The Scientist and the Supermodel Cover Contest!!

IT’s HERE!!!! My cover for The Scientist and the Supermodel, the prequel to Genetic Attraction. This book tells how the heroes of Genetic Attraction, Jake and Roan, meet and fall in love. I say about the book “Before two guys can get the girl, they have to get each other.”. 

The Scientist and the Supermodel releases from Loose Id on May 31 which seems like a long time to me. So, to help shorten the hours, i think we’ll have a contest.

Leave a comment on this blog post with your description of the cover –it can be one word or a short book, i don’t care. A drawing will determine the winner of — YOUR CHOICE of an ecopy of Genetic Attraction NOW or an ecopy of The Scientist and the Supermodel when it comes out on May 31. 

Got it? Just tell me something about the cover and leave me a way to contact you if you win! And you may win a copy of The Scientist and the Supermodel or Genetic Attraction
Thanks for entering!  :  )

Androgyny to the MAX! Andrej Pejic

Anyone who reads the blog knows that i have an affection for “pretty boys”. I even have a book coming out sometime this year with pretty boys in the title. Androgynous men are often pretty boys. They may be men like Adam Lambert who is handsome and chooses to style himself in an androgynous way. 

Asian men often  achieve amazing androgynous looks like the beautiful Kame. The fascination with androgyny in Asian culture is clearly reflected in anime particularly yaoi.
And fashion, which has always had some interest in androgynous people, has now taken the trend to the max in the form of Andrej Pejic, a six-foot-one inch, 19 year old Bosnian boy, raised in Austalia, who now walks the runways for John Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs  and others often appearing  in both  male and female collection runway shows. Much in demand, an interviewer asked the level-headed young man if he wasn’t thrilled to be chosen for both sets of shows. He smiled and said he was very pleased, but “in this economy, perhaps they are just trying to save money.” Charming, but not likely when you see the mind-boggling Pejic. My books, Genetic Attraction and the upcoming The Scientist and the Supermodel star a supermodel, Roan Black, who is “the most beautiful man in the world”. Though not as androgynous as Pejic, Roan and Andrej probably know each other!  LOL

Welcome Carolyn Rosewood with The Last Soul

Hi everyone. Welcome Carolyn Rosewood with her very first release, The Last Soul. Seducing the soul of an honest financier? Sounds like yummy fiction to me. 

Here’s where you’ll find it:

Here’s a blurb and excerpt:
Faina has been dead for one hundred and fifty years, but she’s about to become human again. All she has to do is seduce Jace Blackmon, the most honest financier ever to grace the city of angels, into signing away his soul.

Jace Blackmon has fallen in love with his fantasy woman. But when he realizes she was tricked by a demon to bring about his ruin, including the revelation of a long-buried secret to the media, he must choose between his heart or life without her.

Faina donned a Betsey Johnson flowered dress and wedge sandals, then materialized a few blocks from where Jace worked.
            It felt so good to be outdoors. The warm air was soothing, the traffic noises and bustling crowds reminding her of New York City. Faina didn’t often get nostalgic for her human life, but today she did. If she succeeded in this mission, she’d be human again. Warm weather, noisy crowds and city life would be her reality, not simply the realm in which she was allowed to work.
            Unless Mastema had tricked her. No. She wouldn’t think about that now. She had a job to do. She took her time, peering in shop windows and trying to look like just another California trust fund babe out for a stroll on a bright summer day. The fact nearly every man pounding the pavement tripped over his own two feet as she strolled past wasn’t lost on her. She didn’t have the baby face, long blonde curls, and legs up to there for nothing.
            She avoided eye contact. It was enough to leave them with her scent, they’d have trouble getting it out of their head for weeks, but to look them in the eyes would be downright cruel. Even when she’d been alive all she’d had to do was turn her baby blues in a man’s direction and he followed her around like a dog in heat. She’d made more money for Madame Lily during her first six months than most of her girls made over the course of two years.
            As she made her way to the entrance of the 770 Wilshire Building, she caught a whiff of burned toast. She ducked into the nearest shop and pressed her nose to the plate glass window, scanning the crowd for a familiar face. She’d only seen Mastema appear once in human form. He’d looked ridiculous dressed in a long coat and cowboy hat on the streets of Aurora Nebraska, population four thousand two hundred and twenty-five as of last year. His bad-boy Western get-up would have been more appropriate for Arizona in the late nineteenth century.
            Either Mastema hadn’t been the demon she smelled or he’d already evaporated. The sidewalks were filled with six foot blondes and men who looked like they walked off the cover of GQ. Not a weird outfit or menacing swagger in sight.
            “Help you, Miss? You need mani and pedi today? We have new summer colors look perfect on you.”
            Faina whirled around to face the ancient Vietnamese woman. She’d ducked into a nail salon. Her senses had been so focused on the burnt toast smell and Mastema’s human form she hadn’t noticed the acrid smell of nail polish.
            “No, not today. I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.”
            Faina opened the door and strode to the parking garage entrance of the building. On the way a clock struck five. The smell of burnt toast wafted from a nearby taco stand. Had that been what she smelled? Tacos? She was jumping at shadows. That wasn’t like her.
            She made her way to Jace’s sports car by visualizing it. As the flood of workers poured into the garage, she hoped Jace would stay calm when he saw her. She was taking a risk as there would be plenty of witnesses if he wigged out.
            He was busy scrolling through messages on his phone as he sauntered to his car, and didn’t see her until she stepped in front of him as he was about to open the door.
            “Oh Jesus. Holy fu—” His warm brown eyes opened wide and he visibly swallowed. “How did you… you’re real. Holy shit.”
            “Get in your car, Jace. People are staring. One of them looks like he’s going to take a picture with his cell.”
            The lie snapped him out of his trance. He unlocked the doors and she slid into the passenger seat. “Start the car but don’t move yet.”
            He stared straight ahead as the engine roared to life. Beads of sweat pooled at his hairline. She could hear his heart pounding. When she reached up to wipe his forehead he moaned. “It’s all right, Jace. Just try to relax.”
            “I don’t understand.” His voice shook.
            “You don’t need to. Wait until the garage clears out a bit. Then we’ll leave.”
            “I… I have a dinner date. A family friend. I have to go. I don’t want to but… I… I should.”
            “Do you want me to leave?”
            He looked into her eyes with the most desperate longing she’d ever seen on a human face. A flash of apprehension shivered down her spine, unbalancing her. She was going to hurt him. Badly. He’d lose everything. His home, the Foundation, his dinner date, maybe even this fancy sports car. And some kid wouldn’t have a place to sleep on a cold, winter night, or a youth group to keep him off the streets.
            The men she brought to Mastema were bad-to-the-bone to begin with. They just needed a little help to push them in the right direction. The inevitable direction, as he liked to call it. But Jace Blackmon was a good guy.
            Then why does Apollyon want him? But what if he didn’t want Jace? What if Jahi was right and Mastema had forged the contract?
            “Faina.” His whisper pulled her back to the present. Until she had proof to the contrary, it was Jace’s soul or her eternal torment as one of Mastema’s sex slaves. This was self-preservation. Nothing more.
            She looked into his eyes and smiled “Yes, Jace?”
“Please don’t leave, Faina.”

Carolyn Rosewood read her first romance novel at age 19 and was hooked. But it took a devastating tornado in her city to spur her into action. Realizing everything can change in an instant, she also realized if she didn’t pursue her dream of being a published romance writer, it would never come true.

She joined the Romance Writers of America, and last year attended her first writing conference, their National Conference in Orlando Florida. It changed her life, and lit a fire that’s still burning. Carolyn has also written contemporary romance, but she’s drawn to the spicy paranormal stories and loves writing them.

She’s a PRO member of the RWA, and serves as Treasurer for the Nashville Tennessee RWA chapter, the Music City Romance Writers. Married to her real life hero, they have a daughter in college and a cat named Shadow who loves to watch Carolyn type.


Please excuse me in advance for a little shameless self-promotion! I usually reserve this blog for guest authors, discussions of craft and some wonderfully naughty videos and photo essays. The book stuff happens over at But sometimes i just cant help but share some cool stuff –and that would be the passel of wonderful reviews that Genetic Attraction has been garnering.

I got one of those this evening. Genetic Attraction was just named a five star Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews.

Here’s a bit of what Reviewer Terri says:

I won this book during a Night Owl Romance chat. After reading it and knowing that I had to write a review on this wonderful story, I found it up for review through Night Owl. I quickly requested it feeling a bit greedy as I didn’t let another reviewer read this terrific story.
Though I normally wouldn’t have picked this book up, I’m so glad I won it and read it. I quickly found myself involved with the characters and wondering if a happy ending would be found. Though m/m stories are not something I usually read or like, Roan and Jake’s relationship was such that it felt right. Though Jake is only in his 20s, he’s on top of things in bed! The details and complexity made this story come to life and feel extremely real and possible.
Thank you Ms. Lain for giving away a copy of this book. You have written an exceptional story and made me a fan. I look forward to your next book.
Thanks so much to Night Owl Reviews for taking the time to read and review the book. That is very special. 
The delightful Deviant Divas gave Genetic Attraction 4.5 Divas average over five reviews. Some quotes:
I enjoyed this book and now want to think a menage could work. These three characters were very hot and the book was well written. I enjoyed all of the dynamics in this relationship.
Warning, this book will cause the female reader to search for toys or a convenient male for sexual gratification. Ms. Lain created drool worthy men.
The object of two fine ass men dreams, so wish it was me. Genetic Attraction is a roller coaster ride of sensual pleasure and erotic expedition. Tara Lain did a marvelous job in sculpting three characters with excellent depth. I love this novel! 
And in case i haven’t told you 12 times, Genetic Attraction was a Best Book at Whipped Cream Reviews
I love the book, between the dialect and the cute phrases I laughed so hard, I was afraid I would wake the hubby. So many clever and quick-witted remarks that just added to the overall story. I did have to put the book down for a minute and get on the computer to find out about the old Kinsey continuum of sexuality, just to see if I could find any input. This story was a wild ride and a lot of “hey what the hell”; I think it was a new and well plan plot, which is why I will be adding Tara Lain to my list of favorite authors. I definitely fell in love with her writing style and imagination. She had such a refreshing plot that will stay with me a long time and I think is well worth the money to add to your library. 
Okay, enough of that! I have a wonderful guest author, Carolyn Rosewood,  coming Wednesday with The Last Soul,  so come check it out. Thanks for allowing me this self-indulgence!  LOL.  :  )

#Am Writing

The hashtag #amwriting is one you see a lot on Twitter. It likely means a thousand different things — am writing poetry, a new blog post, a historical novel, a doctoral dissertation. In my case, it means i’m writing a new erotic romance. Right now, i’m working on two, and i thought i’d share a little of the writing process involved in their creation.

Today,  i’ve been working on one of the most interesting and challenging writing processes — rewriting. Some of you know that i’m working on my first-ever romantic suspense novel. It’s called, tentatively, Golden Dancer, and, because it’s me, it’s also a M/M/M menage! I finished the first draft two weeks ago and sent it out to my beta readers for comments. My principal reader is a renowned writer herself and a real master of romantic suspense, so i’m a lucky duck. Today, i got the notes back and, since i want to get this to my publisher in a couple weeks, i plunged in.

Weak opening. Always a tough note but a vital one because if you don’t grab your reader in those first few lines you may lose them forever. Funny, i had changed the opening to make it more “suspenseful” before i sent it to beta and my reader came back and said to start right where i had originally begun before the change. Sometimes those first instincts are best! Beef up the inner conflict. LOL Conflict, inner and outer, is tough for me. Once i go back in and work on it, however, i can usually make it pretty compelling. Reinforce your clues. Ah yes, you can’t make it hard for your readers to follow your plot, even if it is called a mystery. But bottom line, she loved the story and said i had great instincts for suspense. Wow, music to my ears.

In order to plunge back into the rewriting process today, i had to give up (for a short time) the most fun writing process on another book, at least for me — writing the rough draft.  Drafting a story is a magical process of discovery, where everything you planned shifts and grows and colors itself in amazing ways. I’m a “plotser”, a writer who prepares a very basic synopsis and then pantses the rest letting it happen as it will. This gives me the best of two worlds for my personality. I get enough structure to be sure i have a story, which is important in light of my conflict avoidance. I have to decide at least some in advance what the conflict points are going to be. But, most of all, i get enough wonder and surprise to make the unfolding of the story a constant delight. I adore drafting. Plus, i’m working on my first ever paranormal romance which is a blast. The idea for this story was inspired by a submission call that got me thinking about –well, i’ll wait a little while before i tell you too much more. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.

There’s lot’s more parts of the writing process. Some authors rewrite a dozen times, some only once or twice. I know writers who love working with their editor after the book has been submitted, others hate that part. Some writers even love line edits!!  LOL What about you? If you are one of those #amwriting people, what is your favorite part of the process? And if you’re a reader, which part sounds the most fun?

Jo Anna! Email ME!!!

I’m having trouble giving away a copy of Genetic Attraction –NOT usually a problem! The first winner didn’t reply. She may have written down her email wrong. Now, for my next winner i have more than one JoAnna on my email list and i don’t know which email address is right. SOOOO, JoAnna who commented on the blog post below, please email me at YOU WON!! If you have already read the book, we’ll find another prize. So email me now. I’m feeling rejected. Mwaaaa.  LOL  :  )

Cassandra Carr Comes to “Talk to Me”.

My guest today is friend and super-author, Cassandra Carr who is introducing her new release Talk to Me now available from Loose Id. Authors talk about having a “voice” when it comes to writing. Cassandra gives whole new meaning to the power of voice in the steamy excerpt you’ll read below. But first, Cassandra did some talking to me:

How long have you been writing fiction and how many books have you published?

I’ve been writing my whole life, but only decided to become “a writer” in 2008. I’ve published one full-length novel, a short story, and a personal memoir in a Chicken Soup book.
Who was and is your biggest inspiration?

My mom. She’s a writer of women’s fiction and I remember us being kids and coming home to find her typing away on a typewriter, and later on our Commodore 64.
Tell us about the genres in which you write.

I write contemporary erotic and non-erotic romance.
Are there genres you haven’t tried that you want to write?

I would love to write some Regency-set historicals, or definitely something set in the time of either Henry VIII or Elizabeth I. I think those were all fascinating times in England’s history. It would be kind of cool to write a historical set in Manhattan, too, back around 1830-1840.
Are you a plotter or a pantser? What is your writing discipline?

I’m NOT a plotter! I shudder when I see all the things other writers do to prepare to write. I usually have about a one-page outline when I start, and I just kind of go from there and see where the story takes me. So far I haven’t struggled for word count, so I guess my method is working.
I don’t really have discipline, per se. However, since in addition to writing I stay at home with my two-year-old, I guess you could say my writing discipline is that I have to write when she’s in bed or I’ll never get anything done!
Who is your favorite heroine you’ve created so far? Is there one you’re still dying to write that you haven’t put in a story yet?

I would say Leah, the heroine from Collision, book one of my bull rider trilogy – a story that’s out on submittal with publishers at the moment. She’s an Olympic figure skater who comes off as a stuck-up bitch at first, but once she lets her guard down she’s really very funny and warm.
As far a heroine I’m dying to write – I have no idea! Because I’m a pantser, I don’t come up with my characters until I’m actually ready to write.
Who is your favorite hero? What kind of heroes do you like?

Without a doubt it’s Sebastian, a young hockey player who is the hero of the very first book I wrote, Should’ve Known Better. That book is also out on submittal to publishers. Sebastian is the perfect man – strong, sensitive, loving, protective. And he has a French-Canadian accent – DROOL.
What is your biggest fiction writing challenge?

Time. It’s my constant enemy. Because I can really only write late at night sometimes it gets to the end of the day and I’m so darn tired! The last thing I want to do is then sit down for three or four hours and write, but if I don’t, like I said above, nothing would get done.
Tell us about the book you’re launching.

Talk to Me is so exciting! It’s my debut full-length release and I just adore the concept: being seduced by a man’s voice. I mean, who hasn’t listened to a man talk and said to themselves, “HELLO. This guy has a sexy voice!” It can make an ordinary man seem extraordinary, and Drew – the hero – is anything but ordinary. He’s an ex-hockey player who went into radio upon his retirement. He’s big, brash – larger than life at times – but so exciting to be around.
The heroine, Jamie, becomes Drew’s new producer. She’s basically forced into listening to his voice for twenty-plus hours a week during his shows. Add to that his natural charisma and smokin’ hot bod, and what’s a girl to do?
What are your next projects?

Heh. How much time have you got? No, seriously… well, let me take a deep breath. As I mentioned, the first of my trilogy of books with bull rider heroes is out on submittal. I have a couple of short stories and Should’ve Known Better out as well. I am writing a holiday-themed story for Loose Id, the publisher who released Talk to Me. I am also writing a category romance.
I have a five-book series with geek heroes ready to start – all five have been outlined already because when you do a series like that, you need to know who you’re inserting into the story when and that kind of thing. All these guys work together, so all five will appear in every book. But because they all work together I’ll have to start developing every one of them from the beginning. I also need to be aware of when the heroine for each book has to come into the overall story. For instance, the heroine of book two will be introduced in book one.
Where can readers find you?

Here are the links to purchase Talk to Me and Uniform Behaviour – the book with my short story, Circling.
Talk to Me, out now from Loose Id!
Uniform Behaviour, out now from Andrews UK!

Writer website:

Here’s Talk to Me, an erotic contemporary novel about a radio producer and an ex-hockey player turned host. Sexy as hell, he also happens to be her boss:

By the time the show ended and Jamie thought about how long it would take her to shut everything down for the night, then hustle herself off to the subway station and take the three different trains to get to her apartment all the way out in Brooklyn, she was truly afraid she would self-combust.
Drew ran out of the place like a bomb scare had been called in, so at least she didn’t have to worry about him anymore. Nonetheless, Jamie waited a good ten minutes past when she was finished with her nightly duties, then made her way back to the small production room where she and Drew had recorded his promo earlier. She knew a copy of it would still be stored on the computer in the room, and after scooting in and shutting the door, she booted it up. She told herself she needed to check it one more time before giving it to the station manager tomorrow, but who was she kidding? She needed to hear him but in a safe environment. Where she couldn’t do anything stupid. She needed his voice to weave inside her, through her, like a drug.
The rough yet strangely melodic sounds of Drew’s voice drifted over Jamie as she leaned back in her chair. Closing her eyes, she pictured his face in her mind — his to-die-for lips traveling down the length of her body, just as her hand was doing at the moment; his navy blue eyes, focused only on her as he brought her to orgasm… She reached the button of her jeans and eased them open, propping her feet up on the desk.
She couldn’t believe she was doing this at work, but no one was around, and if she didn’t do something to assuage this ache, she was likely to jump him the next time she saw him. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Fantasizing about the man was one thing; straddling his powerful, muscular thighs in the studio chair and offering herself to him was another. That thought brought another rush of heat to her pussy, and she moaned. She needed serious help.
At first she just teased herself a little, rubbing outside her panties, but it soon became too much. She needed relief too badly to continue to torment herself. As Drew’s voice continued to assail her from all directions in the small, windowless room, she pushed her hand down inside the waistband of her panties and through her curls until she found the damp center of her sex. The sweet smell of her musk wafted up to tickle her nose, arousing her even more.
Twirling her fingers as much as the constricting position allowed her to, she imagined they were Drew’s tongue instead. She let out a plaintive moan as the picture caused her juices to flow even more, soaking her fingers. Plunging two of them into her pussy, she pressed her thumb on her clit, craving the direct stimulation. Jamie gasped as shock waves of pleasure shot from her pussy through her clit and up her spine, her back arching. And through it all, Drew’s voice urged her to new heights.

You’ll find Talk to Me at :
Cassandra Carr lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter. Her debut novel, Talk to Me, was released by Loose Id on March 22, 2011. 

Cassandra does some pretty hunky athletes in her stories. Who are your favorites? Give her some pointers for sports heroes in her future books.  

Welcome Jan Irving with Loving Kindness

Yoga in Outer Space!! Oh my. It’s my delight to welcome new friend and fellow Loose Id author, Jan Irving, to the blog to help launch her new release, Loving Kindness. You’ll find this package of deliciousness HERE. 
Jan has combined one of my favorite subjects — yoga — with a wonderful, erotic outer-space adventure. Here’s a description:

Kealton James has possibly the most beautiful body Gwendolyn Thompson has ever seen-no wonder he does katas in the nude, flaunting himself–but that doesn’t change the fact the man is keeping secrets. Anyone with any experience with alliance agents can tell he is not who he seems to be, mild mannered martial arts teacher aboard the Loving Kindness, an interstellar cruise ship.
Kealton mocks Gwen about the way she lives her life,a perky cruise director with a thing for professional suits and the occasional tepid affair with gentlemen passengers. Gwen likes her life, likes it predictable and more importantly, under her control. But despite how much Gwen tries to keep Kealton at a distance, when pirates take over their ship, her warrior keeps Gwen safe and gives her a taste of his own loving kindness.

Here are some comments from Jan and an excerpt from this exciting new release:

I’m taking a yoga nidra workshop right now and it spurred on thoughts about what is inspiration, what is it to be on the right path? Unlike regular yoga where after months of doing a pose like bound ankle, you can measure progress, you can basically fall forward farther, yoga nidra gets to the heart of meditation, the mind, the spirit, so it’s not so much a linear progression, but something that goes deeper than even the muse state I enter when I’m working on a chapter for one of my books.

Images are used as a tool, like a rising moon, a barren field, a hot desert wind, a snowcapped mountain… contrasting and hitting the waking dreamer, keeping you in the present moment as they wash over you.

Like yoga nidra, I think writing stories where you aren’t sure exactly why you choose to do them, only that you need to express them is the right path. With Loving Kindness, I found myself wanting to write something that was a sexy romp, but also explore a deeply sensual world. My heroine Gwen is a repressed person who has cut herself off from love but slowly the hero, who teaches yoga as well as martial arts, encourages Gwen to let go, to be the woman she was meant to be. He even teaches her sword play so that she earns her own katana.

Excerpt from Loving Kindness:

Kneel.” Kealton’s voice was hard, inflexible. Testing Gwen, seeing if she was ready to be his submissive.
Oddly, his confidence in being her master made it easier. Gwen knelt and waited on him. Kealton continued to move around the great room, doing his martial arts routine. When he finished he turned at last and tugged his silken pants down and off, revealing himself to her completely.
Gwen’s breath suspended so all she was aware of was the drum of her heart as she looked at him. She was back to the night when she’d first watched him doing katas in the nude. His blue eyes were almost black under the artificial lighting as he walked to her, his cock hard and unsubtle between his legs.
Kealton loomed over her deliberately, looking at her until she dropped her gaze. Moments passed. She was aware of the rise and fall of her bare breasts with each breath, aware of the moisture slickening her channel and the pain of need at the thought of him touching her there.
I think some yoga first.”
Gwen’s gaze shot up to meet Kealton’s. His face was flushed, his pupils enlarged, giving his eyes the look of a bird of prey from a menagerie on one of the zoo worlds.
The cat, let’s see it.”
More testing and…something else: the reason he’d taken the time to brew her the special tea. He wanted her relaxed, in the mood.
Yes, master,” she whispered.
She moved onto all fours and with an indrawn breath began the movements he’d taught her months ago, jutting out her buttocks, dropping her belly and raising her chin like a stretching cat.
He watched her, expressionless, and with the cool air against her skin, touching her between her legs where she was damp with desire for him, she was aware of how sexual the asana was. How had she never seen this before? But as she curved her spine, head down, back stretching, she could smell her own excitement. Surely if she caught it, he could smell her too.
She closed her eyes, surrendering to the moment, to the breath. She could feel his gaze on her like a hand and then she felt a real caress as he cupped her bare ass approvingly. “This makes your master want to fuck you.”
She wondered if he’d thought that when he’d taught her the position. When he grazed her warm cheek, she knew he had. Somehow he was reading her thoughts as he read her body.
Bound ankle.”
Moving gracefully—was this really her?—she shifted into position, legs bent and soles together, hands cupping her ankles as she bent forward.
He sat down behind her and she felt his cock, hot and wet-tipped, as it inscribed a half-circle against her lower back.
Kealton…” she breathed.
He reached between her legs and cupped her, giving her a gentle squeeze and then leaving his hand there while she continued to stretch and breathe and try to relax. She felt herself naturally enfolding his fingers, making his hand slick.
Spread your legs, lean back against me.” This wasn’t yoga now, this was a place she’d never gone before, a place where Kealton was her lover, her master.
Find Loving Kindness here on the Loose Id website:
Jan Irving has worked in all kinds of creative fields, from painting silk to making porcelain ceramics, to interior design, but writing was always her passion. She feels you can’t fully understand characters until you follow their journey through a story world. Many kinds of worlds interest her, fantasy, historical, science fiction and suspense—but all have one thing in common, people finding a way to live together—in the most emotional and erotic fashion possible, of course.
To see more of Jan’s work go to:

RT Wrap-Up and Offer to Book Clubs

I’m baaaaaaaccccck from RT11 and i had a blast. What a fun week. I attended a bunch of great workshops like one on writing romantic suspense, and one on increasing heat in urban fantasy. I got to sit in on a terrific editors panel, and listen to experts talk about the best way to write powerful fight scenes. But the place i learned the very most was from the wonderful writers i met who shared information and friendship generously. One evening i literally “sat at the feet” (at a cocktail party with too few chairs) of the great erotic romance writer, Lynn Lorenz, and listened to her talk about setting up your spreadsheets to keep track of your books and their success. I heard about the power of gender fluidity in paranormal worlds from Belinda McBride, the use of graphics from Lex Valentine, and writing BDSM from Cherise Sinclair. Z A Maxfield talked about writing her first vampire story, the fantastic Notturno, which was the best-selling ebook at MLR Press for 2010 and one of my all time favorite vampire novels. And then i walked up to my idol and mentor, Jet Mykles, to introduce myself and she said, “Hi Tara, i’m reading Genetic Attraction“. Talk about your highpoints!! I would have gone to RT just for that!. 

Everyone was so nice to me and i had so much fun, i wish you all could have been there. But i would like to share. I have a bunch of Genetic Attraction bookcover postcards left over from the show and also some magnets. If you have a book club, reader’s group or even casual group like of fellow college students who enjoy erotic romance and you would like some of these to share, let me know and i will mail them to you. You can email me at and give me your snailmail address.  Or, of course, you can leave a comment here. 

Also, if there’s anything you would like to know about RT, just leave a comment and i’ll try to answer. :  )

The Future of the Agent

I just returned from RT in Los Angeles and one of the big topics of discussion, both formally in workshops and informally in conversations, was “do you need an agent?” Opinions were all over the map. I talked to everyone from writers who adored their agents and couldn’t imagine living without them to those who passionately stated “why would i give someone 15% of my earnings to do what i can easily do without them!”. Those in the middle usually said, “I have an agent for anything i want to pitch to the New York publishers, but i do all my own ebook pitching and negotiating myself”.

And therein lies the crux of the argument. Yes, if a writer wants to do multi-book deals with traditional New York publishers, an agent is an advantage — but these days isn’t absolutely required. In a panel of editors i sat in on, the moderator asked were there any of the pubs represented that would NOT accept an unagented submission and not one person raised their hand. These editors represented everything from the large traditional pubs to the smallest indies. So submitting to traditional publishers is possible without an agent, but if you want to feel secure about getting the best deal for future books, usually an agent is important. But lets face it, the future is in digital. Print won’t go away, but any publisher ignoring digital is a dinosaur living in neverland.

Currently, agents have little place in digital contracts with indie publishers. These agreements are usually generous in terms of royalties, promise little in the way of advances, and require relatively little of the author except to produce a quality product and give the publisher first right of refusal on sequels and series.(That’s not to say that really successful e-pubbed authors don’t do a lot more in terms of self-promotion, creative submissions, business planning, etc, but it’s not required by the contracts.) Those terms that are at all questionable in e-contracts are generally negotiable between the author and the publisher. If a writer wants to submit to a digital-first publisher, they can usually go to the website and read the guidelines, follow them and submit. A very few e-publishers are “by invitation only” but there are so many others to choose from, authors don’t have to care. Successful e-published authors make substantial annual incomes without the need for an agent.

But what about the future? Already, a few agents are starting to stake their claim in the digital turf. As New York pubs become more aggressive in the digital arena, agents will find their roles becoming more important again. BUT, agents must wake up and smell the future. The future agent will understand digital publishing, respect it, and  create ways to add value to the author’s work. Above all, they will be partners with the author in ways that today’s traditional agent can barely appreciate. A friend that went to an agents’ workshop at RT said that some of the agents were sneering and joking at authors who submitted to them. I can’t imagine that that attitude works well for them today. I feel very certain it won’t work in the publishing world that’s coming — a world in which truly creative and collaborative agents will find ways to stand with their authors at the top of the digital heap.