A new decade!

by Jan 1, 2020Genetic Attraction Series, News

Jan 1 begins a whole new decade and on Jan 2, I rerelease The Scientist and the Supermodel, the second book i ever wrote. (The first book i wrote, Genetic Attraction, will be rereleased the beginning of February). This seems appropriate, since my first published book was in January of 2011, so not quite a full decade, but close.

For those who have asked, the books are not changed from the originals, so if you read them, you read them. But they’ve been off the market for years, so they’ll be new to most of you. If you only read gay romance, these books aren’t for you. The Scientist and the Supermodel is mostly MM, but the guys are plotting a MMF menage for part of the book. The books are also very erotic. The books include what may be my all-time book boyfriend! You have been warned!



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