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Hi. Now for something completely different. Don’t you LOVE the new cover by the phenomenal CATE ASHWOOD?

We’ve been living in fairy-tale land for the last month with the re-release of the four Pennymaker Tales. Now, I’m delighted to share a favorite book and one of my few true who-done-its. While I include elements of suspense in many of my romances, I’ve only written a few actual mysteries where the reader has no idea who committed the crime until the very end of the book. THE CASE OF THE SEXY SHAKESPEAREAN is such a mystery. In fact, very few readers have told me that they guessed who done it. More often, they tell me they had no idea.

THE CASE OF THE SEXY SHAKESPEAREAN won the Rainbow Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2019. It has secret identities, sexy lovers, lots of suspects, a unique, nerdish hero, and a bunch of great cats.

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Coming September 8, 2020

THE CASE OF THE SEXY SHAKESPEAREAN is a MM, romantic suspense, amateur sleuth, shy professor, opposites attract, hidden identity, you’ll-never-guess-the-ending, romance – with cats.

When you lead a double life, how do you know which one he loves?

World-renowned history researcher or not, Dr. Llewellyn Lewis can’t speak without stuttering and can barely look people in the eye he’s so shy—unless he’s transformed into Ramon Rondell, his flamboyant alter ego.

But when awkward Llewellyn gets a look at gorgeous grad student, Blaise Arthur, he’d like to start reciting poetry.

That’s before a woman shows up and offers Llewellyn and his university millions if he can prove her ancestor was Shakespeare—

And before that woman turns up dead –

And before the police blame the murder on Blaise!

Pretty quickly, it’s clear Blaise isn’t who he claims – and who he really is might ruin Llewellyn forever.

Should the shy professor find the real killer – or let Blaise swing in the breeze?


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