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Welcome. What a thrill and a milestone! I’m happy to announce the re-release of the first book I ever wrote back in 2011, the bestseller GENETIC ATTRACTION. (It’s not much changed from the original, so if you read it, no need to read it again – unless you want to.)

While this was my first book, it actually continues the story in  The Scientist and the Supermodel (which I wrote as a prequel). So you can read it first or as a standalone if you want or as an ongoing story.

Be aware, it’s a MMF ménage, very erotic, and the only book I ever wrote where the primary character is female. It also includes one of my favorite heroes I ever wrote – Roan Black, the Supermodel (who is pictured on the cover of The Scientist and the Supermodel).

Here’s the blurb and excerpt for your pleasure!

Genetic Attraction Series Book 2

At a conservative Long Island university, geneticist Dr. Emmaline Silvay has two great loves — her life-saving work and her younger research associate, Dr. Jake Martin. But Em knows she’s crazy. She’s Jake’s boss and he lives with his girlfriend! When Em discovers that Jake’s “girlfriend” is really his boyfriend, the beautiful supermodel, Roan Black, she resigns herself to a platonic friendship.

But the men have other ideas, and make their intentions clear on a passionate three-way weekend.  Em’s never wanted anything more, but her unconventional love breaks rules her University superiors haven’t even written yet. Roan’s fame makes secrecy impossible and the ménage threatens her carefully constructed world.

What – or who – will she give up?

Genetic Attraction: A Menage Romance (Genetic Attraction Romances Book 2)

Excerpt from Genetic Attraction


“Honey, you know nobody on the planet is more proud of you than I am.” Here came the lecture. Her mother, the hippie, loved all living things vociferously. God knows, Em had marched on Washington with her. But Shakti Silvay had other priorities, and Em always got to hear about them. She settled into her chair and fiddled with the fringe hanging from the old lampshade as her mom warmed to her subject.

“When I was your age, you were almost twenty, baby. Now, I’m not suggesting you should stop researching and have kids, but I do want you to find a good man, have great sex, and be happy.”

Were they really going to have this conversation now? Again? “I have sex.”

“Oh yeah? Last I heard you were hanging out with some tight-assed professor that doesn’t know his dick from a laser pointer.”

Had her there. “Henry’s okay. Besides, you never settled with one man.”

“I’m me, baby. I like a lot of variety. You need more structure and steadiness. I’m sure some psycho-shrink would say it’s in reaction to your crazy old mom.”

“I love my crazy mom, my life’s great, and I’m happy. The research fills me up, you know that.”

There was a pause. Her mom was scarily perceptive. “Really, baby? Are you happy? Is all that work really enough?”

She sighed. “Yes, Mommy, and when it’s not I’ll change it. I’ll look for more.”

“Don’t wait too long, baby. Shit happens, and some choices go away.”

Em felt that one right in her heart. Jake. Yeah, that one was gone. “I know.”

“Okay, well I sure as hell didn’t call to lecture you.”

Em switched the lamp on and off. “Now you tell me.”

“What’s up this weekend? More work?”

“No, in fact I’m spending this weekend in Connecticut with Jake and his, uh, lover.”

“His lover?”

“Remember I told you he lived with someone?” She was glad she’d never told her mom about her feelings for Jake, so now she didn’t have to endure the sympathy. “Anyway, I expect them any minute. I’m all dressed up for a faculty party. You should see me. Positively Diane Lane.”

“Always said you look like her if she had red hair, honey.”

“So I gotta go.”

“Okay, baby. Just wanted to hear your voice. Try to have way too much fun this weekend.”

“You’re bad.”


“Call you soon. Love you, Mom.”

“Me too.”

Em stared at the phone as she strapped on her heels. Her mom never let her get away with much, but she was an equal opportunity confronter. No one escaped. Like the time Shakti had driven from the ashram in her old minivan up to Stanford and informed Em’s PhD advisor that her daughter was brilliant but “no pansy-assed intellectual.” Em, she’d said, was going to make a difference in the world, and no one who really counted ever followed the rules. God, Em loved her, but it was hard not to feel like a disappointment.

Okay, enough. She balanced on her heels. Yeah, this would work. Carefully, she walked to the closet and grabbed her coat, then sat on her couch in the comfy, mismatched living room. She inhaled one deep breath in through the nose, out through the mouth. Then a second deep breath. The doorbell sounded. Goose bumps erupted. This was it. She hadn’t even had time to think of what to say to the boyfriend of the man of her dreams.

Fighting a giggle, she hopped up, wobbled a little, crossed the entry, and yanked open the door.

Jesus. Was this what people meant when they said “your heart stops?” She stared.

The man standing under her porch light almost didn’t seem real. She looked up into clear green eyes so heavily fringed with lashes, they looked like they were lined with kohl. And that mouth? Looking at it had to be a mortal sin in at least three major religions. Like female beauty somehow architecturally carved into a male masterpiece.

He extended his long, slim hand and said simply, “Roan.”

His hand was so warm. “I know.”

He smiled. Did the sun just come out? Dimples. And one of those shining white teeth was crooked. Maybe nature could only endure so much perfection and had to fight back with a tiny cosmic joke.

Eep! She flew off her feet, and breath whooshed from her lungs as he crushed her against the silky fabric of his tux and the hard, slim body beneath. She managed to get her toes back on the ground and looked up at that exquisite face framed by silky black hair.

He beamed. “Hello, darling.” He dropped his head and kissed her, full on the mouth.

Far from a “howdy” kind of peck, the kiss was soft and lingering, with the slightest hint of a warm tongue against her lips. She fought not to whimper.

Gradually, and it felt reluctantly, he pulled back. “I think I’m your date for tonight.”

Only one thing came to mind. “Holy shit.”

From a few steps behind Roan, Jake started to laugh.

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