Kicking off the book launch of Home Improvement — A Love Story!

by Jul 3, 2019Contests and Deals, News, Single Titles

Hey guys, kicking off the book launch of Home Improvement — A Love Story at MM Good Book Reviews.

My hero is a furniture designer who finds the market for hand crafted furniture kind of meager, so he holds down a solid job in a home improvement store. I actually got the idea for the book after we moved to Ashland, Oregon. Unlike southern California where we’d had resources of every kind in multiples for any home renovating project we might do, in our new location we mostly had to find things at Home Depot and Lowes, so I spent a lot of time in those stores. As authors tend to do, I’d look at these stalwart guys in vests and wonder “what if”. What if one of these guys is gay? What if he met a really unusual customer and got sucked up into a world totally unlike his own?

The result is this opposites attract, single dad, hidden identity love story that early reviews seem to be liking a lot. I hope you’ll like it too.

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