Gay Ads for Fun!

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As you may know, i have two jobs and one of them is in marketing and advertising. So from time to time, i love to post ads, specifically gay ads, that i think are fun.Before i plunge in, a reminder that my new release Return of the Chauffeur’s Son comes out June 2nd and is available right now for pre-order everywhere. Here’s the link on Amazon.
This one’s funny.

This one’s lovely. Dare you not to cry.

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Gay Commercials Tara Loves

Hi! First let me remind you to enter to win a $20 GC in my Beauty, Inc. Blog Tour!  Click here to enter on the Beauty,Inc-400x600Rafflecopter. Now for some Gay Commercials.

You may know that i have a background in advertising. So from time to time i like to post some of my favorite ads, especially those that show how far we’ve come in terms of acceptance of diversity. Here’s a Colgate ad from Mexico. I love it.

This one’s adorable for Mix Brasil, playing on all the things people sometimes say are “gay” —


McDonald’s  has done an amazing job of creating heartwarming and meaningful ads that include acceptance. Here is a new fave.

Hope you enjoyed them. Be sure to enter to win while the blog tour is still going!! See you soon. : )

One of My Fave Gay Ads –EVER!

Hi — I saw an ad today that warmed my heart and pleased me so much, i watched it through twice — even though it’s 7 minutes long and in a language i don’t speak. You’ll have to work hard to decipher the tiny little subtitles that go by sooo fast — but it’s worth it. I don’t drink Coke, but i sure am cheering their commercials lately.

What did you think? Wonderful, huh? Thanks so much for visiting!

Some More Great Gay Ads from Tara.

Hi — While i was searching YouTube for the ads i showed you a few days ago, i found a bunch more that i thought were fun to share. As you know, i have a marketing background, and i love well made ads. Here are some faves.

In this next one, i love the expressions on the parents’ faces!

This next one is a classic. We all like to think that one minute after the commercial ends. the boy comes out to his father.

That’s it for now. My new book, KNIGHT OF OCEAN AVENUE, comes out May 1st. It tells the story of a 25 year old construction worker Knight of Ocean Avenue 400x600who doesn’t really know he’s gay — until he meets “the gayest man alive” and falls for him. You can pre-order the book HERE.

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Cute Gay Ad–Just for Fun!


I’ve had quite a day. I spent the day finally moving furniture into place in my new home and tonight i’m sitting on a chair watching TV in my new living room. In case you haven’t been following my pursuits, i moved out of my home of over 20 years on Dec 2nd, into a house that was being renovated –and has been renovated ever since! My garage is still full of boxes. Anyway, after my happy, busy day, i heard from my agent that she LOVES my new book that i’ve been working on all through the moving process. I had a meltdown in the middle, pulling my hair and wailing that it wasn’t working! So it’s really gratifying to have her like it so much.

Anyway, just for fun, i’m sharing a cute gay ad from Israel. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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