10 Lies About Famous Movies #film

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If you follow the blog, you know things are nuts right now. Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns releases March 22nd, Golden Dancer is on special for 99 cents, Brush with Catastrophe and Return of the Chauffeur’s Son are on pre-order and more. So for a quick break, here’s a fun video on 10 Lies About Famous Movies. Enjoy!

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10 Perfect Films With One Glaring Hole! #movies

Hi! I’m going on a short trip out of town and so i wanted to leave you with some fun movie posts that i think you’ll enjoy. Have you ever seen a movie (or read a book) that’s so fantastic but for that one thing? Sure, we all have. Here are 10 Perfect Films With One Glaring Hole! Enjoy! Oh, don’t forget to pre-order Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns! Check it out here.

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The Top 10 Movie Scenes of All Time #Film #AcademyAwards

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To get us all ready for the Academy Awards, i thought I’d post a take on the Top 10 Movie Scenes of All time.What would be on your list. This list is interesting although it misses a lot of my favorites. I’d certainly include the Superman scene from Kill Bill 2, the I’m Shiva the God of Death scene from Michael Clayton, any of a number of perfect scenes from Groundhog Day, the opening monologue from Bull Durham and others. But these are interesting choices and may drive us all to new films —

What are your favorite scenes from movies? What makes your list?  Thanks for stopping by! My Cover Reveal for Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns just happened, and you can see it HERE.

Kick Ass Movies Coming in 2017

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Continuing my love of movies theme, i’m posting a video that gives you a preview of 25 films coming in 2017 that will likely get your attention! Before we plunge in, let me tell you that the Cover Reveal for Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns is happening Wednesday! Be sure to check it out. This is my first bull rider hero!

Back to the movies. See if these ae films you can’t wait to see. : )

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My Thanksgiving Wish for You — Fantastic Beasts!

4776Hi and to those in the US, Happiest Thanksgiving! I recently got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and i strongly suggest that watching it is a perfect way to spend the day before, the evening of or the day after Thanksgiving.

What a grand story! I love Harry Potter and all its permutations, but Fantastic Beasts seems to me to be at least as good. It’s sort of a prequel to Harry, showing us the author of the Hogwarts text, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander. Newt comes to 1920s America with a suitcase full of fantastic critters and the fun begins. There’s also a marvelously evil villain and lots of great characters to keep this new franchise going. I just adored every minute of it. Here is the final preview of it in case you haven’t seen it 17 times —

I hope you get to see the movie soon and, above all, i wish you joy and happiness. Please accept my sincerest thanks for visiting me. Happy Thanksgiving.  : )

Top Movie Meet Cutes! Authors Take Notes.

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Movie Meet Cutes! Romance authors are always trying to come up with cool new ways for their characters to meet. In my current work in progress, one hero saves the other from being beaten up on the beach. Two of my romantic heroes meet underwater and fight over an octopus, while in my current release, SPELL CAT, one hero asks the other for directions.

In this video, they explore the Top 10 “Meet Cutes” in the movies. I think they pick some great ones, but miss the first time Baby meets Johnny in Dirty Dancing or the first searing look between Hawkeye and Cora in Last of the Mohicans — of course the latter isn’t a romance or comedy per se, so i guess it might be disqualified.

Take a look at the list and see what you think. Do you agree?

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Top 10 Movie Heroes!

Hi — I’m all about heroes as you know. After all, i write MM romance so every book has at least two of my beautiful boys! That’s why i was interested in this video showing the Top 10 Movie Heroes. It’s fascinating seeing their breakdown of the types of heroes and who fits the bill. See if you agree with their choices. If you want to, tell me your favorite Tara Lain heroes in the comments below. I’d love to know.

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Structure in Film — A Lesson for Writers

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You know i love Top 10 videos since i share them with you so often. I happened to come upon this far more esoteric video on the Top 10 Structures in Film and i thought it would be an interesting instruction for writers as well. So i’m sharing Structure in Film — A Lesson for Writers. The video describes 10 different structures that are used to make film — from simple linear to total dreams and everything in between. As romance writers, we don’t generally take the liberty of creating a book in a circular structure or one that shows a central story from many viewpoints since we want the love story to be the center of our book — in fact, romance is defined by that idea. Still, knowing these various structures can give us ideas for scenes that might be rich and interesting. I hope you enjoy checking out Structure in film.

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Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever!

Hi — I’m writing a book (as always) and trying to get it done this weekend! So, i thought i’d follow up my movie review with more movies — the Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever.

This video celebrates two of my favorite things — movies and dance. Some of my top picks for best movie dances are inLordOfAThousandSteps400 here — your’s too, i bet. Plus, there may be scenes new to you that you’ll enjoy! Remember, my blog tour for LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS is still going, so be sure to enter! Here’s the Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever!

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