Cover Reveal & Preview! RISING MAGIC by Tara Lain –The Superordinary Society is Back!

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Back in 2019, I introduced the world to six fantastic friends who came together in a magical amalgam of superheroes called the SUPERORDINARY SOCIETY. These guys set out to save the word – right after they picked their colleges! Now the group is back. This time, Dash, my beautiful young mage, anchors the story from his “college” Arcantaria, the school for the best of the best. But there’s a lot of weirdness going on that has little to do with magical rules, so Jazz, the werewolf mage Dash loves, and their other friends have to find a way to save Dash – and, of course, the world as we know it. I had a fun time writing this complex world. These books are unique for me in that they’re about heroes in their teens, both boys and girls, but I think you’ll enjoy them. Here’s a blurb and a snippet to whet your appetite.

Superordinary Society: Book Two

The next adventure in Tara Lain’s award-winning new adult, superordinary adventure/romance series.

Even as a baby mage, Dash Mercury dreamed of going to Arcantaria, the barely whispered about school for superwizards. When he’s invited at eighteen, making him the youngest student in Arcantaria history, Dash is less excited because he has to leave behind the only good friends he’s ever had—Carla, BeBop, Khadija, Fatima, and most of all, the guy he loves, werewolf mage Jazz Vanessen. At Arcantaria, the other students treat Dash like dirt until he manages to join the exclusive Olympus Club… a group with an agenda. A scary one.

No one—not even the students—knows where Arcantaria is located, so Jazz is desperate when he picks up danger vibes from Dash. He and his friends set out to find the school and break in. When they realize what the club is training Dash to do—and the dire consequences if he succeeds—they know the human race is in danger, and they’ll have to step up and save it.

But first they have to save themselves.

RISING MAGIC is available for preorder now and will release on March 24th.

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Excerpt from Rising Magic


Jazz perched on the edge of the couch and sipped coffee heavily laced with cream. Fat was supposed to be good for your brain, and his needed serious work. He’d arrived at two in the morning, gone straight to bed on a futon in BeBop’s room, and pretty much never closed his eyes until he gave up and got up at 5:00 a.m. and watched the sun come up over New York.

Beside him on the couch, Carla had added sugar to her coffee, but she looked as bleary-eyed as Jazz felt. She’d staggered out of Fatima and Khadija’s room about six. Now here they sat, waiting for their appointment with Master Bopherson.

BeBop balanced cross-legged on the floor despite the pinstriped trousers, white shirt, and leather vest he wore. Khadija and Fatima, both totally casual except for their brightly colored headscarves, occupied the two chairs that might have been described as “easy” a bit earlier in their lifespan but at that point mostly looked worn.

Jazz glanced at his smartwatch.

BeBop said, “No worries, baby. We won’t be late. Drink your coffee.”

Fatima got up and retrieved some good-smelling pastries from the oven and proceeded to pass them around.

Absent-mindedly, Jazz grabbed a scone and bit an end off. “Umph.” He shoved crumbs back between his lips. “This is good.”

Fatima flashed her sweet smile. The girl was one of the prettiest people Jazz had ever seen. Like Dash. Jazz pressed a hand against his chest. Thinking of Dash made all his nerves tingle and his chest hurt more.

Carla put a hand on his leg. “You okay?”

Jazz nodded. “It’s like a buzz under my skin and this throb like hurry, hurry, hurry.” He rubbed his hands over his arms.

Khadija said, “It’s how Dash felt when you were captured by Nardo. He could tell when you were frightened and when you were angry.”

Jazz nodded but could feel his own frown. “Yeah, we have this link thing. Or at least we had it. But since he’s been gone, I haven’t been able to feel him or connect with him at all. It’s been weird—and lonely. Until yesterday. Suddenly, it’s this sickening wave of, like, unhappiness, and then later just… I don’t know what to say except danger. Like a certainty of great danger’s sitting on my chest and I can barely breathe.” He wiped his hands over his face. “The really bad thing is, that last part probably isn’t coming from Dash. It’s like maybe I’m feeling something else, and maybe Dash doesn’t know, and….” He shook his head. “Oh man.”

Carla tightened her warm hand on his arm. “Don’t worry. We’ll find him.”

Jazz nodded again but it was like a robot. The word slid out. “How?”

She said in that supercertain Carla way, “Master Bopherson will know. He knows everything about the supernatural world, right, BeBop?”

“Sure.” BeBop didn’t sound sure.

Jazz ate the whole scone since it was just that good, then said, “Shouldn’t we get going?”

Khadija leaned forward in her chair. “While you go to BeBop’s uncle, Fatima and I are checking with our sisters. There’s always a chance that one of them may have heard about the location of—you know.” She dropped her eyes.

Carla said, “Right. Arcan—”

Fatima put a finger to her lips. “Shh. The name should not be spoken needlessly.”


“It is tradition.” She looked up with wide eyes. “There are those who say it’s a myth. That it doesn’t exist.”

Carla snorted. “I’d hate to think they made Dash leave us for something that’s fake.”

Fatima cocked her head. “Me too.”

BeBop said, “What’ll you do if we find out this place is in like the Himalayas or Machu Pichu or something? I mean, rescue’s cool, baby, but tough to do between classes.”


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