The Fairy Shop

A holiday short novella about a single dad, a tiny girl who’s scared of big men, and the wand (and the one who made it) that changes it all.
The Fairy Shop by Tara Lain

The Fairy Shop

The Fairy Shop by Tara Lain is a single dad, opposites attract, small town, MM holiday romance—wrapped in the magic of love.

A single dad who needs love. A child who needs courage. Sounds like a job for a fairy.

When Nate Hawthorne meets Asher Dane, the huge, tattooed hunk embodies Nate’s dreams – and his daughter’s nightmares. Delly’s terrified of big men.

Then Nate and Delly find The Fairy Shop, a mysterious store where a unique proprietress sends Delly in search of the wand that will make her brave.

On a snowy Christmas Eve, love and courage meet under the influence of a most unusual fairy and Nate and Delly’s lives change forever.

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2nd edition
December 01, 2020
Tara Lain Books
97 Pages

What People Are Saying

5 Stars

Delly will win your heart and Nate and Asher will show you that sometimes, all it takes is a little faith and a willingness to take a leap of faith. This is a perfect short, holiday story.

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OAK WITH a heart of alder for strength. A sprinkle of protea with a pinch of borage, lots of glitter for magic, red and yellow feathers—into the box, waiting for its owner.

“SLEEP WELL, sweetheart. Miss Marjorie’s right here if you need anything. And tomorrow we’ll go to town and get some new ornaments for the tree.” Nate Hawthorne leaned over the bed and kissed his daughter, Delphine.

She nodded a little too fast, her wide, dark eyes too shiny.

He grinned. “No bedbugs biting, okay?”

She swallowed hard, and he tried to get his heart not to crack. It had been six months. He wanted her to get less fearful, but her life experience lately hadn’t exactly supported bravery. It made him want to punch the wall.

He kissed her cheek again and had started to stand when her arms flew around his neck. “Daddy, are you sure it’s okay?” She clung like a tiny octopus.

“Delly, we know it is, right? We checked every door and window. Didn’t we? And under the bed, and the closets?”


“Okay. You sleep good, and I’ll come in and kiss you when I get home.” But oh please, let me kiss somebody else before then.

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