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Hi. Today I’m delighted to welcome as my Special Guest my friend and fave author BA Tortuga. She’s got this new book, In Wulf’s Clothing, and I haven’t read it yet, but I keep drooling over the cover. You’ve got to read her comments about all the Southwest shifters she hasn’t tried yet.Yep, you’ll be laughing as hard as I am. Enjoy!

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Shifting in the Southwest

Hey y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of all things Western. Seriously – from cowboys to chiles to adobe houses (I live in one!) So, it’s October – and I’m all about the ghosts and ghoulies, the shifters and vamps.

I have to admit that writing western shifters is my jam, from the raven to the coyote to my beloved werewolf. *grins*

What? There’s something about the whole biting/fated mates/pack hierarchy thing that does it for me.

Still, my wife and I were sitting here this morning chatting about what amazing southwest animals I haven’t written yet…

Tarantula – Julia would kill my happy butt. She hates spiders. Also, the eight leg thing leads to thoughts about vestigial arms curled up around the rib cage and… ooh, I just gave myself goosebumps.

Rattlesnake – I haven’t ever written a snake shifter. I guess I could, but where would I stick the rattle…

Roadrunner — *grins* Did y’all know they bark? For real. They’re big and aggressive and gorgeous. I could so put this on the list.

Gila Monster – Yeah. No. I mean… no. Nope. Sorry. Just no.

Horny Toads – I can see this as a secondary character – short and squat, hair sticking up everywhichways. I can go here. Seriously.

So, In Wulf’s Clothing? It has wolves. Lots of them. Some nice, some very not. There’s biting, fighting, gunfire, a wedding… I’d love to introduce y’all to the boys, and I have an ebook copy of Wulf for one lucky commenter.

Much love, y’all


In Wulf’s Clothing

When werewolf Trey is banished from Lobo Canyon, scarred and bleeding, he vows never to come back. His best friend with benefits, Cory Benally, never expects to see him again, for sure, so it comes as quite a shock when Trey shows up for the pack alpha’s wedding. The alpha is Trey’s brother, and sheriff Cory’s boss, and when they’re thrown together Cory isn’t sure what the heck to do.

Now a famous clothing designer who goes by Wulf, Trey doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s there to do the dresses and suits for his brother’s wedding, and Cory can go take a flying leap. Except he and Cory still have the same sizzling chemistry. And the love. When danger lurks around the corner for Trey, Cory has to protect him, and prove this time he’s willing to fight for Trey’s love, no matter what.


The man turned, bright green eyes piercing him to the soul. “Sheriff, are you going to come say hello to the prodigal son, or are you just going to stare in that oh-so-penal way?”

His knees almost went out from under him. Trey. It was Trey. Jesus. “What—” He stopped because he was croaking. “Trey?”

“I go by Wulf these days.” It was Trey. He’d been there when those scars that crossed Trey’s cheek were laid down. “But, in effect, yes.”

“I— Oh. I didn’t know you were coming.” Lame, Cory. Super idiot. Of course, he hadn’t known. He had no idea Stephen was in touch with “Wulf”. Hell, as far as he knew, Trey might have been dead.

“No. Of course you didn’t.” Trey’s eyes were like chips of emeralds as they dragged over him. “You look good, but your pants don’t fit. Seriously. You’re all baggy.”

His cheeks heated kinda painfully. “Gee, thanks. I’ll get a better belt. Jesus.” That was all Trey had to say after all this damn time? That he was too skinny?

“I’ll talk to my brother about outfitting his public servants better.”

Stephen came out of the house, along with River—Stephen’s second and Cory’s sometime fuckbuddy. “Are you already stirring up trouble, little brother? Leave my sheriff alone.”

Trey’s answer was to blow Stephen a kiss.

Oh, God. Someone was going to get killed before this week was over.

“He was critiquing my pants,” Cory said before he could stop himself. “Apparently they don’t fit correctly.”

“Or you don’t measure up,” Trey said, batting his eyelashes.

He thought maybe River growled.

Trey turned to look at River and watched his green eyes flash gold. “Call off your dog, brother. I’m not here for his lover. I’m here to dress your wife.”

“We’re not lovers,” River snapped.

“Enough.” Stephen’s voice rang with command. “All of you. River and Cory, you both ought to know that Trey—Wulf—will be outfitting both the bridal party and the groomsmen. He’ll be doing your fittings this week.”


“You’re a seamstress?” The question slipped out of his lips, totally without his permission.

Laurel gasped. “He’s a designer! He dressed Leta Martin at the Academy Awards, for Goddess’ sake!”

“Who’s that?”

Even River stared at him. “Dude, she’s on that Queen of Thorns show.”

Cory bared his teeth. “I don’t have time to watch TV.”

Mira, look, it doesn’t matter. I make important clothes for people. This is important. Fair enough?” Trey rolled his eyes. “I’ll need help unpacking the car at some point, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh. Sure. I mean.” They were still all just…watching him. Cory backed up a step. “Well. Bye.” He was going to flee. That was his only choice.

Trey watched him back off. No. No, it wasn’t watching. It was staring. Judging. Weighing him.

He always came up lacking. Why should now be any different? “Holler at me when it’s time for my fitting.” He whirled on his heel and left, wondering why he’d agreed to be in the wedding.

He could feel Trey’s eyes all the way to his pickup.

Acid churned in his belly. This was so what he didn’t need.

“You still have the finest ass I’ve ever seen.”

He whirled around. Just Trey. Everyone else had gone back inside. “Even if it’s too skinny?” he snapped.

“I said your pants were too big, Cory. Pay attention.” How many times had Trey said that to him? A hundred? A thousand?

His shoulders drew up around his ears. “Why are you here?”

“Stephen asked.” So simple, so quiet.

“Right. I-I didn’t know you were in touch.” His head was starting to pound. He needed that caffeine.

“No. It seemed the kindest thing. You have a life here; I don’t.”

“The kindest—” He gritted his teeth. Kindest. Any time after Stephen became the Alpha, Trey could have called. Told Cory he was still alive. “You fuck right off.”

Trey snorted. “You honestly think, after I fucking walked out of here with a shattered arm, three broken ribs, and a sheared vertebra that you telling me to fuck off is going to hurt? Bitch, please.”

“No. No, I reckon nothing hurts you, ‘Wulf’. You have Stephen call me when he needs me to come.” He wasn’t doing this.

“You broke me, man. I’ll be damned if you ever get the chance to do it again.” Trey turned and headed up the stairs into the house.

Cory almost went after him. George had broken him. Not Cory. He’d fucking gotten his ass kicked defending. He wanted to scream, to howl, to wolf out and go for Trey’s throat.

He didn’t. That wasn’t Cory’s way. He was a lawman, not an animal.

The sound of the door clicking shut was so final, so fucking loud.


  1. Heather Rawlins

    I love BA’s books and can’t wait to read. I love wolf shifters.

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      Hello! I love shifter stories.

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    Ohhhhh, wolves <3

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      Congrats on your new release! It sounds really good. Thank you for the chance!

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    Well, those sure were sparks flying in the air!

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      My, my, my?. That’s interesting.

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    Sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Adding this one to my tbr pile.

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    Love reading about shifters.

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    Fighting and f***ing what’s not to love

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    Wow. That excerpt sounds so good. Can’t wait to read it

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    Love the sound of this one!

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    Sounds awesome. Congratulations on the new book!

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    Sounds like fun to me!

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