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The Sexiest Cowboys Are coming!

Hi. You probably know that COWBOYS DON’T SAMBA is releasing May 14th. It is book 3 in the Cowboys Don’t Series, but honestly, I think you can read it stand-alone. Yes, the characters from previous books do show up in the story, but you don’t have to know anything about them to enjoy this romance.

So here are a few little hidden facts and details about this book you might enjoy –

Originally, this book was supposed to be called Cowboys Don’t Tango because I planned to make my hero Argentinian. Then I found out that many of the greatest bull riders in the world are actually from Brazil and it became Cowboys Don’t Samba, of course!

I was thrilled to find out that the bull riders were Brazilian because I’ve been to Brazil and loved it. My favorite place was the state of Bahia and the city of Salvador so, although most bull riders are not from that area, I took a little license and made my hero, Tristao, from Salvador.

Because I love you, here’s a little nibble from the book –

“Perhaps after I become a PBRA champion, people will believe I’m enough of a man to manufacture mascara.”


“Who the fuck are people?”


The anger in Maury’s voice filled Tristão’s chest with warmth. “My uncles, brothers, and other relatives. As long as I stay on the back of a bull, they stay off my back.”


Maury frowned ferociously. “Yeah, well, sometimes being a champion isn’t enough to save you from the fucking prejudice of your own fucking family.”


The force of those words could have knocked over a bull. “Your family?”


“Yeah. They hounded my brother. Two of them actually.”


Cold chills trembled up Tristão’s back. “Wait. Didn’t you tell me your brother was murdered?”


Maury stared directly at Tristão. “They hounded him—to death.”


“Mãe de Deus.” He couldn’t stop staring at Maury’s face—black, blue, and bitter.


“Now my younger brother’s gay, and I’ve had to ask my friends to take care of him because he’s not safe in his own home. You’ll meet him probably.” He ran a hand through his hair. “There’s a message here, Tristão. Live the life you want because somebody’s going to hate you for it no matter what. At least that way you get a few minutes happiness before you die.”


Tristão’s belly clenched. Before him stood laid-back Maury Garcia, the well-loved, easygoing champion who made it all look easy. “Do you live the life you want? Are you happy?”


Maury frowned and stuck a hand out to the dancing foal, who bounded over and nuzzled him. “That’s a whole different subject.”

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You can preorder Cowboys Don’t Samba everywhere right now (Just click on one of the store buttons below) as well as read the other books in the series if you’d like to meet the whole gang on the McIntyre ranch.

Cowboys Don’t Series

Tara Lain does cowboys – cowboys from Hawaii, cowboys from Brazil, and mostly cowboys from Chico, California who all explore what it means to be gay while wearing chaps and looking for happy ever after. Short on words and long on action, these gorgeous cowboys find love in the back of a car or on the back of a bull in these three popular contemporary cowboy romances.


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