Meet Roan Black: Hero of Genetic Attraction

Below is an interview i did with Roan Black, the supermodel who stars in my upcoming book, Genetic Attraction, and also in the prequel coming out in the spring entitled, The Scientist and the Supermodel. If you’d like to read a scene from the book with Roan, just scroll down to my previous post. Also, see the question at the bottom of the interview. Maybe your recipe for mac and cheese  will appear in the sequel to Genetic Attraction.  :  )

This interview with world famous supermodel, Roan Black, took place just before the events that make up the book Genetic Attraction. Roan, as usual, is cooking in the gourmet kitchen of the Connecticut home he shares with his lover, Jake Martin.

Tara: Hello, Roan. Thank you for allowing me to talk with you.
Roan:  My pleasure. After all I wouldn’t have met Jake if it weren’t for you.
Tara: Glad to be the matchmaker, but don’t say too much, because the story of how you and Jake met doesn’t come out until the spring. It’s called The Scientist and the Supermodel.

Roan: I like that, especially the scientist part. I do love that boy.
Tara: You have a one track mind, my dear. So tell us how you became a supermodel.
Roan: Oh, you mean talk about something besides Jake? (grins) Okay, okay. It’s actually not the happiest story. I’m from a small town in the Midwest. My parents were very religious in that “we’re right and everyone else is wrong” kind of way. My father never really believed I was his son, because of my appearance I guess. He blamed my mom and hated me. When I realized I was gay, I knew I’d never survive in his house, so I left home. I was sixteen. I’d met a guy at a gay bar who had told me he could make me a model. Strangely enough, he turned out to be on the level. He took me to New York to an agency, and I guess the rest is history. I was delighted that that man made a lot of money from his faith in me.
Tara: Do you see your parents anymore?
Roan: No, I haven’t seen them since I slipped out that window back eight years ago. They only read religious tracts, so I doubt they would have seen me in magazines or on television. They probably don’t know where I am , and don’t really care.
Tara: You had to quit school?
Roan: Yes. It’s ironic that I should end up with a man who’s a PhD. And of course, his boss, Emmaline, is one of the great scientists in the world. I haven’t met her yet. Jake keeps saying she’s going to love me, but what would she want with a high school dropout?
Tara: Jake tells me you’re so well read that your knowledge of literature, art, economics, and other things far exceeds his.
Roan: He’s exaggerating. But the library is a good place to hide when you’re scared to go home. It became a habit, and I still read all the time. Models have lots of downtime.
Tara: I hope this isn’t a touchy subject, but I know that Jake still has kind of a thing for Emmaline. Does that disturb you?
Roan: (laughing) It used to make me nuts! Then i saw he loved me and I got more perspective. She’s his dream, and I am a big promoter of dreams, so I told him not to give up. He may have her yet.
Tara: How does that work? I thought you were gay?
Roan: It’s true, I mostly prefer men, but I have had a few experiences with women. Ask Jake to tell you about Alexandra Shields sometime. (He grins) Now she makes him crazy. Anyway, I’ve discovered that I am turned on by a few select women. And if Jake happened to love the woman too, all the better.
Tara: So, are you and Jake plotting something?
Roan: (laughs) I guess you’ll have to read Genetic Attraction to find out.
Tara: Read it?  I wrote it!
Roan: (looks at her through his thick, dark lashes) Oh, did you?
Tara: (laughs) Well, you’ve got a point there. You guys talk, and I just try to keep up.  So, Roan, why did you never get your crooked tooth fixed?
Roan: Oh, lots of people wanted me to, but after just a few photo sessions, the photographers started asking for “the boy with the crooked tooth”. Now, it’s a trademark. It’s even insured!
Tara: Like your tattoo?
Roan: Yes, the tattoo is also pretty well known.
Tara: Shall we keep that one a secret ‘til people read the book?
Roan: Tease!
Tara: Always. Thanks so much for speaking with me today. What are you cooking?
Roan: My favorite. Home made pasta with bleu cheese and truffles. It’s comfort food.
Tara: Mac and cheese, Roan Black-style?
Roan: Yep. Want some?
Tara: (Pulling over bar stool to the kitchen island) That would be a “yes”.
Do you have a favorite recipe for mac and cheese? Share and maybe Roan will cook it in the sequel to Genetic Attraction called Androgynous Dreams. :  )

Creating a Book Trailer for Genetic Attraction

I was fortunate to get to take a wonderful workshop at Savvy Authors from author, Kris Tualla, on How to Create a Book Trailer. This workshop was hugely challenging for me since i’m not very techy and had never even used Powerpoint before. But I DID IT!! The results are shown below in my book trailer for Genetic Attraction which releases Jan 4 from Loose Id.

This trailer isn’t very sophisticated compared to many, but i’ve gotten great comments on it, plus lots of questions on how to do it. I can’t duplicate Kris’s workshop here, so i would advise hopping over to Savvy Authors and seeking her out. However, i will outline the steps, so you have an idea.

  • Tell your story in about 20 punchy, short  lines. This is the critical step. Everything depends on getting this script right, plus it’s great discipline because you should be able to describe your book in an elevator speech. Start with the setting (thank you Kris, for that great tip) and don’t get caught up in the details!
  • Select pictures and or video to go with your script. You MUST own these pictures, so go to a royalty free stock photo house. I got my great pix from 123RF for less that $1.50 each. It’s good to find multiple pictures of one person who looks like your characters. In my trailer, i was lucky to find several photos of the same attractive red-haired woman and the same adorable young man. 
  • Put your script and pictures together in Powerpoint. If you know the application, you can use soem of the tricky fades and wipes for transitions, but don’t get too fancy. the key is the story.
  • Find music that fits your story at one of the free music sites. 
  • Acquire music editing software like Cakewalk or Goldwave. You’ll have to pay for this, but it’s not too expensive. I found the music editing step the hardest. The application was difficult for me to understand, but through lots of trial and error, i finally got it to my satisfaction.
  • Download free conversion (Powerpoint to video) software and put your music and PP slides together. You’ll likely have to adjust timing on your Powerpoint screens to get the music to time just right. Keep at it!
  • When you like it, upload it to YouTube and you’re in the movies!!
As i say, this project was hard for me but completing it was oh so satisfying. I’m happy with the outcome and looking forward to making my next trailer for The Scientist and the Supermodel coming out in the spring from Loose Id. See what you think of my results:
I’d love to hear your reactions and questions about book trailers. Leave me a comment.  :  )

R- Rated Excerpt: Genetic Attraction

Hi everyone! Below is an excerpt from my upcoming release, Genetic Attraction, which comes out Jan 4, 2011 from Loose Id.  Click HERE to see the Coming Soon page. In this scene, Jake (Dr. Jake Martin) has just confessed to his boss, the renowned geneticist, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, that the lover he lives with is a man. He’s driving home to meet that lover, Roan Black.

Tree shadows crowded the road. He loved the drive home. Narrow, winding roads with turns he could feel in his gut, and every curve brought him closer to Roan’s beautiful ass. His baby. Now it was up to him.
Finally Em was coming to their house. Should he be thrilled or scared shitless? He’d wanted her to visit much sooner but he’d always chickened out. Of course, chickening was still an option. They could play the charming hosts, wine and dine her, and nothing else. A lot depended on Roan’s reaction and Jake’s own courage. Even more depended on Em. He hit the speed dial on his cell phone.

The sleepy, silky voice he loved answered. “Are you hurrying home to me, love? ’Cause man have I got a big thing waiting for you.”

Shit, big was no joke. Blood rushed to Jake’s groin, and he was instantly hard. The man was sex on a stick. He still couldn’t believe he’d walked into that hotel bar just when Roan had been hiding out from his hounds. “Hi, darling. Don’t let that big thing go to sleep before I get there. I’m about twenty minutes away.”

He heard a lascivious chuckle. “No chance of sleep. I’m keeping it warm for you.”

Jake moaned on purpose while Roan laughed.

“Before I have to pull over and jerk off, let me tell you what just happened.”

“What? Something sexy, I hope.”

“One-track mind. Yes, potentially sexy. Emmaline is taking you and me to the Belden Award dinner on Friday and…wait for it…she’s coming home to spend the weekend with us.”

“No shit! Does she know who ‘us’ is?”

“Well, she knows you’re a man, if that’s what you mean.”

“Jesus, finally. How did this all happen?”

“I’ll tell you all the details when I get home.”

“No, baby, you’re not going to be doing any talking when you get home, ’cause your mouth will be full. So tell me now.”

Jake laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. Well, short version, she started insisting that I had to come to the awards dinner and bring my girlfriend.”

“Just call me Angelina.”

“So I figured, what the hell? I might as well tell her.”

“About time, love.”

“I know.” It had been a huge deal between him and Roan, but he just hadn’t been able to get up the nerve to introduce his lover to his boss. For him it had been the final statement. Tell her, and he’d have to admit he was gay. It was easy to do with everyone else. His parents had said they’d already known he was bisexual, and women hadn’t really done it for him for a couple of years when he met Roan. It had been easy giving up women. All women but one.

Roan’s purr broke into his reverie. “Awfully quiet, love.”

“Sorry. Just thinking. Is it my wishful imagination that she might want more than a professional partnership with me?”

“Can’t say for sure, love. But when I meet her I should get some insight.”

“You know it’s up to you, right, baby? Just because I think you’ll love her doesn’t mean it’s true. I know not many women do it for you.”

“Well, it’s some up to me and more up to her.”

“I can’t tell you what it means to me that you’re open to this. I was pretty shitty about Alexandra.”

Roan chuckled, and the sound shivered right up Jake’s spine. “I loved that my fucking Alex made you green, baby, but I didn’t love her. I want you to have what you love.”

“But I feel the same way about you. Nothing gets in the way of us no matter what.”

Roan was quiet.


Jake heard the tightness in his lover’s voice. “That means everything to me, Jake.” There was a sigh. “But she still turns you on, right?”

Jake laughed. “Like a raging horndog.”

“Then the chances are damned good I’ll feel the same way. Now, get home here, baby, and let me show you where you can put that horn.”

Oh Jesus, his cock was pressing out of his jeans as his foot slammed the accelerator.

So there’s a taste. Scroll down to see my book trailer if you haven’t already. Any questions so far?  LOL  :  )

Guest Week: Meet G. G. Royale

Hi everyone. My special guest today is G.G. Royale who agreed to answer questions for all of us about her books, career so far, and inspirations. I think you’ll find this interview as fascinating as i did. Be sure to check out G.G.’s new releases from Loose Id, and the brand new novella, The New Game from Dreamspinner coming out on Dec. 29. Get your red hot sneak peek here!

Blurb: Over the years, Josef Ramirez and Connor Fahy have run many cons to make their way in the world, but cheating at cards is their forte. One day, though, their scam is outed, and the two take off with the gangster they’ve robbed hot on their heels. The stress of the run is too much for Joey, and feelings he’s been hiding from Connor for a long time bubble to the surface. Now he’ll find out if Connor will stick with him or go find a new game.

Reach GG here!

·        How long have you been writing fiction? How many books have you published? I have been writing fiction forever, really. For as long as I can remember. I graduated from my MFA program in May of 2009, and since then, I’ve been submitting fairly regularly. I have produced seven novellas, published with Loose Id, Carnal Desires, and Dreamspinner. I also have a lot of short stories out there, some with New Line Press, one at Dreamspinner, and a few in anthologies.
 H   How long does it take you to write a book? Well, I tend to write on the shorter side, so if I set my mind to it — and taking into account my day job — I can do a novella in about six weeks. Less time when I’m not working. I’m going to try over the next few months to write something longer, with more nuance and detail, but I’m not quite sure what that will be. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, but most of them fit my regular pattern of 25 to 30 thousand words.
          What inspired you to become a writer? Like I said earlier, I’ve always been a writer. Deciding to become a professional writer was something different, though. My first publication came in high school. After that, it sort of became like chasing a high for me. If I’m not turning out stuff and submitting and getting acceptances — and rejections — I don’t feel like I’m fulfilling the role in life I’m supposed to. I can’t wait for the day when I finally have enough royalties coming in so I can quit the day job.
            You write about so many exotic places. Have you been to all of them? What is your favorite location? How do you research them? I did travel a lot when I was younger, though recently I’m so content in my neighborhood in New Orleans — plus there are chickens and dogs to take care of that — that I don’t travel so much anymore. I haven’t been everywhere I write about, but I try not to write places that are too foreign. I’ve never been to Thailand, for instance — the setting of Jake’s Alchemy — but I did visit Indonesia, so I feel confident writing about Southeast Asian beaches. I lived in London for a time, which was a fantastic experience. My favorite place ever was probably the Yucatan of Mexico. Amazing history, beautiful beaches, lovely people, and awesome food. Can’t go wrong.
      You say your favorite subjects are historical and BDSM. I love this combination. Do you combine them? The Flapper and the Fellow was a combination of those two, set in the twenties. I have another planned, set during the time of the Louisiana Purchase, but that’s going to take a lot of work — and reading about the politics of the era — so it’s sort of on the back burner.
      Many writers are interested in BDSM as a theme, but shy away because they don’t want to sound inauthentic. What would you recommend to help gain a true voice in this genre? I hope this isn’t too much information but… Hypothetically speaking, let’s say, I don’t think anyone should write BDSM unless he or she has at least experimented a little, even if it’s only in the bedroom. Buy some cuffs and a flogger. See what comes of it. Play with dominant and submissive roles. I would also recommend following blogs of real people in the lifestyle. I particularly love because the contributors offer a lot of practical advice, though it is mostly for master/ slave relationships, not just domination. Even visiting clubs to watch, or burlesque shows, and demonstrations at munches… All this can help.
      What do you like most about writing erotic fiction? What do you like least? I think I like the freedom the genre offers because you know people are going to be more open minded in that market. I don’t have to watch my language or graphic details as closely as I would writing mainstream. Honestly, what I think I like least … Well, not least but what can be the most frustrating, is keeping the sex fresh and new. When you write books with four to five sex scenes, and you’re turning out five or six of those books a year — plus short stories — it’s always a challenge to figure out some new kink or position or location that I haven’t already used.
     Who is your favorite heroine? And my personal favorite question, who is your favorite hero? Out of my own stories… I love Dot from Flapper as far as my heroines go. I think she’s the most fierce and talented. Plus, she’s got all the great clothes from the era. My favorite hero is harder. It’s probably Levi in my upcoming Loose Id release Necessary Roughness, and I’m not just saying that because I modeled him after New Orleans Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey. I have no crush whatsoever on number eighty-eight. None whatsoever. Really. Seriously…
     What do you think most sets you apart from other writers of erotic fiction? I’ve worked on both sides of the business, editing for four years before publishing my first book. I’m also formally trained, which I think a lot of writers of erotic fiction don’t need to do. I gained a lot from working through the MFA program. I think it’s part of the reason why I can turn something out so quickly. I’ve internalized so many of the rules and expectations of what finished fiction looks like that I don’t spend a lot of time putting down words that won’t make the final cut. That can get very frustrating, but I do have cleaner copy in the end.
      Please tell us about your new releases from Loose Id and Dreamspinner.. The Adoration of Addana came out 14 December. This is a “Not Quite Christmas” tale set in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood of Holy Cross the first December after Hurricane Katrina. I’m donating twenty percent of my royalties on that title to Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together, to charities still doing work down here. My latest release is actually The New Game with Dreamspinner, which comes out 29 December. This is a m/m contemporary with two con-artist antiheroes, Connor and Joey, battling against a crooked kingpin and their own feelings for each other.

Winner of Starbucks! Judiebabie

Hi Judiebabie — You are the winner of the Starbucks card. Thanks to you and all the friends who commented, on this blog, at youTube, and on Twitter and Facebook. I’m so glad you like the book trailer. I created it myself, and it was a first-time effort, so i’m delighted it’s being so well received.

Judie, please contact me at with your address and i will be delighted to send you a Starbucks card.

Genetic Attraction comes out Jan 4, so be watching this blog for excerpts, my author blog for more goodies, and check out the details of my blog tour at I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people as i move from blog to blog and yahoo group to group for two weeks from Jan 2 onward.

Continue to have the best Holidays ever!  :  ).

Guest Week: Rosalie Stanton with Dark Solace

Like vampires? Rosalie Stanton writes some yummy vamps, as this short read will show. Below is an excerpt from her new “Naughty Nibble”, Dark Solace, released this week. But first, a blurb about the book to tempt you:

Dark Solace:

Three hundred years can change many things, but love is not among them.

Forbidden to claim the woman he loves as his mate, Gabriel established a yearly meet with Jael to satisfy their hunger for one another. Time has not weathered their need, or made the pain of every other day more bearable. Christmas Eve together might not be much, but pretending for one night that they can belong together is the only way either knows how to survive.

Except this Christmas, Gabriel can’t go on pretending. Living for one night is no way to live, and he is determined that he and Jael will see the new day together. The only question is, after all this time, is she prepared for the consequences of saying yes?

They were at the door now. Her apartment. Her bedroom. Her refuge. The place where he was welcomed once every year to forget his loneliness in the sanctuary of her body. Her body flush against his. His cock so hard he was sure the flimsy zipper on his slacks would pop. Had it been anyone else, he would have been surprised at the depth of his reaction. But it wasn’t anyone else; it was her. Jael. His golden goddess. She could smite him with a look if she wanted. So much power in her small, capable hands. It unnerved him to think himself so easily rattled.

There had been no such thing as love in his life before he met her. Before he found her three hundred years ago and was forced to let her go. Forced to forfeit their promised eternity because she could no longer be human. It had been no fault of hers. No fault of anyone’s, really, though he would have loved to lay blame on someone’s shoulders. Illness was a culprit without a body, and hers had nearly killed her. He’d had no choice if he wanted to keep her in this world, regardless of the consequences. His act of saving her, turning her into a nightwalker, had taken away the only woman to whom he could see himself mated for the rest of time.

A bittersweet pang struck his heart at that. He thought of it sometimes still. Of losing himself and claiming her, to hell with the rest. He longed for the taste of her blood, the feel of her fangs, the promise of her arms. The thought alone was enough to inspire anyone to tears. Anyone who knew the agony of what he felt. Of having everything he had ever wanted right beneath his fingertips and forcing himself to let her go. Every year, he let her go all over again. Every year, he relived that horrible night when she had died in his arms. And every year, he fought the temptation to claim her. To make her his forever.

Of course, any sort of ceremony was impossible, and he felt like a fool for even entertaining the notion. Still, the thought of spending eternity with her was too rich to cast aside, even if such aspirations only filled him with sorrow. He was still so terrified of scaring her off with the intensity of his regard. He felt if she ever knew just how much he loved her, there would be no more of this. No more tempting fate, no more tempting desire, no more challenging the decree of the Order to have their night together. No more sharing this stolen holiday with her. No more tasting each other for hours and pretending it was enough for a year. No more pretending his heart didn’t break when he left her before the sun rose and returned to his cold, empty existence.

No more of her guiding him into their bedroom and closing the door behind them.

“Jael . . . .”

Her hands were already busy at her top, revealing the satin of her black bra to his hungry eyes. The cream of her skin against the contrast of the material was surprising in its effect. Gabriel liked fancy lingerie and scantily clad women as well as the next hormone-infused male, but he had never truly envisioned himself being so turned on by something that simple. Logically, he knew Jael wore bras. Hell, he had snapped her out of practically every style the past generations had fed to impressionable women, always eager to feel the weight of her breasts in his hands. He had never known her to wear black. Never known her to go out of her way to look so delectable in her undergarments. She had a rather adorable fixation on her assumption that her panties and other unmentionables were, as she called them, plain and boring. She assumed this despite the fact that seeing her so bare fogged his eyes with lust to the point that she could be wearing a doormat and he wouldn’t notice.

His thoughts must have run away with him, for when he blinked, Jael was wearing nothing but that black bra and a pair of matching panties. And he was still fully clothed, unable to do anything but gawk at how gorgeous she was.

Jael shifted uncomfortably. “I . . . I wanted to try something new . . . for us tonight.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Her blush enchanted him. She was his seductress, his only temptation, and she somehow didn’t know it. “I was hoping you’d like.”

Gabriel released a deep breath, fighting his desire to growl something primitive and throw her on the bed. Instead, his eyes glazed over, and he stepped toward her predatorily, a lump forming in his throat. “Beautiful,” he murmured again, fingers entertaining themselves at her left strap. Then his mouth couldn’t stand the torment of being parted from her flesh, and his lips descended once more upon her neck, tasting her sweet skin as his arms curled under her shoulders and pulled her against him. “You’re killing me.”

You’ll find Rosalie’s Naughty Nibble HERE  Now, isn’t that some solace for these long winter nights? 
Who is your favorite vampire hero?  Share? 

R-Rated Excerpt: Lucifer’s Choice by Jianne Carlo

Here it is! Lucifers’ Choice from Jianne Carlo, the much-anticipated sequel to her popular Paratrooper in a Pear Tree. This a multi-cultural suspense that tells about Nalini, who is trying to escape marriage to one of India’s most eligible bachelors, and the one sure way to do it?  Lose her virginity! She sets her sights on Lucifer, aka Sax Anders, a yummy viking and head of the Hades Squad. How can she get him into bed before he recognizes her? Below is an excerpt. ENJOY (but only if you’re over 18).  :  )

Sax Anders couldn’t remember the last time he’d fucked a woman without knowing at least her first name.

A first time for everything, I guess.

Slipping another button of her blouse free, he bent to brush his mouth over hers. She smelled of Shalimar, and her lips tasted of the tequila shot she’d had earlier — tangy, spicy, with a hint of lime, and grains of salt dusted his tongue. Pushing the silk shirt open, he trailed his forefinger along her satin-soft skin up her rib cage over the lace froth of her red bra and cupped the thin material covering her breast while licking the seam of her mouth.

She stiffened, but parted her lips and let him in. His boner jerked, the jeans tightened pressuring his aching testicles, and the taste of her had him fast-forwarding to fucking, pronto. He broke off the kiss hoping to regain control of his raging lust.

“Sax?” Cheeks flushed the hue of a ripe peach, lips glistening wet, sienna locks cascading and waving around her face, she lifted her hands and laid them flat on his shirt. “Something wrong?”

“Will you be upset if we moved this to the bed?” Sax asked.

“Not at all,” she replied, tipping her head back to meet his gaze directly. Brows arched, mouth curving in a little Madonna-mysterious smile, she stared at him through half-lidded eyes. “Isn’t that where we’re going to end up?”

When she smiled, the enticing heart-shaped mole at the right corner of her mouth danced an invitation he couldn’t refuse. He sipped the spot, his tongue laving the darker pigmentation tracing the outline of the tiny heart. That mole had drained all the blood in his veins to his cock when he’d first glimpsed her earlier, head thrown back, lips parted in a wicked grin, one shoulder lifted in the sauciest sex-kitten pose he’d ever witnessed.

“Without a doubt,” he said, kneading her breast and shifting sideways to scoop an arm around her back. “Put your arms around my neck.”

“Why?” A series of tiny creases knitted her forehead.

He hefted her onto his lap. “Because it’ll make you, me, and bed happen faster.”

“Oh,” she whispered and ran her tongue over the edge of her teeth. “Okay.” Linking her hands at the back of his neck, she said, “I never thought you’d be cavemannish in bed.”

“And how long have you been wondering what I’d be like in bed?” he asked, stood, and stalked over to the canopy bed that dominated the Santa Fe Hilton’s suite.

“Need your ego stroked?” she purred. “I wouldn’t think a man who looks like you has any problem in the bed department.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said, knowing his Norwegian coloring, platinum hair, blue eyes, six-six height, and wrestler build stood out anywhere, but more so in the predominantly Hispanic and Native American population of Santa Fe. “I was wondering if we wasted the last two hours at El Meson.”

“Anticipation heightens the senses.”

“Tell me about it,” he quipped. “From the moment I laid eyes on you, I anticipated us doing this.”

Settling her in the middle of the bed, he stared at his bounty. A beauty with a trace of an exotic heritage, from the rich chocolate of her eyes, the classic but long line of her nose, the high cheekbones, and the dusky color of her complexion, all spoke of the glamour and style of a Bollywood actress. And that mole. His prick twitched when she shot him an under-the-eyelids side-glance and pouted. The mole danced and played hide-and-seek under the muted lighting in the room as her lips quirked up.

Sax had spent enough time in India to recognize her ancestral roots. He traced the line of her neck as she arched her head back, his attention captured by the fullness of her breasts. Every man in the bar had been fixated on the cleavage revealed by her ruby shirt, the hint of her wickedly red bra when she leaned over to pick up her shot glass.

He footed one shoe off, then the other, and when she fiddled with a button, he ordered, “Don’t.”

“What?” The question was snapped, and irritation showed in the frown that riddled her forehead.

“I want to unwrap you,” he said, climbed onto the bed, lifted one leg to straddle her with his knees, and batted her hands away from her middle. “Your skin’s so soft.” Splaying his fingers, he savored the heat of her flesh, the smoothness of her the skin as he teased the buttons of her blouse free to reveal the most delicious navel ring. He choked as a lance of lightning lust shot straight to his straining prick and testicles.

“This might go down quicker than I anticipated,” he muttered, fumbling with the rest of her top’s fastenings. She wore the sexiest harlot half-cup bra he’d ever had the privilege of viewing, and the sight of her mounded breasts had his mouth salivating. He flexed his jaw, his fingers tingled, and he almost tore off the brass button on her pants in his haste to get her naked.

I only have one fucking condom.

She rose onto her elbows and shrugged, working one sleeve of the blouse down her arm. Sax shifted to her right, unzipped her black corduroy jeans, tugged the waistband down over her supple hips, and just about swallowed his tongue when a matching scarlet lace thong materialized.

“Mouthwatering,” he muttered, catching a whiff of the musk of her desire as he peeled the fabric from her skin. Thank you, God. She’s as ready as I am.

She wriggled and lifted to help him, and as her belly rose, the tiny imp on the pink, silver, and diamanté navel ring winked in the muted light from one bedside lamp. Unable to resist, he bent and outlined the heart-shaped devil with his tongue, and his carefully planned seduction shattered into a zillion shards.

“I take it you like my little Lucifer,” she said, her voice husky, her eyes darkened to a velvety fudge brown.

“How appropriate,” he said, jerked back to reality by her using the word Lucifer, the nickname given to him by his Hades teammates. “I take it you have a little bit of a devil in you?”

“I plan to,” she stated, “if you play your cards right.”

Okay. Excited? Here’s where you can find Jianne’s delicious suspense. 

What is your favorite kind of romantic stories? Suspense? Contemporary? GLBT? Menage? Share. 
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Meet the Fabulous Jianne Carlo!

Hi everyone —

Below is an interview with author, Jianne Carlo. Jianne writes some of the best and most exotic erotic romances anywhere. Tomorrow, she’s going to be sharing an excerpt from her new book, Lucifer’s Choice, so be sure to check back. Take it away, Jianne:

How long have you been writing fiction? How many books have you published?
Three years ago my DH and I were invited to his colleague’s daughter’s wedding in Wales. We initially declined the invitation, but my husband changed his mind, and informed me two days before the event that we were flying to London. Normally, I’m organized, but not this time. I grabbed a book at the airport. It turned out to be Christina Dodd’s Once A Knight. I read through the night, mesmerized. The following morning, I told the DH “I’m going to write one of these.” As an FYI, Christina Dodd was the guest speaker for our RWA chapter conference a couple of years ago and I spent about twenty minutes having a drink with her. When I told her the story, she was tickled pink. It’s hard for me to believe, and I actually do pinch myself often, this week with the release of Lucifer’s Choice, I will have  eleven books in print. Go figure. I’m sure this is all a dream.
What inspired you to become a writer?
I’m still not sure. The stories get into my head and I have to set them down on paper.
You write about the collision of “east and west”. Why did you take this approach to your books?
I guess because I’m not one thing or the other. I’m not black, but I’m not white. My father   was the product of a plantation owner and his indentured Indian servant. My mom’ Portuguese. So what does that make me? The world is becoming so much smaller, people from every country are becoming Facebook friends…I love the idea of cultures mingling and I guess that became part of my writing.
You write about so many exotic places. Have you been to all of them? What is your favorite location? How do you research them?
I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot, but I think when you grow up on a sixty by forty island, you just want to get off, go someplace else. For me the most beautiful spot I’ve ever been in is La Roque Gageau. It’s a little village off the Dordogne River in France,  the site of the hundred years war, the place  Jeanne of Arc called home. Fabulous. My research is mainly internet related, but I try to contact someone local where possible. I made friends with a few Healy natives doing research for A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree.

What do you like most about writing erotic fiction? What do you like least?

I’m not sure I am an erotic writer. Sure my books have sex. But I’m so plain vanilla compared to most other erotic writers. What I don’t like is having to have sex in the story right up front. I’d love to have more time to develop the relationship between the hero and heroine.
Who is your favorite heroine? And my personal favorite question, who is your favorite hero?
The Duchess of Devonshire, Georgian Cavendish, who had everything anyone could hope for; wealth, one of the highest titles in the land, political and social influence beyond that of almost any woman of her time. Yet she was stuck in a loveless marriage, lived with a man who openly invited her best friend, his mistress, into their home. She fell in love, had a baby she had to give up, and still managed to influence the course of history.
As for a hero, that one’s easy. Eric the Red, because he dared.
What do you think most sets you apart from other writers of erotic fiction?
I’m not sure. Maybe the multicultural aspect, maybe that I am so plain vanilla.
I know you’re going to tell us about it tomorrow in detail, but give us a hint about your new book coming out tomorrow from Loose Id. 
I loved writing A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree. What can you not like about a man who’s the middle kid in a family of eleven? Whose mother is a red-haired Irish vixen and whose father is a macho Jamaican? And then I gave him absolutely strange fellow Hades Squad members, like Sax Anders, aka Lucifer, a blond Viking to die for. Sax is based on my own personal Viking, my dh, who is Dutch born, and so gorgeous, I still get that low feeling in my belly when I look into his blue eyes.  Ah, yes, Lucifer is a hero close to my heart. And so is Nalini, my Hindu rebel heroine. I had such fun writing this book.