Two New Releases! Taylor Maid on KU AND new Spell Cat Audio!

by Dec 8, 2020Audiobooks, News, Single Titles, The Aloysius Tales

Hi. Today, I’m delighted to bring back to the market 2 reader favorites.

The Marry-by-Midnight Billionaire is BACK!

First, I’m announcing the return to Amazon and first time in KU of TAYLOR MAID, a wild-ass romcom that tests whether a guy can get married by midnight to save his inheritance if he doesn’t know a single person he can marry!

The Cat is in Audio!

My second announcement is a brand NEW audiobook of SPELL CAT with narration by the amazing Kirt Graves. Yes, there was a previous audiobook of SPELL CAT, but this is a new one. Kirt has recorded this book along with the other two in the series that will be coming in January.


Taylor Maid by Tara Lain

Taylor Maid

Taylor Maid is a marry-by-midnight or lose-the-inheritance, arranged marriage, boy-dressed-as-a-girl, mistaken identity MM romance – with some fabulous cross-dressing.

He’ll marry the maid to get $50 million, but a secret could queer the deal.

Taylor Fitzgerald needs a last-minute bride.

On the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday, he discovers his billionaire daddy is screwing him out of his grandfather’s inheritance.

The only way out? Marry a woman before midnight. And there’s only one place to do it – Las Vegas.

When his first plan falls through, Taylor focuses in on a crazy plot – marry the hotel maid!

The beautiful Ally May, with the voice of an angel, has her own reasons to want to escape Las Vegas, so she could be his answer.

Just one problem. Taylor needs to marry a woman – and Ally isn’t one.

2nd edition
Release Date: December 8, 2020
Tara Lain Books
205 Pages

Spell Cat by Tara Lain Audiobook

Spell Cat

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But Killian can’t pursue a physics professor—or a human. As the most powerful male witch in ten generations, Killian must bolster his dying race by reproducing—despite the fact that he’s gay.

Even a fling with Blaine is out of the question, because Killian has been told sex with humans drains his power. But if that’s true, why can young human Jimmy Janx dissolve spoons with the power of his mind? If Killian can sort through the lies he’s been fed, he’ll still face his biggest obstacle—convincing rational scientist Blaine to believe in magic.

With his ancient and powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

Length 7 hours and 3 minutes
Read by Kirt Graves


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