Tara in Oregonland! #TaraLain #WritersMoving

Hi —

I’m waving to you from Ashland Oregon! Yahooooooo. It took one intensive 12 hour drive in two cars with one Papillon dog, some Starbucks, and a lot of audiobooks to take me through the longest car drive of my life, but we made it, despite sleet on Mount Ashland. Southern Oregon is gorgeous, just waking up its spring colors, although it’s going down to 31 degrees tonight just in time to freeze our thin California blood. We don’t actually close escrow on our new house until the end of the week and don’t move in for another week after that, so we’re hanging out in a hotel trying to get work done and our poor dog is trying to learn with little success not to bark at people walking down the hall! Keep good thoughts for the continued process of moving in, but the moving van is coming north and we’re here, so a couple big hurdles have been crossed. Hugs!

Cute Gay Ad–Just for Fun!


I’ve had quite a day. I spent the day finally moving furniture into place in my new home and tonight i’m sitting on a chair watching TV in my new living room. In case you haven’t been following my pursuits, i moved out of my home of over 20 years on Dec 2nd, into a house that was being renovated –and has been renovated ever since! My garage is still full of boxes. Anyway, after my happy, busy day, i heard from my agent that she LOVES my new book that i’ve been working on all through the moving process. I had a meltdown in the middle, pulling my hair and wailing that it wasn’t working! So it’s really gratifying to have her like it so much.

Anyway, just for fun, i’m sharing a cute gay ad from Israel. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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