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I was Tagged by Susan Taylor and i have to post an excerpt from my work in progress that has the word LOOK in it. I decided to give you a preview of my soon to be released book, Snow Balls, that will be out December 7th.Look for it at Amazon.

Big, handsome and hunky, JJ LaRousse looks like an alpha male but acts like an interior decorator. And he’s trying to be happy about it — until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop, Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes guys who are manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors over his  pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan. Ryan Star may be tough but he hides in the closet at work since he learned in New York that being a gay cop can cost you your life. His attraction to that big, handsome kid threatens his anonymity, but he can’t seem to resist. JJ is just his type. But then JJ goes skiing and comes face to face with his greatest nemesis– and all the secrets come out of the closet. Can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More important, can JJ?

JJ flopped down on a wooden crate that held more items from the gallery for the booth. “These two guys dressed like Santa Claus and an elf apparently came in early this morning when people were just starting to set up. Everybody thought they were part of the Santa’s village display, so nobody suspected anything until Suzanne and Ollie saw them hanging around some of their jewelry boxes. Before Suzanne realized what they’d done, the guys had stolen expensive stuff from them and a bunch of other booths, too. When they went to look for them, the two men were gone.” He took a deep breath. “But I saw them!” His hands started to flutter and he curled them into fists. “They came right by here. I even talked to them!” He fanned his face. Fluttering again.

Rod reached out and grasped JJ’s hands. He smiled. Rod was so great at calming him down.  JJ LaRousse might be a drama queen but Rodney knew how to handle him. “What did you say to them?”

“Something about where they’d left their reindeer and weren’t they traveling a little early.”

Rod stared at him intently. “Did they answer?”


“And what did they say?”

“The big guy, Santa, said their sleigh was double parked and you know how tough the meter maids are in Laguna. Oh hell, I laughed. Damn.”

“You’re going to have to tell all this to the police.”

JJ sighed. “I know. A cop in a uniform came over and said that a detective will be here soon to question me.” He pulled his hand from Rod’s grasp and started fanning again. He just couldn’t help it.

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