HOME IMPROVEMENT – A LOVE STORY Called One of the Best Novels of 2019

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I’m delighted to say that my new romance, HOME IMPROVEMENT – A LOVE STORY has been receiving some wonderful reviews and comments. Today, however, I saw one of the very best.

Home Improvement – A Love Story definitely rates as one of the best novels of 2019 for me. This is a story that I will assuredly file under reread when I desire a beautiful romance with just a bit of angst on the side. I highly recommend this to romance lovers everywhere.


Joyfully Jay

You can read the whole review here. Needless to say, this is the kind of review that causes amazing celebrations of happy dancing from the author – me!

If you haven’t read this opposites attract, single dad, hidden identity romance yet, here’s an excerpt –

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“So what else did he say?” Ellie gazed raptly at Gabe.

“Just business stuff. How he wants me to get as much done as I can while he’s gone.” He gave her a side-eyed look. “And how he wants me to make him more furniture.”

“No shit?” She leaped up. The only thing she cared more about than Gabe’s social life was selling his furniture.


“News that good deserves an expletive or two.” She walked to the kitchen.

He raised his voice so she could hear him. “Yeah. He specifically wants me to find him a bed.”

“What’s he sleep on now?”

“A mattress on the floor.”

She leaned over the kitchen peninsula. “Want an ice cream?”

“Had some tonight.”


“Went to Zoey’s.”

“Oh yum. Should have brought me some.”


“No.” She sat back in the chair, chomping on an ice cream sandwich. “So Jerry’s a strange one. How’s he plan to pay for the bed?”

Gabe shrugged, lying down. “He says use the card.”

“Well I guess he wouldn’t cheat a man he was so anxious to have meet his bu-ro—ther.”

He snorted. Truthfully, every time he used the card, he held his breath. So far so good.

“So I gather the date wasn’t much?”

He sighed softly. “I like Clark. He went to some trouble, made a reservation at Doves.”

“Wow. He paid like Sir Galahad?”

“He wanted to, but I paid half.”

“You didn’t want to owe him.” She nodded sagely.

“Well, it was an expensive place.”

“You’re funny. I wish you could see the difference in your face when you talk about Clark versus when you talk about the beanie wearer.”

“Clark’s nice, I just—”

She held up a hand. “I get it. He’s pretty clean for you.”

“Uh, haven’t I been taking enough showers or what?”

“You know what I mean. He’s like white bread with no mustard. You like a little more sexual danger.”

He sat up. “How would you know what I like? I never go out.” Right. He never got any sex, dangerous or not.

“When you comment on actors or sports guys, they’re always the sexy ones with a little edge.”

“So I like dirty beanies?”

“I bet there’s a little danger under that hat.” She laughed, and the idea made him shift on the couch. She wiped her hands on the paper napkin she’d wrapped around her ice cream. “So remember that platform bed you made that they put on display at Sanderson’s Furniture to see if anybody would spring for handmade pieces?”

He slowly nodded. “Yeah.”

“I think that may just belong to Jerry.”

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