Re-released! Tara Lain’s THE SCIENTIST AND THE SUPERMODEL – -Now in KU

by Jan 2, 2020Genetic Attraction Series, News

I’m so delighted to announce that the second book I ever wrote, back a decade ago, is once again available and now in KU. THE SCIENTIST AND THE SUPERMODEL, an erotic MM romance that leads to a passionate ménage (in book 2), introduces to the world one of my favorite book boyfriends. The writing may be a bit different than my books today, but I think it shows the roots of my style and my love of happy ever afters. I hope you enjoy it!

Genetic Attraction Series (Book 1)

Scientist Jake Martin knows a lot about genetics but very little about himself. He tries to forget the sex he had with a guy, even though women barely do it for him. Still, he’s sure he’d be happy if he could just have his research partner, the brilliant Emmaline Silvay, but she’s older, smarter than anyone, and his boss.

Then in a dark bar, Jake comes face-to-face with supermodel Roan Black, “the most beautiful man in the world”. Jake can’t resist the gorgeous, androgynous guy, but Roan won’t accept Jake’s self-deception. Jake has to admit that it’s a man he wants and Roan in particular, or there won’t be a future for a PhD scientist who refuses to see the truth and a high school dropout whose eyesight is 20/20.

2nd Edition

Published January 2, 2020
Tara Lain Books
162 Pages


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