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Love More Complex Than a Good Pinot Noir.

Hi! So I mentioned on Tuesday that I’d written few Who Done Its, but here’s another one. Unlike The Case of the Sexy Shakespearean, THE CASE OF THE VORACIOUS VINTNER is a more complex story, not quite as directly focused on the central mystery. But it’s still fun to try to guess it.

A lot of this story takes place in and around the wine countries of California – the central coast and the Napa and Sonoma area. My honey and I have spent lots of time in both areas and I’ve tried to bring some of the beauty and enjoyment of the wine countries to you in the book.

It’s on preorder now and will be releasing on September 17th.

The Case of the Voracious Vintner by Tara Lain

The Case of the Voracious Vintner

The Case of the Voracious Vintner is a MM, hidden identity, coming out, dysfunctional family, a visit to the wine county, canoodling in the riddling caves, lying to the police, romantic suspense mystery, with a whole lot of pinot noir.

Love more complicated than a good cabernet.

When Southern gentleman, Bo Marchand meets super-hot Jeremy Aames,
nothing’s out in the open—

Bo’s in the closet—
Jeremy’s not who he seems—
Local winemakers moonlight as kinky sex fiends–
And the voracious vintner, Ernest Ottersen, steals Jeremy’s secrets and his business.
But then somebody steals Ottersen’s life and Bo has to manufacture an alibi to keep Jeremy out of jail.

When he finds out who Jeremy really is, will he wish he’d stayed in the closet?


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