Recommended Read—Jack: Grime and Punishment by ZA Maxfield

by Nov 13, 2019Reviews

I’m a big fan of ZA Maxfield. She was one of the first gay romance authors i read, years before she became a good friend. For some reason, i shied away from this series. Maybe the crime scene cleanup background made me hesitate. LOL.

I’d always admired the clever title, but despite its tongue-in-cheek play on words, I couldn’t quite place what the tone of the book would be. In fact, it’s quite serious and very romantic. The story includes ZAM’s wonderful, dimensional characters who sustain the book. They kept me engaged all the way through and hoping for their happy outcome. The fact that Jack starts with one guy and ends up with another could have been sticky, but ZAM handles it well. Plus, the book includes a really great cat!

I listened to it in audio, and the narrator does a creditable job. Definitely one to put on your list!

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