Cowboys Don’t Come Out – Free for limited time!

Dec 6, 2021Contests and Deals, Cowboys Don't

Hi! Some people may not realize that my very popular contemporary cowboy novel, COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT, is actually a holiday story. My hero, a California ranch owner, goes to Hawaii for the holidays.

So, to celebrate the season, COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT, is FREE on Amazon for a limited time. Grab it! 

Cowboys Don’t Come Out is a coming out, single dad, must-love-kids, custody battle, fear-of-flying, cowboy-sexy, two-step dancing, Hawaii-for-the-holidays, MM romance.

Is the closet big enough to hold two cowboys?

Rand McIntyre stays in the closet to protect what he’s built – his small California horse ranch and the privilege of teaching kids to ride.

Kai Kealoha, a genuine Hawaiian cowboy, stays closeted to protect his “kids”, the siblings he raises with no official approval. 

Add in one detested holiday with parents at Hana Ranch on Maui and the two cowboys bond over a love of dancing, a nude beach, and each other’s beautiful butts.

But vacation sex doesn’t count, and nobody gives up real life for a few hot minutes in a bamboo forest.

Unless they do.

When Rand braves his paralyzing fear of flying, his relationship with his parents, and his beloved business to respond to a call for help from Kai’s brother and sister, both men have to re-revaluate what it means to be family – and who’d make it worth it to come out.



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