LOVE AND LINGUISTICS Cover Reveal — Tara Lain Does My Fair Lady MM Style

by Jan 19, 2021Movie Magic Romances, News

Coming January 26, 2021

Hi. I love turning classic movies into contemporary MM romances. I did it in Return of the Chauffeur’s Son, my homage to Sabrina, and now I’m re-releasing LOVE AND LINGUISTICS, my take on My Fair Lady if it occurred in New York City and Eliza was a guy!

Here is the new cover for this romance done by the amazing Cate Ashwood. Isn’t he yummy?

You can preorder LOVE AND LINGUISTICS now at Amazon.

Love and Linguistics by Tara Lain

Love and Linguistics

LOVE AND LINGUISTICS is an opposites-attract, teacher/student, movie magic retelling, total makeover, MM romance – that dances all night.

All I want is…. El wants a decent job, but employers can’t get past his rough speech and gangbanger looks. Henry wants to be taken seriously for his work, but he needs one more dramatic transformation to prove his theories. It’s the classic makeover tale – if you add vicious gangsters, near death experiences, industrial espionage, technology titans, and a huge fashion event. Henry sets out to make El a fit consort for a king, but of course, he’s the one who learns how to say, I love you.

Available in eBook and Paperback

2nd Edition
Release Date: January 26, 2021
Tara Lain Books
284 Pages


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