved her since junior high school, and now he has the chance to meet her. He chucks everything and travels 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach just so he can tell her. He’s determined that nothing and nobody are going to stand in his way.

Turns out, Ran Yamane isn’t a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. He’s trusted fans in the past and paid the price. So when he meets Rory he is understandably wary, but resigned. He isn’t prepared for his magnetic attraction to the young man, Rory’s apparent willingness to overlook his gender, and the chaos that ensues when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge.


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