Hi everyone–
It’s my pleasure to welcome Leanore Elliott to the blog today. This amazing and multi-talented lady has a special gift for you– a free copy of one of her Beasts of Vengeance Series. Read on to learn how you can have this book TODAY!

You Can Call Me Wicked

Hello, I’m Leanore Elliott and I write Paranormal Romance. I am so pleased to be here today, with the very prolific Tara Lain.

I had 10 books published in the last year. The really hot kind, and that is why my friends all call me ‘Wicked Leanore’.

 Yes, I am obsessed. I waited a long time to write, and my family lost me for the entire span of 2010 and 2011. I was at the book all the time. I made three websites, and at one of them, I added 157 book covers for 80 other authors with my Author Helping Authors Network. I learned the HTML code and web design. I joined at least 70 groups, started two blogs, appeared on about 40 blogspots and I wrote 14 books. 
With the books, I learned from 10 pro editors and I now edit other author’s books.  I can now reformat a book into seven digital versions.

I have my own production company now and all we produce is entertainment; Wicked Muse Productions. We do editing and design, making eBook covers and formatting books for the kindle upload. Just recently, I debuted my very first, and then second book trailers.

 I have given away at least 200 books in the last 6 months at various blogs and Hops. With the new Amazon Prime program, I had 13,000 books downloaded all over the world in December 2011.

I’ve found out that I just love to entertain and since I am not a supermodel, can’t sing a note and I can’t paint? I paint the world into places I want to see. I do it simply to have people come on journeys with me. The audience is my readers and I take them away to another world for a few hours.

What excites Leanore? Well… heat—scorching, heavy breathing heat. With each book I’ve written, the scenes have become hotter the stories have become more intriguing and unique. One of my series truly borders on Erotica. It is called The Beasts Of Forever Series.

These three books have been selling like crazy. They are Erotic paranormal and readers have said they are like no other stories they have ever read.

In fact, I have Beasts~ The King Of Vengeance up for free through the fourth of January. All of my Series books can be read as Singles, so pick it up while it’s free.
After you read one of my hot tales, you might just call me wicked too.

Thank you for allowing me to take up a little bit of your time on this first day of 2012.

LOVE the cover! Okay guys, head over to Amazon for your FREE copy. You only have a couple days so don’t forget. And great thanks to Leanore for being with us today. Hey, she calls me prolific! I’d call her inspiring.  

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Thank you for visiting the blog.  :  )