Do You Love Parties, Pets, and Prizes? Join the Fun with Tara Lain Jan 18th

by Jan 11, 2020Contests and Deals, Fuzzy Love

Hi! On January 18th, the most fantastic group of authors are stopping by my Reader Group, HEA, Magic, and Beautiful Boys, to share favorite pets, and give away prizes. We’re celebrating the upcoming release of my new romance, PASSIONS OF A PAPILLON. If you don’t have experience with the big-eared wonders, Papillons are a particularly brilliant and precocious type of small dog. Papillon means butterfly in French and these dogs have the ears to prove it. The books features hot guys and this very cool dog. There’s larceny and love to spare.

So come over and join the Group so you can join the fun on Jan. 18th with Rhys Ford, Amy Lane, Kim Fielding, Ba Tortuga, Julia Talbot, EJ Russell, R. L. Merrill, Andrew Grey, Kc Burn, ZA Maxfield, Kindle Alexander, Sue Brown, TA Moore, Alexa Land, Bru Baker, Z. Allora, Belinda McBride, Angel Martinez, Victoria Sue, and more!

You can enter to win the prizes all day the 18th and 19th. Winners will be chosen on Monday the 20th.

Plus, you can preorder PASSIONS OF A PAPILLON on Amazon and have it waiting for you on January 21. 

See you at the Party!

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  1. Patrick Mahoney

    The first few pages of the sample was a surprise. You write so clearly that I was immediately transported into The Fairy Shop and Nate’s story. I have ordered it for my reader so I should not remain in suspense much longer. Thank you for supporting magic, pets, and beautiful and realistic portrayals of LGBT…folk!


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