How Do You Tell The Man You Love You’re a Cat? CATACLYSMIC SHIFT!

by Jul 17, 2020News, The Aloysius Tales

Hi! It’s back and on preorder. The shifter, witch, man, cat, lover story of CATACLYSMIC SHIFT. This is Aloysius’s book, the witch’s familiar that the witch master and all his community rely on. Suddenly, Aloysius wakes up human and evil is closing in. Check out the new blurb for this very romantic book below. It re-releases July 21. Preorder now!

Cataclysmic Shift By Tara Lain

The Aloysius Tales (Book 3)

How do you confess to the man you love that you’re a cat?

After a few centuries as a cat, waking up human can be pretty disorienting. In fact, it’s amnesia producing.

Alain doesn’t remember being feline, or more important that he was really a witch’s familiar and a primary protector of his master and community.
He does remember how to wash his face with a licked hand, how to lie in rays of sun on the floor, and how to lift a leg, attempting to apply his tongue to more private parts.
He also remembers that he likes men – especially Luke, the sexy vet who finds Alain naked in a pile of dogs and cats.

Evil’s closing in on the community he’s cared for, but Alain can’t remember how to defend them.
And if he does remember, he has to confess to Luke that the man he loves – is a cat.

CATACLYSMIC SHIFT combines witchcraft, magic, magery, feline shifters, time travel, and veterinarians. A MM urban fantasy romance with hidden identity, amnesia, wicked witches, college courses, and men’s groups, Cataclysmic Shift is book 3 in The Aloysius Tales, but can be read stand alone.

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