Recommended Read: One Giant Leap by Kay Simone

by Oct 16, 2019Reviews

Wanted to share my latest BookBub review, One Giant Leap by Kay Simone!

I loved this book. I’d never read a story by Kay Simone before but thought the unusual setting (in space!) prompted a read. I actually got it from Audible Escape, so my risk was low. LOL. But my reward was high. Imagine a romance in which the lovers spend 3/4 of the story apart (one in a space shuttle and the other at mission control) — and yet you’re riveted every moment and can actually believe when they see each other for the first time that they are in love. I seldom lose sleep over a book, but this was an exception. I lay awake hours because i needed to keep reading the next page. Definitely recommend it. : )


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