Taylor Maid Cover Reveal!

by Dec 3, 2020News, Single Titles

Coming December 8, 2020

Swing into the holidays with a wonderfully improbable romantic comedy, TAYLOR MAID. What if a young man discovered his father was trying to bilk him out of his inheritance and sets out to get married by midnight in Las Vegas so he can meet the terms of his grandfather’s will. But he has non one to marry, so he proposed to the beautiful hotel maid. But oops – there’s a serious catch!!

Taylor Maid by Tara Lain

Taylor Maid

Taylor Maid is a marry-by-midnight or lose-the-inheritance, arranged marriage, boy-dressed-as-a-girl, mistaken identity MM romance – with some fabulous cross-dressing.

He’ll marry the maid to get $50 million, but a secret could queer the deal.

Taylor Fitzgerald needs a last-minute bride.

On the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday, he discovers his billionaire daddy is screwing him out of his grandfather’s inheritance.

The only way out? Marry a woman before midnight. And there’s only one place to do it – Las Vegas.

When his first plan falls through, Taylor focuses in on a crazy plot – marry the hotel maid!

The beautiful Ally May, with the voice of an angel, has her own reasons to want to escape Las Vegas, so she could be his answer.

Just one problem. Taylor needs to marry a woman – and Ally isn’t one.

2nd edition
Release Date: December 8, 2020
Tara Lain Books
205 Pages


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