LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS in German! Now Available. #gayromance

Hi! Do you read in German? I’m so delighted that the entire Love in Laguna series is now available in German translation. They’ve been published by German publisher Cursed Verlag. The latest is Lord of a Thousand Steps, titled  Lord der geduldigen Herzen, which translates as Lord of the Patient Hearts. All the books have brand new covers which are really yummy too. Here’s the English translation of the German blurb —

The architecture student Ian Carney means everything. After being ejected by his father at eighteen because of his homosexuality, he longed to found a family with his partner Rico. But Rico has to go to Mexico to look after his sick father, and then there is also Ian’s stunning boss, Braden, who with his two children has a very special attraction on Ian. When it turns out that Rico is not as much at home as I thought, Ian finds a shoulder to lean in Braden. And perhaps even more?

Here’s the book on American Amazon.

And on German Amazon.

Here’s a look at the other titles and covers — listed in reverse order.

Prince of the Playhouse








Knave of Broken Hearts








Knight of Ocean Avenue







Here’s a secret. There will be a fifth Love in Laguna book coming in 2017. It’s called Fool of Main Beach and maybe, if i’m super lucky, it might get translated into German someday!


Chasing Rainbows — Awards, That Is! #RainbowAwards #gayromance

12316356_1174925679208179_1579162857415296674_nHi and welcome — If you haven’t entered to win a $20 Amazon GC in mycowboysdontcomeoutfs_v1 Cowboys Don’t Come Out Blog tour, Click HERE now. I’m not only celebrating my new release, but also the fact that four of my books either won or were runners-up in the Rainbows — the Rainbow Awards for LGBT Fiction and Romance.

I’m so delighted that one of my personal favorite books, TACKLING THE TIGHT END, was the third place winner in Best Gay Romantic Suspense. This story of the unlikely love between a TacklingTheTightEnd-400Native football player and hero of his community and the abused son of con artists is dear to my heart for many reasons one of them being the exploration of the Native idea of the two spirit.

LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS was in fourth place in the contest’s largest category, contemporary gay romance. This book is the fourth book in the popular Love in LagunaLordOfAThousandSteps400 series and is a May/August love between a young architecture intern and his just-out-of-the-closet boss. This book was also a runner up in Best Book of the Year.

PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE  was also a runner-up in this category.

Beauty,Inc-400x600Also a fourth place finisher is BEAUTY, INC., one of my Pennymaker Tales, which was entered in the Gay Fantasy Romance category. A modern homage to Beauty and the Beast, Beauty, Inc. is a reader favorite.

I’m so grateful to the amazing and tireless Elisa Rolle who makes this massive, worldwide award program happen through her own force of will. Also to the many judges who participate, and those who kindly read and rated my books.

Check out the whole lineup of books to find new reads for your ereader.  : )

Get SPELL CAT and All Tara Lain for 30% OFF!

spellcat400x600Hi —

Guess what? All Tara Lain for 30% OFF! Dreamspinner Press is having a 30% OFF Whole Store Sale that includes my upcoming release, SPELL CAT! This is a great time to buy it in any format and Dreampinner will make it available to you on Halloween as soon as it’s released!! This is a fun story of the most powerful male witch in 10 generations who’s supposed to marry a female witch and have kids, but he falls in love with a human man — a man who, he’s been taught, can deplete his power if they ever have sex! You can see it HERE.

This great Dreamspinner Sale is also a super time to load up on all the fabulous  DsP LordOfAThousandSteps400books — including most of mine. If you missed LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, this is a great time to buy it! Or maybe BEAUTY, INC.

Beauty,Inc-400x600Hop over and take a look and see books by Amy Lane, Mary Calmes, Rhys Ford, Andrew Grey, BA Tortuga, and so many more!

Thank you for coming by!

My Birthday! Win a Book. Come Comment!


My birthday is October 9th and i thought i’d celebrate by offering you a gift. Here’s your chance to Win a Book — any ebook from my backlist. Any ebook you want. Just leave a comment on this post and please include your email!

This means you could win LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, my most recent release which has been on all the bestseller lists at Amazon and ARe. This is the story of Ian, a young student and intern in architecture, who falls for his much older boss who is getting out of a ugly marriage and fighting for custody of his two kinds. That’s how romance becomes real life real fast!

You could win BEAUTY, INC. , my MM retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale reset Beauty,Inc-400x600in contemporary America. The lovely Robert “Belle” Belleterre meets the infamously ugly Magnus Strong and sparks fly.

61U2BTC58EL._AA300_Or how about TAYLOR MAID, a tropetastic tale of a young man who has to get married before midnight and settle on the hotel maid — who has some pretty surprising secrets?

And there’s so much more! Wolves, fairy tales, love in laguna, my gorgeous guys who happen to play football! Just click on the Books Tab above and check out all my titles. Then leave me a comment below with your email address and i’ll pick a winner by random number and send you the format of your choice.

Take your pick! Leave me a comment and please include your email.  Thank you for visiting!



Amazing Things Writers Learn — My Wild Journeys

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi and welcome. Have you ever wondered about the Amazing Things Writers Learn? As you can imagine, a romance writer has to learn craft — a lot of it — and it’s a never ending process. We learn how to write in deep point of view, never straying from the ideas, experiences, sights, sounds, smells and tastes our point of view character might have. We learn character arc, and scene structure  and — well, you get the idea.

But then, we have to learn all the things necessary for our stories. There’s an old adage that says, Write What You Know. Okay, that’s true on some levels. We write the love, hope, fear, anger and all the other emotions of our lives. We pour them onto the pages. But details of the story? We essentially never know all of those. Nine out of ten times, we have to do research and that takes writers on wild and amazing journeys.

Just for the books i released in 2016, here are some of my amazing travels into worlds not my own —

TacklingTheTightEnd-400For TACKLING THE TIGHT END, i dove deep into the world of Native culture, particularly exploring the idea of the two spirited that was inherent among some Native communities. I have to confess, this was one of my favorite research projects. Also for that book, I learned even more about football, the tight end position specifically, Indian casinos, hand guns, Native adoption, and towns in Arizona.

Compared to that book, TAYLOR MAID was relatively simple. I had to brush up on my perf4.250x7.000.inddknowledge of Las Vegas, marriage laws all over the country, inheritance laws, and review my drag queen dressing details.

PrinceOfThePlayhousePRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE took me back to Laguna Beach where i lived for many years, so the setting was familiar, but that was the only easy part. While i know a lot about Shakespeare, i still had to search for specific scenes to use as backdrop for the action. I also had to dig into Hispanic gang culture in LA, and really had to get my facts straight on juvenile felony offenses. Whew. A writer’s life!

Then came BEAUTY, INC. For that one all i had to master was the cosmetics industry, chemical formulations for face Beauty,Inc-400x600creams, cancer information centers, and Brooklyn. LOL!

LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS went back to Laguna Beach but a different end. Thousand Steps Beach is in south Laguna and, while i’m quite familiar with it, i needed details since my heroes spend a lot of time there. I also had to learn a lot of information about architecture (my husband’s an architect so i have built-in expertise), divorce and custody laws, and architectural schooling in Mexico.

Coming up in October is the re-release of SPELL CAT. Since it’s paranormal, i get to make up my own rules for the world, but my hero is a history professor and teaches a class on witchcraft, so lots of research was required for that.

In November, my first ever murder mystery releases. It’s called DEATH DANCER. I was lucky to participate in a workshop on crime scene procedure earlier this year, so i used a lot of that information, plus had to do lots of research on ballet, and streets in New York City.

Another really fun learning experience came for my first cowboy romance which releases in December. It’s called COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT. Interestingly, it mostly takes place in Hana, Hawaii and other locations on Maui. I got to dive into the whole Hawaiian cowboy (paniolo) tradition as well as take an imaginary vacation learning all the details about places like Makawao and Kahului. There was also a lot of searches related to horses, how to ride, how to teach someone to ride, cowboy equipment, and more.

So it’s been a fun and exciting year plunging into new subjects and universes! As you read, remember virtually every page has some topic or detail that had to be researched. Little things like expressions kids use, slang, where a street is located, the kind of trees you find in different locations, all require a trip to Google. Join in My Wild Journeys!

Girl Crush — Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi — Before i get to Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis, you probably know if you’ve been anywhere near the blog, I have a new book that just came out that’s been tearing up the bestseller lists at Amazon. ARe and more. It’s LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS and if you’d like to see some excerpts and enter to win a $15 GC to Amazon, Click HERE.

I’m also busy writing Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns that will be out next spring and reviewing the cover for Spell Cat that re-releases on October 31st. This adds up to busy bunny. So, for a new blog, i thought i’d share this great video of Girl Crush from Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis. Truly Yummy!

Thank you for coming by and don’t forget to enter to win on the Rafflecopter. : )

All Tara Lain Backlist Titles 30% OFF at Dreamspinner! Celebrate New Release!

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —

Thanks to all who came to celebrate Big Backlist Weekend! We’ll announce the winners by email soon! Now, i have another exciting event for you. In honor of my new release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, coming Wednesday August 31st, Dreamspinner is offering All Tara Lain Backlist Titles 30% OFF!  To get this Special Price, you need a Code —


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So enter the code THOUSAND when you choose a book or books! This Special Sale is on until September 4th only. KnaveofBrokenHearts-400x600

Another Special!! You can also download KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS for 99 Cents. Just go to the link above and look for it!

Next, watch for the release of LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS on Wednesday. This book is already getting great reviews. There will be a Blog Tour with prizes, excerpts, and fun insights into the book. If you’d like to preorder it today, just check out the buy links here.

Thank you for coming by. Be sure to take advantage of these great sale pries!! : )


LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS is Bestseller in Preorder

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —

I’m so excited to tell you that my upcoming release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS isAreBestsellerIcon100X100 Bestseller in Preorder! It’s currently in the middle of the Gay Fiction Bestseller List on Amazon and yesterday i received notice that the book had hopped onto the Bestseller List at All Romance eBooks. Today it received it’s star and has climbed to the middle of the list. Then i checked Kobo and found it’s #75 on the LGBT Romance List. It’s also on the Bestseller List at Dreamspinner Press.

The book releases on August 31st, so all this happy news is happening while the book is in preorder. It’s also at iBooks and B&N. For an excerpt, check out this Page.  Here’s a little nibble. #1 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps

Top 10 RomCom Kisses

Hi —

You may know that i love really happy endings. Heck, a lot of my books end in weddings and, at the very least, they have kisses at their conclusion. I just finished my first round of edits on a romance that will release in December. It’s called Cowboys Don’t Come Out. The editor said, “Whew, that was an intense ride – -whith such a happy ending.” So when i saw this video of the Top 10 RomCom Kisses, i couldn’t resist showing them to you.

Do you agree with these? I personally am a huge fan of 10 things I Hate About You, so i might have put that one higher. I think every love scene in Dirty Dancing is the best, but i guess it’s not a comedy. That’s certainly true for The Notebook which has the best kiss ever. You’ll find this list of the Top 10 RomCom Kisses is pretty darned good. Enjoy!

Remember, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS releases August 31st and you can now pre-order it at Amazon, ARe, iBooks, Kobo and Dreamspinner Press. Click HERE for all the links.  It has some pretty great kisses too. Thanks for coming by!

#4 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps

Uptown Funk It!

Hi — I’m an Olympiholic! How about you? So while i’m writing books and watching Olympics, i thought i’d post a fun dance mashup and we can all Uptown Funk It!

Thanks so much for dancing with me. My new release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, is coming August 31st, so check out an excerpt HERE. You can buy it for one more day at 30% OFF at Dreamspinner Press!!