My Zombie Boyfriend Cover Reveal! Win It!

myzombieboyfriend1400Hi. When my friend Will Parkinson told me about this upcoming cover reveal i raised my hand and said, “Me! Me! I want to reveal it.” LOL. Who could resist? Note the Rafflecopter below where you have a chance to win a copy of My Zombie Boyfriend!

Author Name: T. Strange

 Book Name: My Zombie Boyfriend

 Release Date: April 15, 2015


Edward Grey is a medical student by day, necromancer by night. He lives alone with the first zombie he ever raised, his childhood cat, Boo. Edward’s life is simple: studying medicine, training his necromantic powers with his mentor, Mariel, and having weekly dinners with his parents. When he finds a very attractive corpse in a park and brings it home to reanimate, he accidentally creates a sassy, free-willed zombie who believes Edward is the one who murdered him.

With no memory of his former life, Edward names the zombie Kit and tries to win his trust. Kit slowly adjusts to his new un-life with Edward’s help, though he’s still suspicious of Edward’s role in his death and is convinced that Edward is hiding his former identity. Edward is very attracted to Kit, but understands why Kit doesn’t trust him. As they become closer to one another, Kit turns to Edward for comfort and love. The fragile trust they’ve built together will be tested when Kit unexpectedly regains his memory and seeks revenge on his murderers.


Kit took one look at the concoction and raised his eyebrows in disbelief and disgust. “What is that supposed to be?”

“It’s your food. Mmm! Delicious, brains! Zombies love brains!” I could see right away that I had gone too far.

“I am not a dog or a child, Edward. And I don’t appreciate your stereotyping.”

Oh, great. I had offended a zombie. What a schmuck. “I’m sorry, Kit. Won’t you at least try it?”

“Is that a slice of brain?”

“…yes. Technically. It’s not human!”

“Oh, it’s a brain, but it’s not human. That makes it all better. What’s in the rest of it?”

“The rest of the cow?” No, this was not going at all well. I pleaded. I cajoled. I begged.

He poured it down the sink.

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About the author:

My Zombie Boyfriend is T. Strange’s first full-length novel, though she has published several shorter works with Torquere Press. When not writing, T. enjoys gardening, spending time with her horse, and, of course, reading. T. lives in Canada with her wife, surrounded by pets.

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 Goodreads Link:

Publisher: Torquere Press

Cover Artist: B. S. Clay

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Jackie Nacht — STRIKE OF THE DIAMONDBACK! Reveal! Prizes!

thestrikeofthediamondback72Hi! I’m so sorry to be late revealing this spectacular cover from Jackie Nacht’s new release, STRIKE OF THE DIAMONDBACK! I was so busy unpacking and setting up the house, i forgot what day it was! My sincerest apologies — but i know you love it! Enjoy and don’t forget to enter on the Rafflecopter!

Book Name: Strike of the Diamondback

Book 4 in the Venomous Mate series

Release Date: February 1, 2015

Author Name: Jackie Nacht

Author Bio:

Short, sexy and sweet— where a little love goes a long way.

That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. She was introduced to M/M Romance through her sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, she thought it was time to put her own stories on paper. Jackie began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after.

Thinking back to her own book addiction, where there were many nights Jackie stayed up way too late so she could read just one more chapter— yeah, right— Jackie decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.


Where to find the author:

You can find Jackie at:





Publisher: eXtasy Books

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters


Two years ago, TL came across his fire ant mate, Rio. Duty kept them apart, and they were only able to love each other from afar.

When Striker escapes the tortures of the anti-venom pack, running into the wild, he didn’t expect to encounter his mate. However, he is a shell of his former self, broken from the abuse done to him.

Rio saved TL once, and when his TL comes to ask for help, Rio finds himself shocked that the venom he’s always loved is holding their mate, a mate they’ll have to heal together.


Authors Note: The first half of this book overlaps in timeline to Pursued by the Wandering Spider. For better reading enjoyment, it is best the series be read in order. Thank you.



Chapter One

Two years ago

TL was in a fucking load of trouble. This nasty bitch of a viper was giving him one hell of a fight. He swung his arm and landed a punch to her horned nose. She hissed and came back at him with a wicked-looking blade. The viper was completely bald, her entire body covered in snakeskin. She was lean and sleek, but TL knew firsthand, she was very fucking lethal. He jumped back as she swung, and he went for his hunting knife.

The snake had already gotten a piece of one of his wings, making it completely impossible for him to fly his way out of this situation.

The viper female She was strong, and he was in her territory. Why the hell hadn’t he waited for Boone? TL sliced the knife through the air, causing a deep gash to her chest but not enough to bring her down. She charged him, crazed, fangs leaking the venom TL wanted nothing to do with. He kicked out and missed. She tackled him to the ground, sinking her blade deep in his side.

“Ahhh!” TL screamed out in utter agony. The white-hot pain caused him to fall back, completely defenseless as his enemy straddled him.

With the last of his strength, he pushed up, slicing the viper under the arm. She screamed, hissed, wriggling around, more snake than human, much like the venom she presented right on top of him. TL attempted to get out from underneath, still bleeding like crazy. He managed to break free, and try to gain as much distance as he could while unable to get off his damn hands and knees.

She came back, maddened and enraged, and TL held up his arms, waiting for his end. She slithered toward him at a speed only venom of superior strength could match.

A boot shot out in front of him, connecting with her face, just a mere feet from his own body. He glanced up to see a man standing above him with a ball mace in his hand and enough other weapons on his body for a small army. The muscular man pulled a machete and went after the female. TL’s head fell back. He didn’t even have enough strength in him to see who won. Closing his eyes, he let the darkness take him.

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Big Backlist Weekend– Free eBooks from Lex and Tara!










Welcome to the first Big Backlist Weekend on my new Blog and Website! These events happen the last weekend of every month! A special guest and i feature books from our backlists and give away free ebooks!

Lots going on today. Be sure to Click HERE (or scroll down) to visit the fabulous Kay KB_LockingHorns_coverlg-1Berrisford’s new release Locking Horns plus her delicious Greenwood giveaway.

Now into the backlist! My guest this weekend is Lex Valentine. You’ve probably heard me praising Lex to the skies for her design of my wonderful website. Well, she’s also a bestselling author. This weekend, she’s giving away a copy of her NEW Save Your Love. From virgin to rock star, this is a compelling story! I’m giving away a copy of Beach Balls, my sexy underwater love story. Leave a comment to be entered to win in both drawings! So there are two winners. Got it?


Decades define a young man’s life as he goes from a virgin discovering his sexual orientation to a rock star fending off masses of lovestruck fans to a composer of Broadway musicals while an epic love for his best friend commands his heart, permeates his soul and flows through his music.

 Jay Sparks lost his virginity and found his true sexual orientation at a rock festival on his eighteenth birthday. He also gave away his heart. Through the years, Jay’s love for his best friend and first lover Matt Langdon has never died. The one thing Jay has always known to be true was that he and Matt loved each other. Even when they were apart, Jay always felt Matt’s presence within him and beside him. When fate finally brings them back together, finding a way to blend their lives becomes a labor of love. Through their years together, the love they found at eighteen grows and matures but remains an eternal flame that burns unwavering in both their hearts.

Excerpt Adult:

May 1987 – Spartan Stadium, San Jose, California

Jay had always hated ballads. As a headbanger of the first order with the long hair to prove it, Jay had a duty to scoff at ballads. Ballads were for girls. He glanced over his shoulder at the masses of big-haired, tight-jeaned females streaming toward the front of the stage and repressed a shudder. Those acid-wash-covered asses did nothing for him. Neither did the smooth skin that showed below tight crop tops and the mounds of full breasts that strained the stitching of those tops.

Unfortunately for Jay, girls liked him. His newly sprouted height of six feet went along with his new status as an adult. Just turned eighteen and about to graduate from high school, Jay had the world by its tail. With long dark hair that reached the waistband of his tight button fly jeans, wide shoulders, deep blue eyes, a smattering of freckles over a straight nose, high cheekbones and dimples that appeared in his cheeks when he smiled, Jay had been told he was everything a teenage girl could want and then some. They plagued him constantly, brushing up against him, asking him out, trying to enlist his friends to help them snare Jay as a boyfriend. But no matter what they did, he wasn’t interested. Had never been interested. Would never be interested. At the moment, the only thing that interested Jay was music.

He stood in the open-air stadium surrounded by his best buddies who had taken him to the concert as a birthday gift. His best friend Matt had purchased his ticket months before. They stood amongst twenty thousand other long-haired metal heads that filled the home of the San Jose State Spartans for a day long rock festival featuring bands they all loved.

Jay was there for two reasons above all others. One, because Matt was there and two, because his all-time favorite band Great White was playing. No other band rocked Jay’s soul the way Great White did. From their guitar riffs to their pyrotechnics to the guitar solos of their ballads — the only part of ballads Jay did like — Great White inspired him. Their set was the best of the festival thus far.

The sun had sunk almost below the horizon with only purple, pale gold and fuchsia streaks left of the daylight, the stage shone like glittering diamonds in the darkness. The band began to play “Save Your Love” and Jay’s friends groaned. A ballad. Ugh. Jay shuddered and his best friend Matt tugged at his T-shirt sleeve.


“Let’s go get a drink during the ballad. All the girls will be crowding the front of the stage right now and it will be easy to get to the concession stands,” Matt said directly into Jay’s ear.

They slipped away from their friends, pushing through the crowds easily. Matt darted up toward the mezzanine level and Jay followed. He laughed as Matt’s athletic build and long legs easily carried him up the steps and kept him ahead of Jay’s clumsier efforts. They reached the mezzanine area and stopped between the concession stand and the men’s restrooms to look down at the thousands of people who crowded the field in front of the stage.

At the moment, with the headliners playing one of their biggest hits, only one or two people stood at the concessions. Matt turned toward the restrooms, tugging at Jay’s sleeve again.

“C’mon. I gotta take a leak.”

They walked into the bathrooms and found them empty. The thunder of the music could be heard even inside the cement walls of the men’s room.

“Geez, it’s loud,” Jay muttered and turned toward a urinal.

Matt’s hand gripped his sleeve harder and tugged. Moments later, Jay found himself inside a stall, his back to the stall door and his best friend’s mouth covering his. Instantaneous heat flooded Jay’s body. His cock went from flaccid to steel bar rigid in less time than it took Matt to slide his tongue inside Jay’s mouth. Weak kneed from the sudden onslaught of lust, Jay sagged against the stall door and let his best friend kiss the stuffing out of him. All he could do was thrust his hips against Matt’s and slide his hands under the hem of Matt’s T-shirt to clutch at the muscles of his friend’s back.

When Matt released Jay’s mouth it was only to begin sucking on his neck. Jay groaned, the sound echoing in the empty restroom. He held onto Matt tightly, afraid the amazing sensations flooding his body were nothing but a dream. Not that he’d ever had a dream this hot. He’d never felt anything like what was happening to him in that moment. He’d never thought of it, never imagined it, never believed anything like it could happen.

Jay had never even given his sexuality a second thought. He didn’t seem to want girls but he had never been attracted to a guy either. The only thing that had ever turned him on was guitars and music. Now, with Matt’s body pressed intimately to his, their groins rubbing together urgently, he realized that he was more than attracted to Matt. But with all that testosterone in the air and his dick harder than it had ever been, Jay couldn’t really think beyond the moment. He’d have to ponder what it all meant later. All that mattered in that instant was Matt’s hands lowering his zipper.

Gasping for air, Jay wrenched his mouth from Matt’s. Green eyes dark with lust stared at him. Hands pushed at the denim around his hips and then cool air touched the hard length of his cock.

Matt blinked. Jay licked his lips. Matt groaned and buried his face in Jay’s neck.

“I want you.”

For a moment, Jay thought he’d said it. He certainly thought it. But no, the husky whisper was Matt’s. The lips caressing the side of his throat were Matt’s. The hands that gripped his hips, the fingers that dug into his buttocks, the cock that slid against his…all Matt. Somehow, in their aching, thrusting, panting and frantic first kisses, Matt had managed to undo his own jeans as well as Jay’s. The sensation of cock grinding on cock made Jay faint with lust.

“Want you too,” he panted, his fingers grabbing Matt’s ass and squeezing.

Matt moaned and bucked his hips against Jay’s. “We don’t have much time.”

With that, Matt slid to his knees and took Jay’s cock into his mouth. The intense suckling, the heat and wetness, sent Jay’s mind spinning. He’d never felt anything so good. Pleasure caught him in a tight grip. He writhed against the metal of the stall door as Matt’s fingers slipped between the cheeks of his ass and teased his tender hole. Matt’s mouth continued to suck him from glans to base, his tongue swirling.

When Jay began to thrust his hips, Matt gagged a few times but then he caught the rhythm and his throat began to swallow when the tip of Jay’s cock touched it. Jay thought he’d died and gone to heaven especially when he heard the swell of guitars making the floor beneath his feet rumble and the metal walls of the bathroom stall rattle. Music and Matt, what more could he ever want?

One of Matt’s hands tugged Jay’s tight balls as a fingertip slipped into Jay’s hole. Fire flashed through Jay’s body at the next suck of Matt’s wet mouth on the length of his cock. He cried out, his hands gripping his best friend’s broad shoulders, his body quaking as he spewed his hot semen onto Matt’s tongue. His orgasm seemed to go on and on until tears of intense pleasure seeped from the corners of his tightly closed eyes. He’d never felt anything like it.

Finally, his cock softened and Matt’s mouth slid from the sensitive flesh. Jay opened his eyes and sagged against the door as Matt stood, chest heaving, cock dripping pre-come onto his tight abs. Jay stared at him, lost in the picture of abandoned lust Matt presented. He’d never seen anything so beautiful in his whole life.

He reached for Matt and sank his hands into the man’s golden hair, dragging him close. Their mouths met and Jay dropped one hand to Matt’s cock, palming it and stroking it. He’d never touched another cock before. All he knew about cocks was what he knew about his own. But he somehow managed to stroke Matt’s in a way that made his best friend shiver and moan. He pulled on Matt’s balls, squeezed his muscular ass cheeks, teased the tender flesh behind his balls and wrapped his hand around the thick erection, stroking it from base to tip with a twisting grip made slick with pre-come. Matt whimpered against Jay’s throat, snuffling and gasping as Jay brought him to orgasm with his hand. Hot, sticky fluid shot between their bellies, smearing both of them as they frantically kissed and rubbed against each other.

And then it was done.

Silence broken only by the sound of their slowing breaths settled over them. The vibrations of the loud music stopped. Matt raised his head. Their gazes met, both of them dazed.



Wow! Love it!

My Backlist book this weekend is Beach Balls.

Excerpt R: Beach Balls by Tara Lain; MM Contemporary

Available  from Amazon, ARe

Adam James is so far in the closet he could find Narnia. But coming out would threaten all he’s built as the lead attorney for WMA Development, and the million dollars he can get when he finishes pushing  a big land remediation project through the City Council. Then on an early morning scuba dive, Adam meets a tall, lean rebreather diver named Sky who makes him want to live a different life. But Adam’s dreams are shattered when he walks into the council meeting and finds the fire-breathing environmentalist who’s screwing up  his chances of winning is none other than that same beautiful man. Sky Sea Mickeljohn doesn’t compromise, so how could he find himself lusting after a damned developer? And what happens when somebody open’s Adam’s closet door? These two better start telling the truth if they’re ever going to find world peace.


Still walking, Sky pointed at some boulders at the base of the cliff. “Want to sit for a while?”


Sky sank down on the sand beside the biggest rock. He scooted to the far side, which would make him invisible to anyone down the beach by the restaurant. He patted the sand beside him.

Adam sat, and Sky put an arm around him, pulling him close. Man, this was new territory. Adam took a deep breath.

“Is this uncomfortable for you?”

“No, just different.”

“Because you don’t go with guys in public?”

“Yeah. And when I am with them I usually top so I take the lead.”

“Oh, sorry.” Sky started to withdraw.

Adam grabbed his hand. “No I wasn’t complaining. Just explaining.”

Sky tightened his arm. “You like this?”

“Yeah. I do.” Adam wasn’t lying. The man was angel-faced and almost girlie with his halo of curls, but he sure knew how to be a man.


The roar of the ocean and yammering of the seagulls almost overpowered the sound of his heart in his ears. This was so damned nice. Adam pressed closer and fit his head into the hollow below Sky’s collarbone. He felt…almost cared for. Odd. That wasn’t a feeling he ever got. No one took care of Adam but Adam. Still. Sky felt good, warm, and even a little safe, which was bizarre since he was threatening Adam’s carefully manufactured identities.

Sky palmed Adam’s cheek then coaxed his face up. Adam looked into the stormy blue eyes as Sky’s lips gently touched Adam’s. He nuzzled then nipped, followed by a broad tongue lick full on the mouth. Adam laughed but he had to admit it sounded a lot like a giggle. He buried a hand in Sky’s curls and pulled his head tight, tasting minty toothpaste and pure goodness.

Adam twisted so they faced each other and wrapped his other arm tightly around Sky’s waist, pulling him close. Sky’s tongue was deep, marauding, hot and wet. Adam’s cock sprang to attention like a marine on parade. He felt as though years, not hours had passed since they’d last fucked. Sky was a heady drug, and Adam was rapidly becoming an addict.

Sky’s tongue pressed deep inside. Somebody moaned. Adam wasn’t sure who, but he wanted more. He rose up on his knees and threw one leg across Sky’s lap, settled his butt and leaned forward so their cocks pressed hard. Sweet Jesus, that felt good. He rode against Sky’s cock, and every thrust sent fire shooting through his balls.

Sky threw his head back. “Holy crap.”

What was he doing? Adam looked over his shoulder. No one was coming. Still, he should stop. But he couldn’t make his hips quit grinding against Sky’s cock.

Sky’s arms came around him. “You didn’t tell me you got rich doing lap dances, buddy.” His breath came so hard he could barely talk, and his hips pushed up like he was being timed for speed. “Hell, I’d pay a million bucks for you.”


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Launching the Lain! A Special Event with Goodies for YOU!

DSC02856Hi and welcome to Launching the Lain, the blast off for my new website and blog. First, my sincere thanks to Lex Valentine and Winterheart Designs for the fantabulous job she has done in creating this site! It’s been a ton of work. I hope you all like it. Thanks also to Lex for her prizes she’s awarding today. You’ll see them on the prize list below. Check out Lex’s wonderful books on her site HERE.

Now, let’s get down to some serious launch fun!

SindersAndAshHere are the prizes i’ll be awarding on Tuesday:

  • A $10 GC to Amazon
  • A signed print copy of Sinders and Ash (US only)
  • A choice of my ebook titles (2 winners)
  • A Tara Lain notebook (US only)
  • A Tara Lain carry bag (US only)
  • An ecopy of Lex Valentine’s Save Your LoveValentine_Final_Cover_5_18_2013
  • An ecopy of Lex Valentine’s amazing bestseller, Bitter Bonds

Here’s what you do to be entered to win these prizes:

  • For one entry, promo the new site in some way — FB, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. — and then tell me in a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL what you did.
  • For two additional entries, subscribe to the site by email or RSS and tell me in your comment that you did.
  • For two additional entries, answer the following questions and send me a message from the contact page with your answers.  Or you can email me directly at tara at taralain dot com. Even if you don’t get them all right, you’ll still get one entry. 

1.What is the name of Tara’s FREE novella that is downloadable from Goodreads?

2 What color are Elijah’s eyes in Deceptive Attraction?

3 What is the name of Tara’s only MF romance?

  • blackcatblueeyes4 When does Cataclysmic Shift release?5 In Snow Balls, who told JJ he should be more masculine?

So there are five possible entries that each person can accumulate — one entry for doing the promo, two entries for subscribing to the site, two entries for answering the questions — But you only need one to be entered. So hang out, play around, and have fun. Tell me how you like the site. I’m so glad you’re here! : )

Welcome to the New Tara Lain Blog!

DSC02856Hi and welcome to my new website and blogging home. I’m so happy you found me. In case you don’t know, I’m Tara Lain and i write the Beautiful Boys of Romance. Please look around and discover new things. On this blog, you may notice a few things missing, like videos. Please excuse. These blog posts were transferred over from my two previous blogs and a few things got lost. From here on out, all the posts will be new and on WordPress, so hopefully, no more lost items!

I love hearing from you. We’re going to be having a Website and Blog Launch Party so watch this space. It will likely be happening in the next day or two! : )