Driven Snow Cover Reveal—the College Nerd, Kissing-the-Tutor, Running-from-the-Evil Stepmother MM Romance

by Aug 12, 2020News, The Pennymaker Tales

Hi. I’m so excited to bring back DRIVEN SNOW, my MM homage to Snow White and one of my personal favorite stories. DRIVEN SNOW was a complicated story to write because, unlike most fairy tales that are fairly simple storylines, Snow White is very complicated. I had a great time getting in the fallen king, evil stepmother/queen, the threat to Snow by the huntsman, the 7 helpers, and, of course, Mr. Pennymaker who I had to sneak into the story.

Driven Snow, part of the Pennymaker Tales, is now available for preorder and will release on August 20th. Hope you love it.

Driven Snow by Tara Lain

Driven Snow brings together a brilliant college nerd and a handsome quarterback who’s just as smart as he needs to be, in a kissing-the-tutor, coming out, GFY, running-from-the-bad-guys, fairy tale retelling, complete with total makeover.

What if the poison apple was a martini?

Who says fairy tales can’t happen? When chess campion and physics student, Snow Reynaldi, finds himself tutoring his secret passion, quarterback Riley Prince, up close and personal, he starts to believe in happy ever after, but wait. Cosmic joker time.

Snow’s mentor, Professor Kingsley, suddenly marries a mysterious, beautiful woman and then falls into a coma,

Snow wakes up underwater in a car,

Seven frat brothers and a quirky elf of a man rescue Snow in time for him to get accused of terrible crimes and lose the man he loves,

And, oh yeah, the professor’s wife is trying to steal his chess championship – and his life!

Things look pretty Grimm.

Any chance Snow can prove he’s the fairest of them all?


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