Prince of the Playhouse Re-Released! Hidden Identities Clash!

by Oct 20, 2020Love in Laguna Series, News

Ru wants to keep his fashion designs in the closet, not his boyfriend!

Hi and welcome. I’m delighted to announce the re-release of one of my most popular novels, PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE. Prince is book 3 in the Love in Laguna series. It can be read standalone with no problem. There’s a funny story about writing this book and I’ll share a bit if it. I can’t tell you the whole story because of spoilers.

I introduced the character of Ru Maitland in the first book in the Love in Laguna series, Knight of Ocean Avenue. He’s an assistant to stylist, Shaz, an aspiring fashion designer, and a very flamboyant, over the-top personality. He was a great character and cried out for his own book, so I started writing PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE. At the beginning of the book, I introduce Ru, his obsession with action movie star, Gray Anson, and the fact that he’s designing costumes for a production of Hamlet. Then I have Ru shopping in Laguna Beach and then walking up the hill to his house—where he’s confronted by a robber. At that moment, my hero did something completely unexpected! Unexpected to me and I was writing the book! It was like he stepped out of the phone booth and I got to see who he really is. The book took a new turn, which determined the entire plotline! I was stunned and went along for the ride. Needless to say, PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE is a book about hidden identity.

I hope you enjoy it!! Here’s the cover, the blurb, and a short excerpt —

Tara Lain Coming Soon Cover

Prince of the Playhouse

PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE is a coming out, hidden identity, billionaire, movie star, your-past-comes-back-to-bite-you, MM romance.

Is Ru’s shady past the new black?

Fashion designer Ru Maitland’s so obsessed with movie star Gray Anson, the Cosmic Joker can’t resist bringing them face-to-face at the Laguna Playhouse. 

But Gray’s in the closet—to protect his billion-dollar career.

Ru’s so not.

When Ru’s dark past collides with Gray’s paparazzi-haunted present, Gray’s macho identity threatens to crumble, and Ru finds himself in jail!

Somebody better learn that the only acceptable compromise is the truth.

Available in eBook and Paperback

2nd edition
Release Date: October 20, 2020
Tara Lain Books
326 pages

Excerpt from Prince of the Playhouse


Ru cleared his throat. “Just stand relaxed.” Take that advice yourself. He stepped behind him. Gray towered over Ru’s five eleven. The man must be a full six three or four as reported. Stretching his tape, Ru measured the width of those shoulders. Have to do it. He rested a hand against Gray’s arm and let the warmth seep into his bones—and his boner. “Do you usually wear a forty-four long?”

“Uh, yes, I think so. They tailor it for my, uh, waist.”

“Um-hm.” Ru wrapped the tape around Anson’s waist, trying not to pass out. “Thirty-three.”


Though he didn’t really have to, he measured Gray’s chest and hips. “How do you see Hamlet?”

“Sorry? What do you mean?”

“What’s your understanding of the character?”

“Oh.” He shrugged. “I guess he’s confused. Pissed that everybody including ghosts wants something from him.” Whoa. That last boiled with heat. “Sorry.”

“No, I like your take on him.”

The edges of his lips turned up. “You do?”

“Yeah.” Ru knelt to measure the inseam. “Just hold still for a second.” He swallowed hard and snuggled one hand in the general vicinity of Gray’s balls. Some balls they were too, nicely framed by the crotch of a pair of old, worn jeans. Movies often unveiled Gray’s awesome ass, but the balls Ru had never seen. He pulled the tape to the floor. “Thirty-six sound right?”

“Yes. I guess.”

If he burrowed his nose in Gray’s crotch and sniffed, could he blame it on the need to gather impressions for his design? His giggle tried to escape again. He stood before he went through with it. “Let me show you what I’m thinking.”

He didn’t usually share his designs until they were further along, but man, he didn’t want Gray to leave. He leaned over the table he’d been sketching at. Gray rested his perfect forearm on the table and looked over Ru’s shoulder. Warmth from his body slammed into Ru like a day in Jamaica, and Mr. Downtown turned into a heat-seeking missile.

Ru sucked in a breath. “Uh, what if we dress Hamlet like a sort of ultrafashionable gangbanger? Baggy pants and a combination of wifebeaters and baggy T-shirts. But we’ll do them in fantasy colors and cover your arms and chest in tattoos.” Ru’s fingers flew across the pages as the ideas took shape, bold lines slashing the white paper. “We’ll even tie your head in a bandana.” He looked up and almost choked. Gray’s face was poised only inches from his, and he was smiling, the huge, flashing-teeth, dimples-as-deep-as-craters smile that had made this man a billionaire. All I’d have to do is stand on tiptoe and I could kiss him. Of course, I wouldn’t get to do costumes for Hamlet anymore, but it might be worth it. He smiled slowly at the incongruity of the perfect face surrounded by the ratty gray wig.

Gray spoke softly. “You really get into this, don’t you?”

Ru swallowed. “Uh, yes, sorry.”

“No need to be sorry. I love the idea, and I love your passion.”

“You—you do?”

“Yes.” He just kept staring at Ru. “Do you know your eyes are almost the color of a cat’s?”

“And yours are like the sky before a storm.”


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