Dee is the Winner!!!!!!

Our fledgling erotic romance reader, Dee, has won the contest this week. I’ll be sending her either a copy of Genetic Attraction or a Starbucks card. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and follows. We’ll have another contest soon!  And thanks to Selena Illyria for picking the drawing number this week.  Come back soon.  :  )

Torchwood kiss

My friend, Selena Illyria, introduced me to Torchwood. I still haven’t seen an episode, nor do i understand the plot, but i’m a total fan of Captain Jack. This scene is heartfelt and lovely, even if i don’t know the story, and i had to share. Enjoy. : )

Facebook: A Good Promotion tool?

Hi everyone — Some of you will have read the piece below when i posted it at Loose Ends last week, but people seemed to like it, so in case you missed it, i’m reposting it here:
Have you noticed that people tend to be huge fans of either Twitter or Facebook and will use one a lot and the other very little or not at all? Actually, while you may prefer one, you have to do both because they are very different in the way they reach people and even the people they reach. I started out trying to cover both in one discussion and was heading toward a 900 word post. I figured that would try your patience, so this week I’ll talk about Facebook which I think is the easiest to grasp. Next week we’ll cover Twitter (my personal fave). Please note, I’m not a social media expert. This is my experience over the last six months, plus some of my PR training.
So, let’s discuss Facebook, the most popular social media tool and subject of the film, The Social Network (great movie, by the way.) I am active on Facebook, but don’t begin to use all its tools. I don’t have a fan page and don’t think I’ll need one for a long while (fan pages are great when you want to exceed your 5000 friend limit. I should be so fortunate!  LOL). So, for beginning purposes, here are some things to remember.
Your Facebook page is a part of your persona as a writer. Whether you write under your own name or not, do NOT mix your personal friends and chats with them with your professional friends. Create two different Facebook accounts and keep them separate. But, with that said, remember Facebook is a personal medium. This means you communicate with the people on Facebook as you would a friend. You share semi-personal information, things about your life, something fun you see on YouTube or television. You chat and, above all, you comment on other people’s posts, share their triumphs and mourn their losses. On Facebook, you may post an announcement about your blog or your new release once. But it stays, so you can’t push it. Facebook is not a pushy platform and people get really mad if you try to sell them. Fecebook is about friends. Be friendly! My friend, Sloan Parker is, IMO, the master of Facebook interaction, and if you want to know how to use it well, watch her. 
Who do you follow? I’d start with other writers, publishers, agents, people whose information you really want to know. As you grow your list, Facebook will suggest other friends like the ones you have. You can see your friends’ lists and perhaps ask to friend some of those people. Because of the nature of Facebook, most  people (even your number one author idol!) will agree to be friends with you. It’s a kick! You can have real conversations on Facebook, but mostly you want to “be a friend” to the people who you follow. Do that, and when you ask for support, like for a blog tour or book advice, chances are they will give it. And it gives your growing number of fans a place to find you and interact with you personally. I have people who like my books who see me online and come and chat.
Like all social media, Facebook can be addictive. Resist. You need time to write. But it is a marvelous way to meet people and cement relationships. If you’re not using it, go over and sign up. It’s easy. If you have an account but don’t use it, start looking for friends and vow to visit the page once a day to comment on their posts. You’ll be delighted with the results.
Also, if you go over to my Book BLOG  and follow and/or comment, you can WIN a copy of Genetic Attraction or a gift certificate to Loose Id. So pop on over!!

New Excerpt and Drawing for Genetic Attraction

Many of you haven’t yet seen the excerpt below from Genetic Attraction. You do know that i have a special fondness for my hero, Roan Black. Well this scene, which takes place after Em and Jake have had a big falling out, is one of the reasons i love him. Most important, if you leave a comment or follow this blog (I’d love it if you would) any time this week, you may win a FREE copy of Genetic Attraction. so if you visit, be sure to follow and comment so you can WIN! And if you’ve already read Genetic Attraction, you can win a gift certificate to Loose Id. 

Here’s the excerpt with Em and Roan —

They made the short ride to the hotel with his hands up her skirt and hers in his pants, not saying a word, just feeling and kissing each other until they were both dripping. As they pulled up to the hotel, he stuffed himself back into his pants and tried to adjust his jacket down over his massive erection. She just pulled off her wet thong, stuffed it in her purse, and stepped out of the car commando. By the time they got to the elevator, they were both giggling and wild to fuck.

An obviously well-heeled elderly couple rode the elevator with them, and Em tried to behave, but Roan kept reaching down and licking her neck and ear. She’d slap at him but couldn’t stop giggling. When the older couple got to their floor, the lady looked back at Em, winked, and said sweetly, “Have a nice night.”

She and Roan burst out laughing as the doors closed, and then they attacked each other while the elevator continued to the penthouse. Roan picked her up, so she could wrap her legs around him and grind her bare, throbbing pussy against that enormous bulge. Oh God, after all the emotional turmoil, it felt like heaven to just get lost in sex. She rode up and down on him, probably ruining that beautiful suit, but God it felt good.

On the top floor they staggered out of the elevator and straight into Roan’s suite. She was vaguely aware that it was beautiful and overlooked the whole city. He carried her straight to the bedroom, panting in her ear.

“Oh baby, I want to fuck you so bad.” He tossed her on the bed. Her full skirt wound up around her waist, baring her naked pussy. The sight seemed to enthrall him, so she spread her legs, making the very wet lips gape. She was still wearing her heels.

Roan groaned while ripping off his belt and pulling the slim trousers down, revealing tight black boxer briefs that were grossly distorted by his enormous erection. Somewhere he had toed off his loafers. He pulled off socks and shoved the briefs down and off, freeing that indescribable cock to stick out under his still-buttoned shirt.

In one move he was on the bed, and shoving that huge rod into her soaked vagina.

Oh God, she’d almost forgotten what that much cock felt like. Real, serious friction. Just this side of pain, she felt so full, so stretched — so complete.

He thrust and thrust, head thrown back, eyes shut tight. She wrapped her legs around him, letting the heels of her pumps press into his flexing ass. A little pain with his pleasure?

He screamed. “Oh, shit, yes!”

The huge pumping cock hit against her womb in one out of three strokes. He was too far gone to stop, and she was too far gone to care, strapped to him with arms and legs like a monkey, pounding her hips up onto his cock, eager to take all of him as he ground against her clit.

The pressure and the pleasure morphed into one huge cloud of feeling, surrounding and filling her until she exploded, energy shooting up her spine, through her womb, and into her head, until she thought she might black out. She screamed Roan’s name over and over, and he cried out with her and kept crying as he pumped and pumped. Suddenly semen was leaking from her channel. Oh my God, young men came so hard — so good.

Gasping, Roan rolled to the side so as not to crush her. He gave a little laugh. “I think we needed that.”

Okay, follow and comment and you may WIN!!!!

Coooool Review!! Genetic Attraction

Genetic Attraction just got a 4 star Review from the One Hundred Romances Project. 

Reviewer Brandi said:

Loved this book!  It was hot, steamy and sexy! This is a menage story, and here we actually get to see real feeling about being a third wheel or what happens if one partner isn’t enough.  You don’t see that a lot, so it was very refreshing.  I loved the characters, and even though one of the boys was almost too lovable, they all balanced one another out and it worked.  All in all, if you like hot science geeks, outrageously gorgeous male super models and a sexy older women, then be sure to read this. 

Thanks to the One Hundred Romances Project for their interest in the book!  

Writing a Menage: A Special Dynamic

Genetic Attraction is my first novel (although I’ve been writing nonfiction for many years). I decided to write it when I discovered erotic romance and loved the genre so much, I thought “I could write one of these books.”  But Genetic Attraction didn’t start out to be a ménage a trois. When I first conceived the plot, I expected it to be an older woman/younger man romance, but then one day I ordered a book by Jet Mykles called Heaven. It was my first male/male romance and I was hooked! I had to add another man to my book.
Fortunately, ignorance is bliss. I didn’t know that writing a ménage is hard, so I just plunged in. Since this first novel, I’ve written three other books and two of them are ménages – one is m/m/f and one is m/m/m/. I guess I really like this dynamic. Here’s what I’m learning:
  • ·         Love between three people can be just as sweet and intense and passionate as between two – at least in romance novels! The real-life dynamics of a ménage are probably very tricky, but virtually everyone has harbored in their heart at sometime the thought that maybe, just maybe, they could love two people. Menage stories play into this fantasy.
  • ·         Menages make interesting plots. Simple, you have three people to play with, to make interact with each other, to provide richness and detail to your story. In Genetic Attraction, two of my lead characters are scientists and one is a supermodel. As readers, we get to see scenes played out in their different worlds –in the lab, at photo shoots, at a faculty party.
  • ·         Pronouns can be killers! Writing male/male stories is a unique challenge since both characters are called “he”, so you have to find ways to differentiate them without using their names constantly, and without being confusing. Now, add another man to the mix as I’m doing in my current work-in-progress, a m/m/m ménage. Yikes. It takes some creativity and very deep point-of-view for each character.
  • ·         Sex between three people needs careful thought. The reader needs to know where each character is and what they’re doing. No one can be left out, so we need to see reactions from each character as well as actions.

·         But, oh, it’s soooo much fun. A ménage is fun to read and it’s fun to write. So many yummy things can be done simultaneously when you have three people. Just use your imagination.  That’s what I did.  :  )
I want to give huge hugs  to all the readers who have been sending me messages on e-mail and Twitter and in blog posts saying how much they enjoy the book and the excerpts. It makes me cry, guys. So tell me, what kind of romantic pairings or multiples do you most enjoy? I’m listening.  :  )

Cool News! Bestseller and New Anthology!!

I received two great surprises in the last two days. First, i had the NUMBER ONE bestselling book on Loose Id (my publisher) the week Genetic Attraction was released, and the third bestselling book the following week. This is a very cool event –especially for a newbie. So i am happy dancin’.

Then this morning, an author friend of mine (you would know her name if i told you), sent me a message asking me to contribute a novella for an anthology she is putting together for a newly established publisher. I am soooo honored to be asked to play with this group of established writers (even if i do have to bust my buns to meet the deadline.  LOL) So, i’m a writing fool this month, with a novel i’m finishing editing for submission, another novel in progress and this novella to create. Whew. Guess i really get to find out what it’s like to be a serious writer! 
That’s my happy dance for the day. Just wanted to share. What are you happy dancing about today? Got a good one?  

Welcome Michael Mandrake and His Erotic Ways!

It’s my pleasure today to welcome Michael Mandrake, alter ego of Rawiya and erotic story-teller of the first order. I’ll let Micheal tell you about himself while i thank Rawiya for hosting me on her blog today as well. When you complete your time with Michael, pop over and check out my visit to Rawiya.

Buy Link:

Fellow authors, Em Petrova, Ike Rose, and Daisy Harris

“Only When I Lose Myself” – Michael M

MM: Greetings readers and thank you Tara for allowing me, Michael Mandrake to have the floor today. Rawiya and BL are still hanging around with the people at Wicked Sexy since we had such a great time with them.

However, here I am, with one of the characters from my latest stories, Only When I Lose Myself

Adrian: Sorry, the MAIN character, the star. (Adrian crosses his legs)

MM: Yes, right, the main character in the book, Adrian Vanderguard, singer, songwriter…

Adrian: Millionaire, and world class lover. (Adrian looks up in the air and grins)

MM: (Michael clears his throat) Right, well thank you for being here today. My first question, give us a little background about you other than what I’ve said.

Adrian: Well, I’m in my late twenties, an entertainer from Britain, who loves to perform and quite obviously, I’m not only good at what I do onstage, I am also good off it.

MM: Yes, indeed, so, please, tell the fans a quick sum up of the book?

Adrian: Well, if I talk too much Michael then we would be giving away some secrets, especially if you intend to get some more words written.

MM: Yes, very true.

Adrian: Well, then, let me give the good people a summation without giving any spoilers, yeah?

MM: Go on then.

Adrian: Great, well, basically in the story I’m on tour in New York, ending my long journey before I go back to London. I have made up my mind that I want a lover before Valentine’s Day and my target ends up being a very sexy environmental engineer…(Adrian rolls his eyes) that works for the venue in which I am performing.

MM: What’s his name?

Adrian: His name is Matthew Gionapolis. He’s very attractive, and when we first meet, he basically gives me a lot of shit but eventually he warms up to me…really warms…up… (Adrian grins, licks his lips)

MM: Right (Michael shakes his head.) Okay then, and so, as far as your character, tell the audience more?

Adrian: I am the most successful entertainer since the late Michael Jackson, as I stated, a millionaire, and a very sexual being that is looking for love. Will I find it in the book? Well, you just have to keep reading to find out. (He smiles, nodding)

MM: Thank you Adrian. Lastly, why don’t you tell the good people about the book, where they could find it, etc.

Adrian: The book will be released by Sizzler Intoxications, from master editor Sascha Illyvich, written by you, brilliant writer, Michael Mandrake, just in time for hearts today.

MM: Wonderful Michael, thank you so much for stopping by today. I know we have more to discuss but we’ve taken enough time on Tara’s blog. Thank you so much Tara for allowing us to come today. Please go buy the book when it becomes available.

Adrian: Thank you Tara, goodbye for now.

And now, lets get to know Michael a little better with a short interview.

1 – You write so much in the short-story form. I think this form is very challenging. Can you tell us a bit about how you go about developing a short story? Well, all the ideas and characters just come together. Now that I have written my first novel, this has become especially hard since all my muses want longer stories. *laughs* In anything I write, I let my characters give the direction. Sometimes, they just feel that the idea may only warrant 5-10 because they may want the action to happen fast. I don’t usually interfere with what they want but we do disagree and eventually come to a resolution.

2. How does writing a novel differ from the way you approach the short story form? It doesn’t. All of my writing is character driven. My characters in my Series African Sun have all got interesting stories to tell. They have filled my head with enough ideas to make 4 books. Only one is completed, the second one is close to being finished and the other two are waiting their turn

3. How did you get started writing? I actually began writing in my teens about my favorite things, poetry etc. I did not start erotica until my late teens early twenties when I started writing my fantasies down about the men I liked or my favorite characters on TV. I only began writing for publication last year so I am very new.

4. Do you tell your family and friends you write erotic stories? How did you break the news? LOL All my friends know that I write erotica and they were not surprised. *laughs* Since my early twenties, I have become a person that speaks my mind, sometimes albeit, not in the most formal ways. I’ve always been open minded sexually, telling everyone what I liked and so forth. My friends encouraged me to pick up the pen again and get published. With family, they know, mom and my younger brother are the only ones that have really commented. When I told both they were kind of taken aback but they don’t criticize me so it’s good. With my immediate family, my spousal equivalent is very supportive allowing me to be a writer while he works full time. My 12 year old knows it too. He knows I writes “adult” stories. I’d rather him know than not know.

5. What is your favorite story you have written so far? Why? Well it changes each time I finish one but right now is the one I just discussed in the interview, “Only When I Lose Myself.” The tale is about a musician who wants a committed relationship by Valentine’s Day and ends up finding a man on his current world tour that he wants to take back home with him. The man he is falling for has a form of ADD, but because he finds him very unique, and attractive he looks over his dysfunction but his partner is not sure he is ready for this.

Its my favorite story because it is based on a person I talk to online. He’s a younger man with this form of ADD and because he seems like such a sweet person and I had never heard of this form he has, I was able to develop this tale by talking with him through email as well as doing research on my own.

6. what are you working on now? What am I not working on…*laughs* I’m looking to finish “Lose Myself” and another story that is a short turned longer called “Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo.” I also have a novella in the works as well as several submissions that are in the cue to be published somewhere in the near future. I have my series African Sun which I already talked about and Deliverance, my M/M paranormal that has to be rewritten, again, I hope to finish that by summer so I can submit it for publication.

I also have my blogs to maintain as well as my hobby writing sites where I assist other “inspired” people to get their work read by others.

7. What is your life motto? Never tell a book by its cover. I’m sure if you look at my picture, I look like an everyday parent but I love eighties pop, heavy metal, still go to rock concerts, watch porn as a hobby, and I love sports. That has always been my thing to not be what people expect me to be.

Thanks Tara! 😀

Thank you, Michael. and lets ask our readers, what’s your life motto?

Tara Lain: Works in Progress

Hi everyone–

Since i just have one published novel and the next one not coming out for a few months, people ask me what i’m working on. So here’s a little about some of my writing and current brainstorms.
The sequel to Genetic Attraction (not the prequel, that one comes out in May, see post below) is called Androgynous Dreams. The hero of this book is Jake’s younger brother, Caleb, whom you will meetwhen you read The Scientist and the Supermodel. Caleb plays professional soccer but is at a crossroads, having to decide if he’ll commit his future to the sport when, as a gay man, he has to hide who he is. Plus, he has a deep but unformed desire to help other people like the rest of his family do. Then Caleb meets a beautiful, feminine-looking man and an adorable, dominant tomboy woman, and the two change his life. This book is written, in editing now, and will be submitted to my editor within two weeks i hope.
My current work-in-progress is the first book i’ve created that is not in the Genetic Attraction series. A romantic M/M/M menage with an element of suspense, the book is called The Golden Dancer. A reporter for an online news magazine suspects a billionaire art collector of having stolen a famous statue of a ballet dancer. The reporter, himself the child of dancers, meets a brilliant russian ballet dancer in Los Angeles and is attracted to him, despite the fact that the reporter identifies himself as straight. Then the art collector “collects” the ballet dancer, and the three men are thrown together. But is the reporter there to investigate or to fall in love? This book is about half written, so I’m still waiting to see how it turns out (the characters haven’t old me yet).
I have ideas for the next book or two after that, so i expect my fingers to be flying for some time to come.
BTW, i’m going to be giving away another copy of Genetic Attraction very soon, so leave a comment here and it will be counted in the contest. Thanks for coming by. Any plot ideas you’d like to see in a book? : )