Top 10 Dance Scenes! Sigh! #DanceMovies #Film

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I love movies almost as much as i love books and dance puts the icing on the entertainment cake for me. If you agree, you’ll enjoy this video showing the Top 10 Dance Scenes in Dance Movies. Honestly, each one is an icon! Such a great list it’s hard to pick a fave, but i think you’ll agree with Number 1.

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Top 10 Great Dance Movies and Scenes

Hi there. I’m currently writing the second book in my Dangerous Dancers series and it got me thinking about Great Dance Movies. What are your faves? Most of my favorites are right on this list, so i’m sharing it with you. I want to mention that my new book, BEAUTY, INC. will be here in a couple days!! And you can order it right now. Here are the links.

And here are those great dance movies.

And the Top 10 Scenes in Dance Movies.

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40 Dance Movie Clips to Footloose! Bet Your Fave is There!

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My agent, Saritza Hernandez, posted this great video on YouTube and i loved it, so i thought i’d share it with you. There are over 40 clips in here covering just about all of our favorite movie dance scenes. See if your’s is there. Here are 40 Dance Movie Clips to Footloose!

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