The Case of the Voracious Vintner

The gracious southern winemaker risks his future for the guy who isn’t what he seems
The Case of the Voracious Vintner by Tara Lain

The Case of the Voracious Vintner

The Case of the Voracious Vintner is a MM, hidden identity, coming out, dysfunctional family, a visit to the wine county, canoodling in the riddling caves, lying to the police, romantic suspense mystery, with a whole lot of pinot noir.

Love more complicated than a good cabernet.

When Southern gentleman, Bo Marchand meets super-hot Jeremy Aames,
nothing’s out in the open—

Bo’s in the closet—
Jeremy’s not who he seems—
Local winemakers moonlight as kinky sex fiends–
And the voracious vintner, Ernest Ottersen, steals Jeremy’s secrets and his business.
But then somebody steals Ottersen’s life and Bo has to manufacture an alibi to keep Jeremy out of jail.

When he finds out who Jeremy really is, will he wish he’d stayed in the closet?

Tara Lain Books
2nd Edition
September 17, 2020
364 pages
Available in eBook and Paperback formats

What People Are Saying About The Case of the Voracious Vintner

Highly Recommended

This book has everything – good writing, a strong story, engaging characters and some beautiful world building.

Love Bytes

TLain did an excellent job of tossing out red herrings and she kept me guessing throughout.


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“Where’s your family? Clearly they didn’t follow you to California as mine did.”

“Uh, no. I don’t have any relatives to speak of.” That was the truth. He wouldn’t speak of them.

“Land of mercy, I can’t even imagine what that would be like.”

Jeremy snorted. “Sounds like you have enough relatives for both of us.”

“And the rest of central California as well.”

“A Southern thing, I bet.”

“Oh yes. In Georgia people don’t just want to know your name, they want to know who your grandparents were. Then they figure out how you’re related.” He turned those perfect lips into a half smile. “You’re always related somehow. Where are you from?”

Jeremy worked hard to keep his eyes level and not look away. “New York mostly.”

“Whatever possessed you to move all the way to the central coast of California? They make good wine in New York.”

“I was ready for a change and nothing to keep me there.” They tried to keep him there, but he got away.

“Would you like dessert?” Bo’s lips curled around that word so deliciously, Jeremy could think of a lot of sweets he’d like in his mouth. He shifted on his seat.

“Uh, no, thanks. I’m good.”

“Yes.” They did that eye thing again, and the impact of those crystal green eyes built up in Jeremy to the point that the possibility of coming in his pants was a real threat.

Jeremy cleared his throat. “Let me get the check, okay? You’ve done all the serious thinking.” He grinned.

For a second Bo looked as if he might demur, but finally he nodded. “Thank you most kindly. I’ll get it next time.”

Jeremy did like that there would be a next time. He motioned to the waitress for the bill.

Bo said, “Did you always want to make wine?”

Amid all the shit he couldn’t tell the truth about, that was an easy question. “Yes. When I was a little kid and other rug rats were downing Cokes and cheeseburgers, I was reading the labels on wine bottles and scanning my mother’s cookbooks for exotic recipes. I didn’t know I was gay until I was about twelve, but I knew I was different really young.”

Bo got a funny expression on his face. Kind of sad.

Jeremy gave him a smile. “No need to feel bad for me. I’ve always loved being weird.” That was pretty much the truth.

Bo smiled. “I understand. I’m quite the black sheep of my clan as well.”

Jeremy held up his glass with a last splash of wine in it. “Hard to imagine for such a pillar of the community, but here’s to all us freaks.”

Bo laughed—a deep musical sound—and extended his almost empty glass. “And all our freaky works.”

They clinked and downed the last of their wine.

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