Holding Hans

When things are too good to be true – run!
Holding Hans by Tara Lain

Holding Hans

HOLDING HANS is a coming-of-age, hidden identity, dysfunctional family, fairy-tale-retelling, contemporary fantasy romance – with really good food.

Note: Though themes are handled delicately and appropriately for a fantasy, the book may have trigger potential for sensitive readers.

How much evil can you cook up in one small town?

When your father gets wonky, marries a weird woman, and runs off to Europe, leaving you and your twin holding the bag for the bills, what else can you do but –

Sleep a night in the forest,

Follow a trail of pebbles to a strange mansion,

And succumb to the attraction of cinnamon rolls, the world’s most beautiful piano, and Madame, the strange woman who gives you your dreams for next to nothing.

But fairy tales teach one lesson –

–when things are too good to be true – run!

Hans Meyer finds that out the hard way, when he wakes up tied to a bed in the dark. Even Rune, the cute guy who buys him root beer floats, isn’t who he seems.

Can piano power, twin power, and a healthy dose of love power overcome the darkness and finally make Hans happy in Ever After?

Release Date: September 29, 2020
Tara Lain Books
359 pages

What People Are Saying About Holding Hans

5 stars

“I loved this story and got pulled into it immediately. I thought the set up was very clever, and I enjoyed the modern retelling with a few twists of Hansel and Gretel. I loved how the character names hint at each person’s personality and role in the story.”

Anne Barwell

Drops of Ink

“I went into this expecting a straightforward modern day version of Hansel and Gretal, what I got was so much more. It took me totally by surprise!

So much happens in this novel – it really kept me on edge, the theme is very dark, and I feel that Ms Lain really outdid herself. The story had a contemporary feel to it, and it was certainly no fairy tale.

It’s a clever retelling of a classic tale… with a dark twist. I have read most of this lady’s books, this is one of her best. Well written , with believable MCs, and secondary characters, it deals with a very modern and terrifying problem.

A great twist on a classic tale. If you like a crime/mystery read, try this one.”


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