Betting On His BF by Eli Easton & Tara Lain Released Plus Print Prize!

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Hi. I’m so freaking excited to announce the release today of BETTING ON HIS BF! This is Book 4 in the Nerds vs Jocks series, but as all our pre-reviewers have been saying, it’s truly is a standalone novel. And wow, do people love it!

Donna says, “This story is filled with love, fear, and laugh out loud hijinks. I absolutely adored this story.”

Edga said, “I loved the mystery/suspense element, as well as their growing bond. Simply a superb read. Had me howling with laughter”

Sheena says, “This very well may be my favourite out of them all.”

Ashley added, “I highly recommend this read and wish I had a friend like PJ and Felix.”

There’s sooo much more. When Eli and I started the Nerds vs Jocks Series, we planned 3 books — SCHOOLING THE JOCK, COACHING THE NERD and HEAD TO HEAD — but as we wrote, these two other guys, PJ the jock wheeler dealer and Felix the nerd, leather loving, ladies man with big assets, stepped up, became friends and then demanded their own tale. What could we say but yes, and, of course, where could the wheeler dealer go but Vegas? We had so much fun writing this book and our readers seem to share the joy! If you want to start the series with this book, no problem. It honestly does stand alone. But if you’ve been reading since book 1, you’ll get a look at some of your favorites too. Hope you love it.

Cover of Betting On His BF by Eli Easton and Tara Lain

Betting On His BF

By Eli Easton and Tara Lain

Betting On His BF is a friends-to-lovers, bisexual awakening, what-happens-in-Vegas-can-win-you-money, dash-of-suspense, MM romance—with large assets.

Big Bet. Big Trouble. Big Love.

When Felix the Quiz Bowl Champion reveals other oversized assets besides his brain, it takes PJ, the super-wheeler-dealer, to wangle maximum profits from it—in bets, wet jockstrap contests, and Wang of the Week.

But winning money turns out to be second only to falling in lust and sexual escapades replace time at the poker tables as the number-one activity of their wicked week in Vegas.

Still, accepting the hospitality of PJ’s father’s client, the mobster Joey Oretano, proves a nearly fatal money-saving scheme and brings Felix and PJ face-to-face with the serious side of life.

Very Serious.

Will someone take the chance to be a hero?

Or will someone wind up dead?

Available in Kindle Format

Release Date: September 14, 2021
Easton Lain Publishing


As a special giveaway to celebrate the release of BETTING ON HIS BF, Eli and I are giving away all 4 books in print to one lucky winner. It’s a $52 value! 


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