FREE READ: ValenTied by Tara Lain (Part 2)

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A special Valentines surprise. Here is a FREE READ based on the characters in my M/M/F menage, Genetic Attraction. This story takes up after the end of the book and before the sequel, Androgynous Dreams, that i am editing now for submission. This is a long story, so i have only posted the SECOND PART here. The first part of the story is posted at my AUTHOR BLOG, so go over there now to read it and then come back. OR, if you prefer, go to my WEBSITE and read the whole thing on the FREE READS page.

WAIT, before you go. I am announcing the WINNER of a FREE copy of Genetic Attraction tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 15) here on this blog. So, make sure you comment and/or follow the blog to have a chance to WIN. Okay, done it? Then go read the beginning. Thanks for coming by to read the story. Happy Valentines Day!  :  )

                                  Valentied by Tara Lain
                                                                       (part two)

Roan lay completely nude and spread-eagle on the bed, his legs tied to the base of the bed frame with more red ribbon. He had managed to tie one of his wrists to the headboard, but the other hand was free to keep that big dick in a state of perfect erection. His long, lean body arched against the restraints. Good Lord, how long had he been lying here? His eyes were covered with a red scarf. His soft, silky voice whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
Her first instinct was to run across the room, jump on the bed and kiss him from head to foot, but she glanced at Jake who was licking his lips. She knew that the boys played a bit at taking advantage of Roan’s submissive nature, but this was clearly the furthest that the game had gone. The press of Jake’s cock against his slacks conveyed just how thoroughly he liked what he saw. 
Staring at Roan, Jake walked toward the bed, unfastening his belt and unbuttoning his shirt as he went. His golden hair shimmered in the candlelight. She stood back by the door, slowly taking off her clothes and watching the play unfolding before her. Voyeur? Oh yeah.
When Jake got to the bed, he was totally nude having kicked his shoes to the side and tossed his shirt, pants and underwear onto a chair.His hard-muscled buttocks flexed and relaxed as he knelt beside his beautiful lover, and she just drooled and watched. 
“Hi, baby.” Jake’s voice was hoarse. “Are you our Valentine? All ours?”
“Oh yes, Jake, yes. I missed you both so much. I had to come home …”
“Shhh. No talking, Valentine. I think we have some serious eating to do.” He removed Roan’s free hand from its good work. “Let us take over.” He tied it to the headboard with the ribbon he’d carried from the door. The other end still circled Roan’s cock several times, almost encasing it like a gift. Oh, yeah, that was a serious gift. 
He held out a hand to her, never taking his eyes from Roan, and she approached the bed. Closer, she could see that Roan’s chest, belly, thighs and groin were covered with the little candy hearts that gave messages – Be Mine, Hearts Desire, and such. Jake gestured to the other side of the bed. She padded around and crawled up next to her beauty, the man who had won her heart in what seemed like one night. 
She also saw that on the night table next to the bed, Roan had staged an array of goodies – whipped cream, chocolate-covered strawberries, and champagne on ice. 
“Em.” The soft voice whispered.
“Hi, my darling. What can I do for you?”
The Angelina lips smiled. “Have a heart?”
She laughed and leaned over to begin her sugar rush. She nibbled a candy heart from beside his nipple, already erect. Taking the hard, sweet candy morsel in, she licked the other hard, sweet morsel with her tongue. 
He moaned. “Oh, yeah.” 
She saw Jake begin his dessert-before-dinner down at Roan’s groin and got a louder moan for his efforts. 

Roan was anything but quiet in bed, so she figured they would be very happy this house was far from the nearest neighbors by the time this evening was through. 
Leaning over, she grabbed the aerosol whipped cream container. “You naughty boy. You never use anything but home-made whipped cream.” Roan was a gourmet cook and did things the difficult, delicious way.
The yummy lips grinned. “Yeah, but the aerosol is just so much fun.”
She squirted some white, sweet cream on his nipple and he jumped a little, maybe at the sound, maybe at the coolness against his hot body. Jake came up quickly and the two of then began to lick the cream, allowing their tongues to slide over each other. Yum. She never wanted to eat dessert any other way. 
The champagne called. A quick scoot brought her to the edge of the bed, where she took the bottle from its ice bucket. The icy drips hit her bare thigh and she giggled. 
“You’re having too much fun alone, baby.” Jake grinned at her. She quickly removed the cage and metal from the top of the bottle, then turned the cork until she was rewarded with that satisfying pop. A little of the bubbly foamed up and she leaned forward so that it fell on Roan’s taut belly.
“Whoa!” His hips lifted at the surprise. 
“Oh, boy. I could use a drink after the day I had. What do you say, darling?” Jake leaned down and began to lick the clear liquid from that smooth skin. 
“Oh yes, but I always use the proper container.” She poured a little champagne into his belly button and he laughed. Balancing the bottle, she sipped and licked at the little puddle of wine. Roan was wildly ticklish, and he began to twist trying to escape the torment. Jake held his shoulders, and then took possession of his mouth. She could see Jake’s tongue pressing deep into the man’s hot mouth. Jake was a serious kisser. 
Roan’s escape tactics quickly turned to pleading as his body bucked against Em’s tongue as she continued to lick and nibble the candy hearts. His arms pulled against the restraints, clearly wanting to embrace his lover. But he’d made his bed, literally. 
She set the champagne on the table, then came back to inspect their prime target. The huge, red-wrapped cock stuck straight up against Roan’s abdomen, bouncing with his struggles against the ties. Funny, it looked a little fatter than usual, and that was saying something since Roan was nearly ten inches long and two inches in diameter. 
“Jake, don’t you think it’s time we unwrapped our package?”
He pulled his mouth from Roan’s reluctantly, but turned with an avaricious grin toward his next target. He gestured to the ribbon. “You do the honors.”
She untied the bow. 
“Can I watch?” The soft voice pleaded.
Jake nuzzled Roan’s neck. “Would that please you, Valentine? Do you want to see us lick and suck our big prize until it explodes?”
“Yes, please.”
“We love our naughty boy, so we will uncover his eyes.” Jake removed the red scarf and the wide, green eyes, fringed with heavy black lashes, blinked against the soft flickering light. He grinned, showing the one famous, slightly crooked tooth. “I thought I’d like the blindfold, but I love watching you both so much. You’re so beautiful.”
Jake kissed his belly. “Look who’s talking.”
Em began to unwrap the ribbon, and it quickly became clear that the gift was a bit more than just their usual all-day sucker. “Oh my God, Roan, these are beautiful.” Surrounding his cock were three hammered gold circlets, bracelets she thought, each with a small gold chain attached to the clasp. And each had a lock in which was inserted a tiny key. She pulled them off the erect cock that held them and gave that rod a good couple rubs to keep its enthusiasm high. Clearly, one bracelet was meant for her – the smallest – and the other two were sized for the men. 
Roan beamed. “Put them on, please.”
Jake took the smaller gold circle and clasped it onto Em’s left wrist. He turned the key in the lock. 
Roan gestured with his chin. “There are chains for the keys on the table.” 
Jake found a small silk envelope and opened it, pulling out a slender chain. 
Roan nodded toward Jake. “I thought you might wear Em’s key, I’ll wear your’s, and Em will wear mine. Does that work?”
Jake grinned and clasped the chain around his neck. “Perfect.”
She put the bracelet on Jake. Funny, it didn’t look feminine at all on his corded wrist. Em fastened it and wrapped the chain and key on Roan. Finally, Em unfastened Roan’s left arm and placed the circlet on it. 
The hammered gold glowed against his alabaster skin. She placed the key around her neck. 

Roan reached out his one free hand and caressed first Jake’s leg then Em’s. “I love you both so much. We have our wedding rings, but I thought it would be nice to have another token of our love.”
Was there a sweeter human? She wiped at an errant tear. 
Jake, however, got them back to business.”And now I suggest we do some serious eating of that cock.”
Roan’s big dick, that had softened a little when the lust turned to romance, leaped back to attention. Jake grabbed the whipped cream, squirted enthusiastically, and began serious licking. Em jumped in and licked the other side.
“Oh, shit, you guys. That’s what I dreamed about every day of that damned photo shoot. Oh God, suck it, please.”
Jake looked at Em over the trembling cock. “What do you think, darling? He has given us very good dinner and beautiful presents. Shall we suck him senseless?”
“Oh yeah.” She swallowed as much of the huge appendage as she could. Lots of practice had trained her to get it into her throat so she could swallow. She swallowed once, twice.”
“Oh shit, yesssss.”
She popped off and Jake took her place. One of her favorite things was watching the men suck and fuck each other. It turned her on so completely, she could come just watching. Oh, shit, she wished she could get that much of Roan into her mouth. Jake bobbed up and down and she watched that beautiful cock disappear into that hot hole.
Oh God, speaking of hot holes. “Let me fuck him, Jake. Please.”
Jake pulled back and looked at Roan who was thrashing his head. “Roan, baby, we have her begging. Want to give her a cowboy ride?”
Roan shook his head, gasping. “Untie me. I want you both, please, both.”
Jake caught the urgency. Quickly, he unfastened the arm restraint and Roan sat up, untying one leg while 

Jake did the other. Quickly, the beauty got on hands and knees. He reached out with one arm for Em. “Come on, baby, hurry. Gotta get in you.”
Oh, God, she couldn’t move fast enough. Five days of no Roan cock was way too much. Plus, she and Jake didn’t fuck as much when Roan was gone, feeling the loss of their third part. She flipped onto her back and scooted under him lifting her legs on either side of his slender hips. He looked down, grabbed his cock and fit it against her dripping vagina. One, two, three pushes got the big rod inside her, and she moaned, it felt so damned good. Hot and stretched as only Roan could stretch her. He set up a rhythm and began pumping into her. 
She saw Jake move around behind Roan holding a tube of lube he’d pulled from the nightstand. He squirted some onto his fingers and she saw the hand disappear behind Roan’s pumping ass. The beauty paused and made a soft keening noise. “More, more, Jake. Please.”
“Yes, baby, yes.” She could see Jake’s hard-as-iron cock sticking up as he lubed it, then he moved behind Roan and all she could see was her beautiful lover’s face as she knew Jake was penetrating his ass. The look of ecstasy was indescribable. The fact was that fundamentally, Roan was gay. He loved fucking her, but Jake’s cock in his ass simply did it for him in ways nothing else could replace. And she loved that. Loved being a part of it. Loved them both helplessly. 
Jake pushed into Roan as the dark beauty pulled out of her and vice versa until they had that perfect rhythm they’d developed over their months together. Oh shit, how good could life be? How perfect could anything feel?
Roan began to gasp and cry out, talking as dirty as he could until, “Oh shit, I’m coming, Em, I’m coming in you, my darling.”
He pushed into her frantically and the friction was so intense, the pressure on her clit so perfect, she exploded. “Yes, baby, me too, oh yeah. All the way to my heart, my love. All the way.” And heat flooded her from her sex to the top of her head until she felt like she was exploding with love. 
“Em, Roan!” Jake threw back his head, gritted his teeth, his golden hair flying while his hips just kept pumping into Roan’s perfect ass. “Oh, baby. Yes.”
Em watched Roan. The perfect bliss of feeling his lover’s cum pouring into him made that always lovely face even more radiant. 
Jake collapsed over Roan’s back and the sweet man had enough consciousness left to roll to the side so she didn’t get the weight of both men. The move pulled Roan’s softened cock from her and she felt the loss. He must have too, because he pulled her tight against the two of them, wrapped in his strong arm. 
When she knew that she could breathe on her own, she pulled back from the two catatonic bodies and padded to the bathroom for some warm washcloths. On her way back she spied the chocolate-covered strawberries. Lifting the plate from its ice bowl, she slipped onto the bed. 
By now, they were both on their backs, and Em gently wiped the very satisfied looking cocks. Lifting the fruit from the crystal plate Roan had so beautifully arranged, she placed one of the plump, chocolate-coverd berries against Jake’s lips. Eyes still closed. He opened his mouth and bit. “Ummm. That’s good.”
She did the same for Roan and got the green eyes gazing up into hers as she placed the strawberry next to his lips. Hard to tell which was plumper. His tongue snaked out and licked, then he bit, catching a little chocolate on his lips. She leaned down and licked it off. “Thank you, my darling, for this wonderful Valentine’s surprise.”
Jake sat up slowly and looked down at Roan also. “Yes, thank you, love. This was so much fun. And we thought we were going to prepare a Valentine’s surprise for you tomorrow.”
Em smiled. This was her moment. “How about I give you my Valentine’s Day present now?”
The two men looked at her, grinning, glancing for a hidden package or card. 
“Actually, my loves, this is the last Valentine’s Day menage a trois we’ll ever have.”
Jake frowned, probably remembering how slow and reluctant she had been at first to become a part of the threesome. Then she saw a huge smile spread across Roan’s face. 
“Em, is it because ménage a trois means group of three?”
“Yes, dear. You see, that sip of champagne from Roan’s beautiful belly was the last i’ll have for a long time, and next Valentine’s Day we’ll need a very small gold bracelet.  Because next year, we’ll be four.”

This time she got the full weight of both men piled on top of her. She lay there pinned to the mattress being kissed and licked from head to toe by two laughing, joyous men. Lovely. She was ValenTied.

FREE READ: ValenTied by Tara Lain

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Here is a special FREE READ for Valentines Day. It involves the characters from Genetic Attraction, Em, Jake and delicious (literally) Roan. This is a long story, so i’m posting the first half here and the second half on my BOOK BLOG. Or, if you prefer, you can hop over to the website and read the whole thing on my Free Reads page. Enjoy! And tomorrow, we announce the WINNER of the FREE copy of Genetic Attraction over at my Book Blog, Beautiful Boys Books. So if you haven’t commented or followed that blog to enter, DO IT NOW. ‘Kay?

                              ValenTied by Tara Lain —
                                                                              (first half)

Em, or as she was known at work which she’d just left, Doctor Emmaline Silvay, leaned over in the car seat and gently caressed the hard-muscled thigh of her lover, Jake Martin. Doctor Jake Martin. He was her husband in all but the legalities, but since she actually had two husbands, the legalities were a bit complex, even in liberal Connecticut. “Tired, love?”

He glanced at her, his beautiful blue eyes crinkling. That gorgeous face. He was so much a part of her she barely noticed the age difference any more, except on those occasions when the three of them played their “boy toy” games.Hello, young man, are you looking for work with this company? Well, you’ll have to convince me of your qualifications. She smiled to herself.
Jake’s focus had returned to the winding road that would soon give way to their long drive and take them home.”I’m a little tired. Dealing with the compliance department is a bitch.”
She laughed. “Yeah. I had the fun this week. The new steps in the gene sequencing should take us where we want to go in terms of a commercial product. Poor baby, you got the fuzzy end of the lollipop having to deal with the lawyers.”
He grinned again. “But I’m not too tired to celebrate. I made reservations at the Bull and Bear so we can go do a Valentines Day dinner. You up for it?” 
Was she? She had a Valentine’s gift she wanted to give them, but she knew she ‘d have trouble keeping it secret if they went out to a romantic dinner. “You know what, love? I think we should wait for Roan to get home. He said tomorrow, right? Why don’t we miss the crowds and celebrate Valentine’s Day one day late.”
He looked at her with that special glow she noticed he got whenever he thought about their beautiful lover, Roan Black. Jake and Roan had already been a couple when they asked Em to “be a part of them”.Roan had been Jake’s first serious male lover and the wise, extraordinarily beautiful supermodel, held a special place in both their hearts. “Thanks, Em. I know Roan would love that.”
“Okay. Done. We do our ménage Valentines Day tomorrow. I’ll make something for us tonight.”
“Sounds great.”
“When does he get in?”
“He wasn’t sure. The flight schedules from that part of Indonesia are a little erratic. He said he’d have William pick him up.” She was happy about William. He took good care of their lover. William was Roan’s chauffer, although his self-effacing employer never called him that or even thought of William that way. As the world’s top male supermodel and a hugely successful real estate investor, Roan was filthy rich, but aside from their gorgeous home, no one would ever know. 
“Maybe we can plan something really fun to welcome him home?” She smiled when Jake gave her a quick leer. 
The ride down the long drive to their home was like a decompression chamber for Em. From the high-stress world of cancer research to their private oasis of love. Of course, most of the people at the company knew about their unique living arrangements. That had been one of the stipulations of Em and Jake moving over to the new firm – no hiding like they’d had at the University. But still, they really got to be themselves at home. 
As they pulled into the circular drive that surrounded a modern fountain, Em noticed soft light coming from the house. “Did you leave a light on, love?”
Jake looked up. “No. Maybe it was Marsha. She sometimes does a little extra cleaning when she knows we’re going to be late several days in a row.”
“Yeah, probably so.”
Jake parked the car out front, and came around to help Em out with the briefcases and laptops they seemed to carry everywhere. Wow, she was glad to be home. Maybe they could take part of tomorrow off to really plan a homecoming for Roan. 
She hurried up the steps, hunching against the cold. Connecticut was still very much in winter no matter what the groundhog had said. Jake unlocked the door and they both stepped inside where it was warm — and stopped dead. What on earth. She pushed the door closed to keep the cold air out, but couldn’t take her eyes from the tableau in front of them.
The entire entry to the house was aglow with candles – the little votives in glass cups. They formed a pathway around the modern fountain through the hallway. Sprinkled here and there along this path of light were rose petals, and flowers floated in bowls of water strategically placed at intervals on the edge of the path. No other lights were on, just the path of flame. 
Jake chuckled. “I think Roan’s home.”
Oh, that was so true. Because this – this amazing, beautiful gesture – was so Roan. “Who else would go to this much effort? That’s our boy.”
They set their bags on the floor beside the entry table and pulled off coats. She passed hers to Jake who hung them in the closet. He held out his hand. “Let’s see what the guy has cooked up, shall we.”
She felt like a kid on Christmas morning. They followed the pathway, holding hands and giggling. The lights led to the wide stairway. On the stairs, vases of flowers were tucked against the wall, highlighting the flickering route. Ah, but route to what? 
Up they went, stair by stair. The beautiful landing area was awash with flowers and candles. Soft music played in the background through the house-wide sound system. On the table in front of the hall window was a display of something she could barely make out in the soft light. She pointed. “What is it?”
He laughed. “Not sure, but I’ll bet it’s something to eat.” He pointed toward their bedroom. “The door is closed.”
She giggled. “I noticed. It feels half like my birthday and half like a fun house. I’m not sure what happens next.”
“I doubt it will involve scary goblins.”
As they got closer, she could see two glasses and some fruit and cheese on a plate. “Do you think he’s telling us we should eat because we’re going to need our strength?”
Jake pounced on the fruit. “Oh, I hope so.” 
She lifted a glass, already red with a splash of wine. Jake lifted his and they clinked. She smiled over the rim. “To the three of us.” She looked toward the door. “Do you hear that, darling.” Since their doors were extra heavy – they needed the sound-proofing when they had guests – she knew he couldn’t. She set down the wine glass and took a nibble of gouda and apple. “I’m too excited to eat … food, that is.”
“Shall we see what our Valentine Master has in store?”
She really was breathless. “Can’t wait.”
They approached the door. Jeez, she was shaking. Jake reached for the door handle and pulled back. “Look.”
She looked down where he was pointing. A strip of red ribbon lay on the floor and stretched back under the door. Oh my God, what was he doing in there?
Jake pulled the door outward reaching down to grab the ribbon. He motioned Em to walk around him into the room. 
She stopped inside the door, vaguely aware that the room was ablaze with candles. Not just the little votives like outside, but beautiful tapers and pillar candles. Some of them must have been scented, because a soft fragrance like lilac filled the room. But her eyes couldn’t take in the details of the room because they were riveted on the big bed in the middle of the far wall. The red ribbon stretched across the wood floors and Persian carpets, snaking up onto the bed where it attached to a huge erect cock that could belong to no one but Roan. There it formed a big red bow. 

Heroic Inspiration!!

Just for a little change of pace, i thought i’d share some photos of gorgeous men who inspire some of my “Beautiful Boys of Romance”.

This is a photo i used in my book trailer for Genetic Attraction. This is an inspiration for Jake, my young scientist, who is also the hero of The Scientist and the Supermodel coming out in May from Loose Id. The other photo is a slightly more rugged and NAKED version of Jake.

Then, of course, there is the amazing Roan, the supermodel of both books. Roan is described as “the most beautiful man in the world”, so he’s hard to capture, but this lovely model comes close.

The book i’m submitting to my publisher in about a week is called Androgynous Dreams, the sequel to Genetic Attraction.  One of the heroes looks like a girl. If this pretty rock star had curly hair and was a little older, he might look like Elijah.

My current work in progress is called The Golden Dancer. It’s a M/M/M menage, and one of the heroes is a ballet dancer who might just look a bit like this Armani model.

So there you have it. A little eye-candy inspiration for a Monday. You can tell i like them pretty. Do you?  Enjoy. 

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Writing a Novel: My POV on POV

When I first submitted my manuscript for Genetic Attraction to Loose Id, I got a revise and resubmit letter that suggested that I needed to work on point-of-view.  Now, I’m new to fiction writing (although I’ve been a non-fiction writer for a lifetime), but I thought I knew about POV. I looked at my manuscript closely. I wasn’t head-hopping (jumping from one character’s point-of-view to another’s  a number of times in a scene). I always clearly indicated switches in POV.  What was the matter? I expressed my frustration to my editor who tried to help, but I just wasn’t getting it.
After weeks of bad trial and error, my editor sent me a document from a workshop that talked about deep point-of-view. (DPOV). I read it and the lights came on. It was the “wa-wa” experience (remember in the Miracle Worker when Helen finally connects the feel of water on her hand to the symbol for water Annie was making?) Suddenly, I understood the difference between skating lightly on a character’s viewpoint, and being locked into his or her thoughts and feelings, and that understanding literally transformed my writing on the spot. I got the difference between:
Omniscient POV– -It was a dark and stormy night.
Shallow POV –John saw it was a dark and stormy night.
Deep POV – John pushed against the door, fighting the intense wind that tried to slam it on him. He held up his hand in front of his face, but his eyes just couldn’t adjust to the darkness. Crap, he didn’t know it could get this dark. He hated the blackness. He couldn’t stand the sense of isolation. 
I understood that point-of-view wasn’t a thing that made writing good, it was in many ways, everything. It is the key to the reader’s emotional involvement and satisfaction. A reader doesn’t know necessarily why they feel unconnected with a book or scene in a novel, but, chances are, it’s because the writer has missed deep POV. Some pretty famous authors who are notorious for head-hopping likely get away with it because, while they are in a character’s head, they are in DPOV.
Since that first moment of understanding, I’ve gone on to workshops and readings in an effort to make my point-of-view expression deeper and more natural. While I went through my first two books line by line to edit the POV, I find that today I more automatically write in DPOV, and when I don’t, I catch myself more quickly.  I’m still a newbie and have much to learn, but I’ll be forever grateful to my editor s for that guidance. Now, if they could just improve my commas! 
As a reader, do you notice point-of-view? Does it ever intrude on your reading experience?

Dee is the Winner!!!!!!

Our fledgling erotic romance reader, Dee, has won the contest this week. I’ll be sending her either a copy of Genetic Attraction or a Starbucks card. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and follows. We’ll have another contest soon!  And thanks to Selena Illyria for picking the drawing number this week.  Come back soon.  :  )

Torchwood kiss

My friend, Selena Illyria, introduced me to Torchwood. I still haven’t seen an episode, nor do i understand the plot, but i’m a total fan of Captain Jack. This scene is heartfelt and lovely, even if i don’t know the story, and i had to share. Enjoy. : )

Facebook: A Good Promotion tool?

Hi everyone — Some of you will have read the piece below when i posted it at Loose Ends last week, but people seemed to like it, so in case you missed it, i’m reposting it here:
Have you noticed that people tend to be huge fans of either Twitter or Facebook and will use one a lot and the other very little or not at all? Actually, while you may prefer one, you have to do both because they are very different in the way they reach people and even the people they reach. I started out trying to cover both in one discussion and was heading toward a 900 word post. I figured that would try your patience, so this week I’ll talk about Facebook which I think is the easiest to grasp. Next week we’ll cover Twitter (my personal fave). Please note, I’m not a social media expert. This is my experience over the last six months, plus some of my PR training.
So, let’s discuss Facebook, the most popular social media tool and subject of the film, The Social Network (great movie, by the way.) I am active on Facebook, but don’t begin to use all its tools. I don’t have a fan page and don’t think I’ll need one for a long while (fan pages are great when you want to exceed your 5000 friend limit. I should be so fortunate!  LOL). So, for beginning purposes, here are some things to remember.
Your Facebook page is a part of your persona as a writer. Whether you write under your own name or not, do NOT mix your personal friends and chats with them with your professional friends. Create two different Facebook accounts and keep them separate. But, with that said, remember Facebook is a personal medium. This means you communicate with the people on Facebook as you would a friend. You share semi-personal information, things about your life, something fun you see on YouTube or television. You chat and, above all, you comment on other people’s posts, share their triumphs and mourn their losses. On Facebook, you may post an announcement about your blog or your new release once. But it stays, so you can’t push it. Facebook is not a pushy platform and people get really mad if you try to sell them. Fecebook is about friends. Be friendly! My friend, Sloan Parker is, IMO, the master of Facebook interaction, and if you want to know how to use it well, watch her. 
Who do you follow? I’d start with other writers, publishers, agents, people whose information you really want to know. As you grow your list, Facebook will suggest other friends like the ones you have. You can see your friends’ lists and perhaps ask to friend some of those people. Because of the nature of Facebook, most  people (even your number one author idol!) will agree to be friends with you. It’s a kick! You can have real conversations on Facebook, but mostly you want to “be a friend” to the people who you follow. Do that, and when you ask for support, like for a blog tour or book advice, chances are they will give it. And it gives your growing number of fans a place to find you and interact with you personally. I have people who like my books who see me online and come and chat.
Like all social media, Facebook can be addictive. Resist. You need time to write. But it is a marvelous way to meet people and cement relationships. If you’re not using it, go over and sign up. It’s easy. If you have an account but don’t use it, start looking for friends and vow to visit the page once a day to comment on their posts. You’ll be delighted with the results.
Also, if you go over to my Book BLOG  and follow and/or comment, you can WIN a copy of Genetic Attraction or a gift certificate to Loose Id. So pop on over!!

New Excerpt and Drawing for Genetic Attraction

Many of you haven’t yet seen the excerpt below from Genetic Attraction. You do know that i have a special fondness for my hero, Roan Black. Well this scene, which takes place after Em and Jake have had a big falling out, is one of the reasons i love him. Most important, if you leave a comment or follow this blog (I’d love it if you would) any time this week, you may win a FREE copy of Genetic Attraction. so if you visit, be sure to follow and comment so you can WIN! And if you’ve already read Genetic Attraction, you can win a gift certificate to Loose Id. 

Here’s the excerpt with Em and Roan —

They made the short ride to the hotel with his hands up her skirt and hers in his pants, not saying a word, just feeling and kissing each other until they were both dripping. As they pulled up to the hotel, he stuffed himself back into his pants and tried to adjust his jacket down over his massive erection. She just pulled off her wet thong, stuffed it in her purse, and stepped out of the car commando. By the time they got to the elevator, they were both giggling and wild to fuck.

An obviously well-heeled elderly couple rode the elevator with them, and Em tried to behave, but Roan kept reaching down and licking her neck and ear. She’d slap at him but couldn’t stop giggling. When the older couple got to their floor, the lady looked back at Em, winked, and said sweetly, “Have a nice night.”

She and Roan burst out laughing as the doors closed, and then they attacked each other while the elevator continued to the penthouse. Roan picked her up, so she could wrap her legs around him and grind her bare, throbbing pussy against that enormous bulge. Oh God, after all the emotional turmoil, it felt like heaven to just get lost in sex. She rode up and down on him, probably ruining that beautiful suit, but God it felt good.

On the top floor they staggered out of the elevator and straight into Roan’s suite. She was vaguely aware that it was beautiful and overlooked the whole city. He carried her straight to the bedroom, panting in her ear.

“Oh baby, I want to fuck you so bad.” He tossed her on the bed. Her full skirt wound up around her waist, baring her naked pussy. The sight seemed to enthrall him, so she spread her legs, making the very wet lips gape. She was still wearing her heels.

Roan groaned while ripping off his belt and pulling the slim trousers down, revealing tight black boxer briefs that were grossly distorted by his enormous erection. Somewhere he had toed off his loafers. He pulled off socks and shoved the briefs down and off, freeing that indescribable cock to stick out under his still-buttoned shirt.

In one move he was on the bed, and shoving that huge rod into her soaked vagina.

Oh God, she’d almost forgotten what that much cock felt like. Real, serious friction. Just this side of pain, she felt so full, so stretched — so complete.

He thrust and thrust, head thrown back, eyes shut tight. She wrapped her legs around him, letting the heels of her pumps press into his flexing ass. A little pain with his pleasure?

He screamed. “Oh, shit, yes!”

The huge pumping cock hit against her womb in one out of three strokes. He was too far gone to stop, and she was too far gone to care, strapped to him with arms and legs like a monkey, pounding her hips up onto his cock, eager to take all of him as he ground against her clit.

The pressure and the pleasure morphed into one huge cloud of feeling, surrounding and filling her until she exploded, energy shooting up her spine, through her womb, and into her head, until she thought she might black out. She screamed Roan’s name over and over, and he cried out with her and kept crying as he pumped and pumped. Suddenly semen was leaking from her channel. Oh my God, young men came so hard — so good.

Gasping, Roan rolled to the side so as not to crush her. He gave a little laugh. “I think we needed that.”

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Coooool Review!! Genetic Attraction

Genetic Attraction just got a 4 star Review from the One Hundred Romances Project. 

Reviewer Brandi said:

Loved this book!  It was hot, steamy and sexy! This is a menage story, and here we actually get to see real feeling about being a third wheel or what happens if one partner isn’t enough.  You don’t see that a lot, so it was very refreshing.  I loved the characters, and even though one of the boys was almost too lovable, they all balanced one another out and it worked.  All in all, if you like hot science geeks, outrageously gorgeous male super models and a sexy older women, then be sure to read this. 

Thanks to the One Hundred Romances Project for their interest in the book!