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July 18, 19 and 20, PASSIONS OF A PAPILLON, the romantic comedy suspense novel with hot guys and a cool dog is FREE! Grab your copy now. Then on Tuesday, July 20th, PERILS OF A PAPILLON, the fake fiancé, opposites attract, near death at the couple’s massage, hot guys and cool dog suspense-comedy-romance.

The 3 books in the Fuzzy Love series are loosely connected, so be sure to grab PASSIONS OF A PAPILLON so you can find out the backstory of the fabulously fantastic Batshit the dog.

Passions of a Papillon Free

Passions of a Papillon

Passions of a Papillon delivers passionate MM romance, suspense and action, and enough laugh-out-loud, over-the-top moments to make it hard to categorize. But if you love hot guys with secrets, sex in the back seat, dogs escaping scumbag owners, threats to life and limb, and a Papillon with a rock star personality, you’ll want to adopt Passions of a Papillon.

After you’ve sold your soul to the bad guys, can you renegotiate with a dog?

The worst guys pay best and Finn’s willing to defend some scumbags to get the good life his do-gooder parents never gave him. He may have picked up that dirty canine on the street, but why would he want stray Papillon fur on his pricey upholstery?

Still, the dog leads to the vet. Hello vet. After one glance at Em Fairweather, Papillon rescue looks far more attractive.

And, of course, there are those ears.

When the scumbags Finn defends merge with the scumbags Em’s escaping, Finn’s the one who needs rescuing. Em’s got to decide if he’s going to run away from the bad guys – or toward them. Papillon to the rescue!

Perils of a Papillon by Tara Lain

Perils of a Papillon

Perils of a Papillon is a pretend boyfriend, opposites attract, adorable nerd, hot guys with secrets, suspenseful, comedic, sexy MM romance—with dog.

Can pretending to be engaged get you murdered?

Toby Albertine needs a fake fiancé to get the teaching job of his dreams.

Sadly, he’s kind of a duh-weeb and he lives with his twin sister who everyone mistakes for his wife, so no dates

In desperation, Toby asks Ernest, the mysterious man of his dreams, to masquerade as his one and only for a single party. Ernest says yes, but Toby forgot. Things that seem too good to be true—are.

Toby and Ernest wind up sharing a king-sized bed at a resort that’s crawling with all of Toby’s school bigwigs. Can you spell couple’s massage? But one guy is trying to kill Ernest and another’s trying to save him. There’s no place for Toby but in the middle.

There’s a dog, of course, with gigantic ears and a bigger personality. And there’s even a cat named Cat, plus tons of hot sex, out-loud laughs, and near-death experiences. Batshit does it again!


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