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Sometimes only the wrong guy can bring the 
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Hi everyone — I’m so thrilled to be able to announce the release of High Balls. As you may know, this is the first entirely new book in the popular Balls to the Wall series since 2013. Volley Balls is mostly new, but this one is a brand new story and set of heroes. I had a blast revisiting my ballsy guys and weaving their lives into the love story of Theodore and Snake. I hope you love it — and be sure to enter to win! HUGS!

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High Balls
(Balls To The Wall Series #6 )
by Tara Lain
Though only twenty-six, single father Theodore Walters lives with his head in the clouds and his feet firmly planted in reality. At the center of his life is Andy, his seven-year-old son, with whom he shares no DNA, though nobody—including his religious-fanatic in-laws—knows that, and Theodore will do anything to keep them from finding out. Theodore works hard to get his PhD and the tenure and salary that might follow to make a better life for Andy—but the head of his department thinks his dissertation on Jane Austen and romance novels is frivolous.
Theodore’s carefully planned life goes off the rails when he walks into a popular Laguna Beach bar and meets the bartender, “Snake” Erasmo, a pierced and tattooed biker who sends Theodore’s imagination—and libido—soaring. Snake has even more secrets than Theodore and couldn’t be a less “appropriate” match, but he might be the only guy with the skills to show Theodore that happily-ever-after is for real.

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A second later in his bedroom, as Theodore stood in his boxer briefs staring at his minimal wardrobe, Andy stuck his head in the door. “Hiya, Dad.”


“Whatcha doing?”

“Trying to figure out what to wear.”

He wandered in and plopped on the unmade bed. “You got a date?”

“Uh, kind of. I mean, yes.”

“So what kind of guy is he?”

“What do you mean?” Was his son checking his date’s résumé?

“You know, is he, like, really conservative—I don’t mean, like, Republican, I mean, does he wear ties and stuff? Or is he, like, ace?”


“Uh, like, rad, cool?”

“Definitely cool.”

“Okay.” He flipped on his stomach and pointed toward the closet. “Black jeans.”

Theodore pulled his one good pair from the hanger and slid them on.

“Excellent. Now white shirt.”

“Really? Isn’t that kind of conservative?”

“No, you gotta trust me.”

“Okay.” He shrugged on the shirt. “Do I tuck it in?”

“Of course. Black belt.”

He did as instructed. Had to admit those jeans did show off his ass and the shirt made him look more mature and a bit—well, cool.

“Okay, now take the vest you wear to work.”

“You mean, like, a suit vest?”


“Which one? I have two.”

“Let me look.” He hopped to a cross-legged position as Theodore held up his navy blue vest and his tan vest.

“That one.” He pointed toward the tan.

“You sure?” Andy nodded. Hell, humor the kid. I can take it off later. He slid on the vest and—son of a bitch if it didn’t look bitchin’. “Hey, good job, this looks—” He grinned. “—ace.”

“Told ya.”

Theodore sat on the edge of the bed next to his fashion consultant. “I won’t be real late, but go to bed on time for Jillian so you can get up and be smart tomorrow. How’s your homework?” Personally he thought they gave second graders too much, but he didn’t want to have Andy falling behind.

“I’ve got a lot done.”

“Ask Jillian to check it over when you’re finished, okay? If you need me, call me.”

“Sure. Have a good time with the ace.” He flashed his little teeth with the big gap in the middle.

“I will, derp.” He kissed Andy’s nose.

“Dad, nobody says that. Especially not grown-ups.”

“How could someone so hopelessly uncool have such an awesome son?”

“Good question.”



“Mr. Walters, please explain the methodology of your research.”

And so it began. The words flowed across his tongue—the thousands of questionnaires and over a hundred personal interviews showing the education, expertise, and experience of romance writers, their use and extension of techniques pioneered by Austen and other major literary figures. He discussed tropes and their application in so called “fine” literature as well as genre fiction. Quoting verbatim from scholars he’d interviewed, he showed how many academics dismissed romance fiction purely because of its association with female readers.

Dr. Willamette said, “How large is the romance market, Mr. Walters?” She actually seemed interested.

“It’s a moving target and difficult to pin down due to the vastness and fluidity of the ebook market, but well over a billion dollars, for sure. It’s the largest book market in the world by double over the next genre.”

“Oh my. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring those people more actively into the field of literature? More teachers and more students?” She smiled.

“My point exactly.”

Ashworth sputtered, “You want to bring these illiterate, uncultured old maids and housewives into the literary tent? You must be joking.”

Dr. Willamette’s face fell, and Theodore worked to ungrit his teeth.

Dr. T. tried to keep the tone upbeat, but every time Mr. Karl or Dr. Willamette asked a good question or seemed to show interest in his research, Ashworth would find a way to belittle their opinions. They practically shrank in their seats. The chances they’d stand up to the chairman? Zilch.

Theodore kept fighting, but he felt like a salmon on a dammed-up stream.

Dr. T. said, “Why did you undertake this research, Mr. Walters? What do you feel it contributes to the future of literature?”

Theodore gazed at the carpet for a minute. “When my wife was dying, I would read to her. Classics and current literary fiction felt so cold and helpless in the face of death. Only love prevailed. So I bought a romance novel, just for diversion. I was amazed at the true literary value the book possessed. I tried another and another. Yes, I found bad ones, but then that can be said of any type of literature. Gradually I came to realize that what I’d been taught about romance fiction was bull. Here were truly gifted writers, more of them than in any other type of fiction, toiling away with not only no recognition, but also actual denigration, and still producing exceptional work. I decided to find out why.”

He looked up at each member of the panel, even the sneering Ashworth. “I think if I can encourage or inspire even one of these excellent authors to persevere and have some of their work recognized, my research will have succeeded.”

Dr. T. said, “Thank you, Theodore. I wish to add that the dissertation reader agrees with Mr. Walters. She states that the paper has done more to legitimize one of the most popular forms of world fiction than anything she’s seen. She highly recommends the paper for publication.” He looked down the panel. “If there are no more questions, Mr. Walters can go and we can determine the time for our deliberation.”

Ashworth said, “I have one more. Walters, do you really expect us to take this dissertation seriously?”

Theodore stood. “Yes, sir, I do.” He looked down the table. “Thank you all for your consideration.” He turned and walked from the room with a straight spine.


 “Dad?”Snake whispered, “Showtime.” He stood.

Teddy looked up and rose.

Andy rubbed his eyes and his nose. “How come you guys are on the floor?”

Teddy smiled and picked up Andy. “I was just surprised and unhappy when Snake told me what your grandparents did.”

“Yeah.” He snuffled and snuggled into his dad’s shoulder.

Teddy sat on the couch and settled Andy on his lap. Snake started to sit in the chair across from them, but Andy looked up. “Snake? Will you sit by me?”

“Sure, buddy.” He glanced at Teddy, who looked up quickly and then away. Snake sat beside Teddy, who held Andy in his arms. Snake took Andy’s feet.

Teddy started to rock him. “So you know about babies coming from mommies, right?”


“Moms might have different possible dads around before their baby is born, but after the baby is born, the mom might choose a dad.” He looked at Snake, pleading in his eyes.

Snake picked up the thread. “It could be that the dad the mom chooses isn’t the same dad that actually caused the baby in the first place. But that doesn’t matter.”

“Right.” Teddy kissed Andy’s hair. “You mom chose me, and we got married right away, and I was there the whole time you were in her tummy, and I saw you get born and loved you when you were barely an idea.”

Snake blinked hard. “That guy who came to talk to you might have caused the baby, but then he was gone, and he never married your mom or helped her or saw you born or raised you—or loved you. So guess who your dad is?”

Andy tightened his grip on Teddy. “Daddy is my dad.”

“Ding, ding, ding, ding. Give the prize to Andy Walters!”

Andy was quiet for a minute. “But that guy caused me?”

Teddy’s chest rose and fell. “He might have, sweetheart.”

Andy sat back and stared at Teddy with his brows scrunched over his nose. “You didn’t cause me ’cause you don’t like girls, right?”

Snake bit the inside of his cheek.

Teddy smiled. “Kind of. I actually loved your mom a lot. She was my best friend. And when she told me she was going to have a baby, I said maybe I could be the dad. She loved that idea, and we had such a good time raising you.”

“Wish I remembered her better.”

Snake had to look away or Andy might see the tears pushing out of his eyes.

“She loved you so much. Just like I do.” Teddy hugged him tight.



The Balls to the Wall Series

Volley Balls
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Fire Balls
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Beach Balls
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FAST Balls
Bk #5

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Prefer paperback?
The first and second book are now available in paperback! 

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About the Author

Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

 You can find Tara at Lain



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1JAMIELYNNMILLEREXCERPT  ONE: Memory’s Prison by Jamie Lynn Miller


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Joey leaned forward, head tipping slightly to the side, eyes sliding almost closed. His breath was soft against Mitch’s face as he whispered, “This should have happened as soon as I opened my eyes.”

Then his lips were on Mitch’s.

Mitch opened his senses wide, letting the taste, feel, smell, sight, and sound of Joey explode through his system at this first, intimate contact in two years. He felt Joey’s tongue dart out to sweep across his bottom lip, seeking entrance, which was given instantly with a dual groan of pure desire. Their tongues slid smoothly against each other, dueling, velvet heat on velvet heat.

Mitch’s hands grasped Joey’s waist, pulling him from the chair, tumbling them both to the ground. Joey was half on, half off Mitch’s lap, legs tangled with legs, strong hands buried in long hair, smaller hands gripping tightly to clothing. The kiss deepened, passion and desire climbing higher and higher, each man now clinging desperately to each other and to the love they both thought had been lost forever.

Joey’s hands cupped Mitch’s face and he started, surprised to find moisture there. He pulled back from the kiss, opening his eyes. Blue eyes identical to his own stared back, bright with tears.

“I love you, Joey….”

“I love you too. God, Mitch, so much.”

Mitch crushed Joey to him, face buried in the smaller man’s shoulder, his breathing rapid. “I was so afraid I’d never hear you say that again.”

Joey ran his left hand through the short strands of his lover’s hair, while his right rubbed up and down the broad back. “Until today, I felt like part of me was still in the coma, like part of my brain was still sleeping. But now…” he tilted Mitch’s face up. “Now I know I’m really awake.” He smiled and kissed Mitch once again. “And ready to make more memories.”


QUESTION ONE: What is Joey surprised to find on Mitch’s face?


2BECKYBLACKEXCERPT TWO:  Patient Z by Becky Black


Buy it now:


“Mitch, no!”


Cal, grabbing him. Still moving, ready to make Mitch like him. God, no, never. Never let that be. He tried to pull away, but Cal caught and twisted his wrist, and the pistol dropped from his hand.

It clanged to the floor. Not to the deck of the helipad, but to the floor of his bedroom. Cal shoved Mitch down onto the cot, pinning his arms at the wrists.


Cal. Not trying to bite him. Not dead.


“What’s happening?” Mitch struggled against the hold.


“Are you awake?” Cal sounded desperate. He was staring wide-eyed. “Do you know me?”


“Of course I know you, Cal. What’s going on?”


“You were crying out,” Cal said. “I figured you were having a bad dream. I put on the light, and you were on your feet. Sleepwalking, I guess. You didn’t hear me when I shouted at you. Then I saw you had your gun.”


The sound of it clanging to the metal floor came back to him. Real. Not a dream. The gun was real. He’d been going to…


“I thought you were going to shoot me,” Cal said. “Then I thought you were going to shoot yourself. Fucking hell, Mitch, you scared the shit outta me!” His voice was thin and breathless, and he let go of one wrist to punch Mitch hard in the arm. It hurt. All or nothing, no sparring. The pain helped dispel the last traces of the dream.


“I’m okay,” Mitch said. “It was a dream.”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, my heart’s hammering like a fucking piston.” Cal dropped his head forward. He was panting and shaking. Their legs were tangled together, and both wore only boxer shorts.


Mitch raised his free hand to touch the left side of Cal’s bare chest, to feel the pounding heart inside. As soon as he touched it, he knew why he had. Proof of life in that beating heart. Cal was not a zombie; he was alive and beautiful. His warm, naked skin pressed against Mitch’s. Cal raised his head and looked down at Mitch. Mitch read the desire there, read the question Cal asked him every day with his eyes. There was proof of life in his desire too. Like hunger and thirst, they were all proof of life.


The cold, dead Cal in the dream had only one desire—to bite. This warm, alive Cal had better uses for his mouth. He dipped his head as Mitch raised his, and their lips met.


Cal sighed into his mouth and freed Mitch’s other wrist. Mitch raised both hands, sliding them over the sides of Cal’s face, into his hair, pulling him closer. Cal relaxed, his body settling down on top of Mitch’s, heavy and comforting. It was so good to feel the weight of a man on him again. To smell that distinctive scent of a man. To feel bristles scrape his skin. Why had he denied himself this? He might have so little time to enjoy it. Cal might leave at any time. He would be gone, and Mitch would never know how good it would feel to be with him. Cal slipped his hand under the waistband of Mitch’s shorts. He ran his fingers through coarse hair, over delicate skin, and…


“Hey! Mitch!” Horrible clanging from the door. Bren’s voice, sounding alarmed. “Hey, everything okay in there?”


“Fuck,” Cal muttered. For an instant, Mitch froze, and then abruptly he shoved Cal away, toward the wall. Cal swore some more. As Mitch rolled off the cot, Cal snapped, “Tell her to go away!”


QUESTION TWO: What does Cal fear Mitch was going to do in his sleep?


3SASHAMILLEREXCERPT THREE: Battle of Will by Sasha L. Miller


Buy it now:



“Stay,” Ackley repeated when Ealdwin didn’t elaborate again. He was doing that on purpose, Ackley was sure of it.


“You can say no,” Ealdwin said quickly, and Ackley rolled his eyes.


“You could give me a reason before telling me I can say no,” Ackley said. It was bound to be magic-related, Ackley knew it, but that didn’t stop him from getting his hopes up anyway. Ealdwin smiled at that, brief but amused.


“Morcia doesn’t have the best track record with magic,” Ealdwin started.


“Neither does Skirfall,” Ackley said, managing to keep most of the bitterness out of his voice. Hopefully Ealdwin would attribute the rest of it to Ackley’s dislike of Skirfall. He’d known it couldn’t be because Ealdwin wanted him to stay, because Ealdwin enjoyed his company and well … cared for him in any way.


“You’re better at regulating it and teaching it,” Ealdwin said, persevering. “I’m planning to create a new ministry for everything related to magic. We won this war on the power of magic, and I don’t want to turn around and sweep that progress under the carpet. I want your help with that.”


“You want me for my magic,” Ackley said. Just like everyone else in Ackley’s life. The only reason they ever wanted him to stick around was his magic. Scowling, Ackley stood and stalked away from the table, not waiting for Ealdwin to reply to that.


He couldn’t. He wouldn’t torture himself that way. A position like that would only remind him of everything he didn’t have every time he saw Ealdwin. He still wanted to say yes, to give himself the barest, faintest hope that someday Ealdwin would look at him and see more than someone who could be useful.


“Ackley,” Ealdwin said, sounding frustrated. Ackley turned, scowl at the ready. He hadn’t even heard Ealdwin approach, but he was right behind Ackley, barely a few inches away.


Ackley tilted his head back to glare at Ealdwin, not wanting to hear whatever excuses Ealdwin had. He didn’t move away, refusing to cede any ground. Ealdwin stared back, and if Ackley were a weaker man, he might have felt bad about the hurt expression on Ealdwin’s face. Then Ealdwin’s expression shifted, turning into something less hurt and more measuring, as if he were trying to get a handle on something.


Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, Ackley started to step away. He didn’t get the chance, however, as Ealdwin grabbed the front of his shirt and kissed him.


Ackley froze, his mind going completely, utterly blank. Ealdwin’s kiss was every bit as determined as his expression had been, sure and confident, and Ackley started to return it before his brain caught up to him.


Ealdwin wanted him to stay because of magic. Ealdwin had kissed him after asking him to stay for his magic. Ealdwin was kissing him to get him to stay.


Furious and hurt, Ackley shoved, wishing he had his magic so he could do it with more force. Ealdwin stumbled back anyway—apparently he hadn’t expected Ackley to protest that. How had Ackley given himself away? It didn’t matter. Ackley opened his mouth, ready to yell at Ealdwin, but the words didn’t come.


“Ackley—” Ealdwin started, and Ackley couldn’t take listen to whatever excuse Ealdwin had ready. Turning, he stalked from the tent, nearly running into one of the guards on his way out. He didn’t stop, swerving and slipping around the soldier in the snow.


QUESTION THREE: What does Ackley think Ealdwin wants him for?


EXCERPT FOUR: Sex and Sourdough by A.J.Thomas


Buy it now:



Kevin shuddered as Anders grazed the head of his cock with his thumb. He didn’t trust himself to speak. When Anders tried to shift to the side and roll off him, Kevin pulled him down again. It would have been so easy to shift Anders’s shorts to the side, free his own cock, and slam Anders down onto him. He would rip Anders apart, taking him dry and unprepared, but, God, he’d wanted to do it anyway.


The desire to bury his cock inside of Anders was a constant, niggling source of tension. He’d almost gotten used to it. But the desire to pull Anders down, to claim his mouth, surprised him. Kevin had hooked up with friends, both guys and girls, throughout high school. He had kissed a few girls—or, rather, he’d been kissed by a few girls— but never the guys. The times he’d hooked up with other guys had been brief, adrenaline-fueled, and frantic. They had torn at each other’s clothing and bruised each other’s skin, but they’d never kissed. Somehow, touching another man’s lips always seemed too intimate, too personal, when he and his partner just wanted to get off. He was shocked by how badly he wanted to kiss Anders. The idea of touching Anders’s tongue, of feeling their breath mingling, left him stunned.


“I just….” Kevin ran his hands up Anders’s back. “Can I ask you something?”


Anders leaned back a little and cocked a single eyebrow at him.


Kevin took a deep breath and tried to think of what to say. He’d never been very good at expressing himself. He grabbed Anders’s cheeks, tilted his head down, and kissed him.


He wasn’t trying to be aggressive, but the taste of Anders’s lips bypassed his dwindling self-control and shot straight to his cock. Anders’s taste was an intoxicating mixture of salt, spice, and the lingering flavor of the mint milkshake he had been drinking. Kevin grabbed the back of his head and pulled Ander’s mouth against his hard, pouring the desire he’d been fighting for a month into the kiss. Anders melted against him, not fighting for dominance but surrendering completely.


QUESTION FOUR: What does Anders taste like?


5lexvalentineEXCERPT FIVE: Scrambling by Lex Valentine


Buy Link:


Excerpt: “I want you. I need to feel you touch me, taste me. I need to be with you. I want your arms around me, your cock inside me. I need to be with someone who cares about me. For sixteen years, it’s been you and me. Even Len and Bryce haven’t come between us. It’s always been you and me.”

Reed poked Evan’s chest with a finger when he said you and his own when he said me. Evan blinked and shook his head as if he were dazed. “I-I don’t understand. Where is this coming from?” he asked with a frown.


“It’s coming from deep inside me, Ev. Whenever something is wrong, you’re there for me and vice versa, although God knows it’s usually me with problems not you,” he said with a tinge of bitterness at the life destiny had given him. “This time, I need more than just hand-holding. Will you give it to me?”


He stared at the man he’d loved since they were kids. The man he’d shared everything with. The one he couldn’t imagine his life without. And he willed Evan to say yes.


A long, soft breath escaped Evan, tension leaving his big body. “Yes. You know I love you. I could never say no to anything you ever asked of me.”


Reed pushed himself against Evan’s chest, his hands coming up to frame the handsome, beloved face of his best friend. “Then just love me. Death is cold. I need to be warm.” He pressed his mouth to Evan’s, and a pleasure like none he’d ever experienced exploded inside him.


Evan’s lips were soft and warm, gentle in a way Reed hadn’t known men could be. He took control of the kiss, took control of Reed, his hands and his mouth leading Reed to ecstasy. Their tongues slid together, tentative in the way of new lovers but without urgency or fear, just a growing awareness and heat. Evan’s hands slipped over Reed’s shoulders and down his back, causing a slow burn in Reed’s veins.


The limo turned a corner, and they rocked, swaying with the movement of the car. Reed pulled his mouth from Evan’s, and they stared at each other, breathing hard.


“Are you sure? I don’t want to push you into something you don’t want,” he asked as pain threatened. He needed Evan, but he could walk away if Evan didn’t want him.


The big man pushed a trembling hand through his sandy hair. “I want it,” he replied, reaching for Reed’s hand. He pulled it toward him and pressed it into his lap.


Beneath his fingers, Reed could feel the hard ridge of Evan’s erection, and his heart sang in triumph.

The evidence of Evan’s desire was enough for him tonight. He didn’t need to own Evan’s heart although he yearned to.


QUESTION FIVE: How long has Reed loved Evan?

Remember, you only have to answer one set of five questions to be entered to win, BUT every set you answer gives you another entry! Leave a comment below WITH YOUR EMAIL. Be sure to visit Kay Berrisford and Angel Payne for more Kisses! You may be the winner of batches of great books and GCs.

Kay Berrisford is LOCKING HORNS with Love! Free Book for You.

KB_LockingHorns_coverlg-1Hi everyone–

I always love welcoming my friend Kay Berrisford to the blog. Her books are so exciting and she’s so nice! Be sure to comment, because Kay is giving away a copy of one of her Greenwood Series and that’s some good books! Here’s Kay–

Stag-shifters in love and war!  Revisiting Herne the Hunter in Locking Horns.

In my new release, Locking Horns, I’ve revisited two of my favorite characters—Herne the Hunter, that brooding fifteen-hundred-year-old spirit whose stag antlers shift into being when his passions are stirred, and his lover, Tam. Those of you who’ve read Bound for the Beast will already know all about these two. (If not, now’s the time to catch up, though Locking Horns can also be read as a standalone introduction to the Greenwood series.) In first book, Herne and feisty village lad Tam are bound together when a fairy betrothal ceremony goes wrong. They’re hurtled into a magical race against time to break their enchanted connection before the effects prove fatal for Tam. Of course, love blossoms—to know how and why you’ll have to read the book—and Herne eventually claims and remakes Tam as a fellow immortal shape-shifter, so they can find their “happy ever after.”

As I’d set Tam and Herne up for an eternity together, it seemed natural to revisit them some time in a sequel. But this presented me with that age-old problem. How can I create enough tension between my boys for an interesting romance, without spoiling the ending of the previous book? I was recently lucky enough to discuss this matter with some writers more experienced than I. I learned that some people argue believable characters can never have a real “happy ever after,” unless we follow them all through life to death—which is kind of sad in a different way. We can only ever have “happy for now” endings, but the trick is to satisfy yourself and the reader that the folk we’ve been on a journey with are in love and can now negotiate the pleasures and pitfalls of a life together.

This seems a helpful way of viewing the issue.  I don’t think I’d like to read or write about two characters I’d seen falling in love cheating in a sequel, but that’s just a personal opinion. I’m open to anything that’s written sensitively and well. However, the course of true love rarely runs smoothly—and for Herne and Tam, negotiating hundreds of years together was bound to throw up some trouble.  After all, Herne is an Iron Age warrior, and by the start of Locking Horns, set in 1804, the world is changing rapidly. Herne yearns for the ancient past—whereas Tam embraces all things shiny, modern, and new.  But they’ve even greater challenges ahead. As the forests are diminished and destroyed, Greenwood magic is fading. Herne fears his and Tam’s enchanted existences are threatened. Will they find a way to tackle their troubles as a couple, or have to face the brave new world—and maybe death—alone?

In the end, I enjoyed exploring these issues so much, I have tentative plans for a Herne/Tam story set in the present day. After all, if Herne is having trouble in 1804, how would my ancient stag-shifter negotiate 2013? Would Tam embrace the modern world too keenly, and go horribly wrong—become a speed freak, or fall victim to an addiction? Who knows! But it’s too fun picturing Herne getting impatient in a supermarket queue and trying not to sprout those mighty horns—lest he get arrested or dragged off to appear on Jerry Springer!

Thanks to Tara for having me here today J

Locking Horns (The Greenwood) is out now, from Loose Id.

Find out more:

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Blurb: England, 1804. Herne the Hunter has roamed the forests for hundreds of years and he’s known love with fellow half stag-shifter Tam for the past two centuries. The passion between them sizzles hot as ever, but times are changing. Greenwood magic is fading and this threatens both Herne and Tam’s immortality and the bond between them.

After Herne discovers the Greenwood fairies are dying, and dockworkers felling oaks to build warships might be to blame, he wants to fight the modern world with his warrior’s sword. Tam, who embraces all things new, desires a dominant partner, not a brute who wants to drag England back to the Dark Ages. Soon the Wild Hunt, Herne’s ancient army of doom, are back, tempting him to unleash his wrath, and the rhythm of Herne and Tam’s lovemaking seems broken for good. When Tam’s plan to reinstate a spring ritual goes awry, only Herne can save him. Herne must choose between his past and future, and they both must decide what matters most—eternal life or eternal love.

This story can be read as a sequel to Bound to the Beast, a prequel to Bound for the Forest, or as an introduction to the Greenwood series.



Herne’s amused grunt betrayed that his anger had waned. Now Tam could turn the huntsman’s wild passions to their advantage. He splayed his hands across Herne’s back, smoothing the leather of his old-fashioned tunic, relishing the muscles beneath. Herne relaxed under his touch and looked down at him, those great antlers swaying forward, and raised a brow.

He cupped Herne’s iron-hard arse and squeezed. “I’d feel a lot better if we found the fairies’ secret betrothal dell. Do you remember the way?”

“I do.” Herne’s midnight-blue eyes glinted, and heat seared between them. Tam felt the outline of Herne’s burgeoning erection against his belly, and his cock twitched in response.

His smile broadened into a grin. “You know what those bloody fairies are like. Inquisitive as washerwomen. If we set about recapturing past glories—if you claim me all over again—they won’t be able to resist coming to watch. Then all your worries…will…be…over.”

Tam’s words trailed to near nothing as Herne pressed forward and seized his lips in a ravishing kiss. He yielded at once, drawing Herne’s hot tongue inside, savoring the scrub of hard stubble against his softer skin. Even after all their years together, Herne’s taste and commanding demeanor sent a wondrous shock coursing through him. Herne’s raw masculinity had been wrought in a lost era of tribal lords, when he’d battled the might of Rome. His power as a spirit—gifted to him by the Mother Goddess, creator of all things—rolled in torrents from him too.

Herne crushed Tam against him, sweeping to such depths that Tam could scarce breathe. Tam didn’t care. He slipped his tongue against Herne’s and worked the kiss with an affection that sang sweeter each season they passed together. The demispirit of the holly, while not always in perfect agreement with his lover, had been created to cherish the oak.

When Herne finally broke the kiss, he cupped Tam’s face and growled in hunger. Tam gasped for air, and his cock ached. He needed Herne to pull him closer, to fuck him to oblivion, and he couldn’t contain the lust that flooded his veins.

An exquisite pain ripped through his head, and the pressure released. As Herne caressed him, his antlers surged upward from his skull. When Herne had made him a demispirit, he’d shared his crown. Though not as majestic as Herne’s, Tam’s horns were now as impressive as those of a buck in his prime, covered in a velvety down.

Panting, Tam scuffed his foot and straightened, adjusting to the weight on his head. When he leaned closer to Herne, their bony appendages interwove with a noisy clack.

“All right?” Herne’s voice sounded thick with desire.

Tam nodded, teeth gritted. When their antlers reared, their carnal needs—whether born of man or beast—held sway. He gathered his breath and then grabbed Herne’s hand. “Let’s find this dell, or you’re going to have to fuck me right here among the bluebells.”


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