New Paperback Release: A LOVE YOU SO Anthology #SuperRomantic


(Books 1 & 2)
By Tara Lain

Hi! If you like print, this is a fun way to get to read the first two books in the Love You So series. Book 3, Love You So Special, is coming on September 28th. All of these books are very stand alone and can be read in any order, but you might like to check out why the new book is already a Bestseller at Dreamspinner Press, even though it’s still a month until it’s release.


Get swept up in two tales of love in all its hard, mad, messy, life-changing glory.

In Love You So Hard, Craig Elson is leading a plain and depressing life, despite being a good-looking guy and a talented strategic planner.

Jesse Randall aims to change all that by helping Craig find a new job, a new apartment, a new life…. That includes a new sex life. Craig wants to learn to top, and Jesse is happy to tutor him. But what happens when the lessons end and these two don’t want to say goodbye?


Ben Shane is engaged to one of the wealthiest men in America, but he’s ready to give it all up for sweet Dusty, the quirky handyman who works for his company. But Dusty doesn’t think it’ll work. What could a rich, perfect guy like Shane see in him? He must be mad. Or is he just madly in love?

Find out in Love You So Madly.

Available for purchase at
Dreamspinner Press 

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Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!!! Love You So Hard

So happy to share the new cover for Love You So Hard, re-releasing on April 6, 2018!

A Love You So Story

Craig Elson’s life has hit rock bottom. Even though he’s one of the best strategic planners around, a more confident guy takes credit for his work, and despite being a good-looking man, he suffers insults from the slimiest creep at the bar. Taking care of his beloved mom, who has Alzheimer’s, uses all his funds, leaving him in a plain, depressing car… and a plain, depressing life.

Until he sees gorgeous grad student Jesse Randall and his T-shirt that reads “I Would Bottom You So Hard.” The message seeps into Craig’s soul, and he asks Jesse to teach him to top.

Jesse’s had his eye on the quiet hottie who comes into the coffee shop, and he’s more than eager to perfect his tutoring. He sets out to get Craig a new job, a new apartment, and a new life so far outside plain and depressing that it’s unrecognizable.The problem is, Craig loves his lessons—and his teacher—too much to want to graduate. How can Craig reach the top without losing his sassy bottom?

Available for pre-order at Dreamspinner!

FREE Read from Tara Lain

LoveYouSoHard_432Hi everyone–

For those who like to get their books from Amazon, my novella, LOVE YOU SO HARD, is FREE on Amazon for five days July 23-27. Hop on over and grab a copy if you haven’t yet read this popular love story about a guy who feels on the bottom in life who learns how to be on top from a sassy tutor. FREE Read.

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LoveYouSoHardHi all —

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Amazon Rank Amazeballs


Not meaning to belabor this point, but i am HAPPY DANCING over the amazing Amazon Rank surprise i have gotten the last week and a half. As i told you earlier, i posted Love You so Hard at Amazon for 99 cents with the idea that they would price match it to zero. But people started buying it. Like crazy. And the” little book that could” climbed and climbed the charts until it was number 1 in gay romance and gay fiction and gay and lesbian fiction. Yes, this is very cool! As i’m writing this, it is still number 1 in all three categories. But that wasn’t the most amazing thing. I’ve had the privilege of having books that were number 1 in my genres at Amazon before. It’s a fabulous thrill. But what was new with Love You So Hard was the Rank. It hit 500 in the Kindle Store.

Rank at Amazon is a relative thing. Your book is compared against every other book selling in the Kindle Store. If a lot of books are selling well in other categories but not so much in yours, you might be number one in gay romance when your book is 1000 or 1200 in the Kindle Store. But lately, gay romance has been very popular. Books that rank number one are usually below 1000 in the Kindle Store. When F.A.S.T. Balls was number 2 in gay romance a couple months ago, it was above 1000 but the number one book was below 1000. This means you have to sell a lot of books to be the number 1 book in gay romance LoveYouSoHard_432these days. Which is great news for all of us. So that brings me to Love You So Hard. It kept selling more and more copies and i watched it go from number 10 to 6 to 4. And then it was number 2! I was amazed but i checked the rank of the number 1 book and it was well below 1000. I never thought my little novella would make it. But it did. The next day, the book plunged below 1000 and took over the number 1 spot. And it’s been there for days. Right now, it’s climbed out of the 500s into the 600s but it’s still number 1. It may lose it’s number 1 position soon but i’m sure grateful to have held it forr so many days.

For an author, it’s mind-blowing. In the Kindle store which has over 1 million books, my little novella stacked up against Harry Potter and the Bible and 50 Shades of Grey to rank just over 500! Wow. That is worth the champagne my husband bought me at lunch today to celebrate. Okay, i’ll stop talking about it now. Thank you so much for coming by! : )

LOVE YOU SO HARD Gets Snuggles!


I’ll be announcing the winners of the Halloween Contest later this weekend. I’ll post it on the home page. Meanwhile, i want to share some fun news about my story i wrote for the MM Romance Group at Goodreads. You probably already know it’s called LOVE YOU SO HARD. This story is available FREE at the MM Romance Group and at All Romance eBooks. It’s available on Amazon for 99 cents. Little did i know when i wrote this story that it would be so well received. It had way over 1000 downloads during its first few months at Goodreads and then became the number one book in gay romance at ARe — not bestseller since it’s free, but most downloaded. Now, months later, it’s still in the top 10 at ARe and is one of the best rated books on the site.

So, a few days ago, i uploaded the book to Amazon. You can’t post books for free at Amazon but if they are available elsewhere free, sometimes Amazon will price match. So i posted it at 99 cents just with the thought that they might price match. And i’m laughing as i write this because the book is #2 in gay romance on Amazon. People are buying this little book like mad at 99 cents.

AND, best of all, Jessie Potts, the reviewer for the Happy Ever After Blog on USA Today, LoveYouSoHardread the book and added it to her recommended reads. Here’s some of what she said:

The story was a very short contemporary centering on a man who has gone stagnant in his life. He is overlooked at work and in his love life. The only bright spot in his life is an adorable guy at a coffee shop who smiles and brightens the room. Circumstance allows Craig to ask Jessie (gotta love that name) to teach him how to be a top, and unbeknownst to Craig, his entire life is about to change. It was so sweet. I mean, really, if you’re feeling bad about yourself or having a bad day, it’s a quick read that will lighten you. The bedroom scenes are also humorous, and I think I want one of those shirts …

To see more, Click HERE! See what comes of wanting to do something nice for your readers. Thank you everyone. I’m so glad you like Love You So Hard.

Free Books and Blog Kittens.

13942368_sHi! I’m a little under the weather this evening, so this is a fast post. I’m excited to have received my advance on both The Pack or the Panther and Wolf in Gucci Loafers. That tells me i need to start writing Wolf really soon. I’m in the home stretch on my WIP which is the New Adult contemporary, Outing the Quarterback. I need to finish it by the end of next weekend and get it to my agent by the end of the month. Then DIVE into Wolf.

LOVE YOU SO HARD, my FREE novella, sits at number three on the ARe gay romanceLoveYouSoHard_432 list. If you haven’t gotten it yet, here’s the LINK.

And to finish up my post, i will share the ever-useful, all purpose Blog Kitten! Enjoy!  LOL


Free Read, Amazon Rants, and Cool Reviews!


You’ve probably seen the posts about my new Free Read MM contemporary novella, Love You So Hard. Until today, that book was only available through the MM Romance Goodreads Group. I know lots of you joined the group to be able to participate in the Love Has No Boundaries event. But if you haven’t read the book yet, here’s good news. You can now download Love You So Hard from All romance eBooks. It’s free so go on over and get it. If you’ll leave me a review or rating on ARe and/or Goodreads I’ll be most appreciative.

You may have heard me ranting on FB about the unfortunate fate of my new release, Cataclysmic Shift. After two days on Amazon, the categorization of the  book suddenly changed from gay paranormal romance to erotica and not even gay erotica. My publisher finally, after much back and forth, determined that the change was due to the cover which Amazon has declared erotica! I’ve posted the cover so you can draw your own conclusions! It’s very sad for the book because the category TL_AT#3_cataclysmicshift_coverindetermines who will see it. Sigh. Anyway, while Amazon is doing its thing, some reviewers have been raving about Cataclysmic Shift including the fantastic Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews:

“Alain is so different from what I expected considering that he’s Al in human form. I didn’t expect him to be so sweet and innocent, since Al is a real sophistiCATed feline and definitely knows his way around town. Tara has created some wonderful characters in the past, but I think Alain is one of the most endearing. His gentleness and compassion are above reproach and he is wise, considerate, and contentious. His naiveté is so refreshing as is his pure joy and openness with all things, especially sexual, before mentioning that he’s drop-dead gorgeous and doesn’t even seem to notice it. I loved his compassion for the animals and their love for him. Working at a vet’s and being a liaison between them and the humans is an ideal job for him. If he’d been a selfish person, the choice of a life free of the responsibilities he’d had in the past would have been clear cut. He would have chosen to have a life of his own; but that’s not who Alain is. When he becomes aware of his position as protector, familiar to Killian and the the others, he is immediately thrown into a quandary which seems unsolvable without someone having to lose. Alain agonizes over this choice, not wanting to hurt anyone or see them hurt. I’m not sure whether it makes it easier or harder that everyone involved is so understanding about it…

I’d recommend this book, especially to fans of Al and the other witchy gang, and to new readers as well who enjoy a fast-paced, supernatural, exciting, thoughtful love story with a happy ending. Thank you, Tara, for giving us a charming tale of love and loyalty.”

If anyone can take a little of the sting out of Amazon’s category trials, it’s Lena’s lovely words. Thanks for coming by and don’t forget to get your copy of Love You So Hard. ; )


LOVE YOU SO HARD Cover Reveal! FREE eBook

LoveYouSoHard_432Hi everyone– Most of you know that i have a new free ebook for you which is posted over at the MM Romance Group on Goodreads. I wrote the book for their special event called Love Has No Boundaries. If you’d like to download the book, just hop over HERE (join the group if you haven’t already) and you can get the book in your choice of format! And the wonderful Lex Valentine (who designed this website) created a new cover for Love You So Hard. You see it here. What do you think?

Here was the prompt from Tam which inspired the story and also the photo on which she based her prompt.

Dear Author,

I saw him at my local corner store when I stopped in for some soda after work. He was BottomYousohardwearing that damn T-shirt and now I can’t get it out of my head. I’m thirty-two years old and have never topped in my life. Guys seem to think I have a sign on my forehead that says “bottom only”. The one time I asked, it didn’t go well. But now it seems I see this kid, he’s twenty if he’s a day, everywhere, and that T-shirt text is burned in my brain. I wonder…

Can be any genre you like, and as explicit as you like. I’m not too fussy, but a first time top should be fun.

Yours truly,


How could an author not be inspired. I hope you like the new cover and be sure to download the book, Love You So Hard.

Oh, i have a new release coming July 23rd called Cataclysmic Shift, so be sure and sign up for my newsletter and follow this site so you get all the updates on the blog tour and fun stuff!