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LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —

Thanks to all who came to celebrate Big Backlist Weekend! We’ll announce the winners by email soon! Now, i have another exciting event for you. In honor of my new release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, coming Wednesday August 31st, Dreamspinner is offering All Tara Lain Backlist Titles 30% OFF!  To get this Special Price, you need a Code —


Here is the link to all my titles at Dreamspinner.

So enter the code THOUSAND when you choose a book or books! This Special Sale is on until September 4th only. KnaveofBrokenHearts-400x600

Another Special!! You can also download KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS for 99 Cents. Just go to the link above and look for it!

Next, watch for the release of LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS on Wednesday. This book is already getting great reviews. There will be a Blog Tour with prizes, excerpts, and fun insights into the book. If you’d like to preorder it today, just check out the buy links here.

Thank you for coming by. Be sure to take advantage of these great sale pries!! : )


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Big Backlist Weekend! ZA Maxfield & Tara Lain. Free Books

Drawn-Together-KindlePrinceOfThePlayhouseWelcome to Big Backlist Weekend!! ZA Maxfield & Tara Lain. This is a special event i post every month or so where i ask a wonderful author to come and join me in giving away a copy of an ebook from their backlist.

My guest today is Z. A. Maxfield who is A. a spectacular author. B. one of my best friends and C. a huge influence on my decision to write novels (not in that order. She was A and C before i had the privilege of meeting her and calling her friend.) ZAM is giving away a copy of DRAWN TOGETHER which is a recent re-release of one of her most popular books ever — and one of my personal favorites. I think it might be the first ZAM book i ever read.

I’m giving away an ecopy of PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE which is Book 3 in my Love in Laguna series. I chose this book because book 4 in the series, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS releases this coming Wednesday!!!! August 31st. So someone can win Prince of the Playhouse and get ready for the next one!!

How do you enter? Simple. Just leave a comment — one comment enters you to win both books (only one book to a winner) and i will choose the two names at random. If you already have the book you win, we’ll work something out, so enter even if you’ve read them both.

Drawn-Together-KindleDRAWN TOGETHER by Z. A. Maxfield



Re-release of bestselling 2009 novel – What happens when Rory travels halfway across the country to meet the girl of his dreams? Certainly not what he expected…

Rory’s just be a simple southern boy from St. Antoine’s Parish, Louisiana, but he knows what he wants — the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane. He’s loved her since junior high school, and now he has the chance to meet her. He chucks everything and travels 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach just so he can tell her. He’s determined that nothing and nobody are going to stand in his way.

Turns out, Ran Yamane isn’t a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. He’s trusted fans in the past and paid the price. So when he meets Rory he is understandably wary, but resigned. He isn’t prepared for his magnetic attraction to the young man, Rory’s apparent willingness to overlook his gender, and the chaos that ensues when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge.


Rory stood tapping his foot in line behind about a hundred others who wanted an autograph from the singular Ran Yamane. His trip to California and the complete dedication it required to drive fifteen hundred miles in three days made it the first opportunity he had to relax and just enjoy the pleasant sensation of inertia.
In fact, in the fragrant, floral-scented bubble of space he was occupying, Rory took immense pleasure in imagining the moment when he would first see his idol. He imagined her shy surprise, and perhaps her humble acceptance of his floral tribute. From there, he would ask her to autograph his book and then his line drawing from eBay.
Rory was certain she would remark on his accent, because thirty or forty minutes away from the bayou simply everyone did. While it made an excellent icebreaker, he didn’t like the way people thought it made him slow. On the other hand, it never failed to interest women, whether they thought he was slow or not.
What that said about women, he didn’t know, but he hadn’t been too proud to use it to his advantage on more than one occasion. He could simply say, “Please allow me,” in New York City and open a door for a woman, and he wouldn’t have to look for a hotel room for the night.
Behind his floral tribute, Rory was wondering just what he would do to attract Ran Yamane’s attention when he reached the front of the line. He could see her from behind; her long black hair hung in a loose braid down her back. She sat at a desk on a large platform three steps off the ground, flanked by two men standing almost at attention. She faced away from the line of autograph seekers. She chatted briefly with each person as she signed her name; then they moved on. Rory could see she wore some sort of long black coat with the collar turned up, so he was tormented by his inability to catch even a brief glimpse of her face.
At last his turn came, and one of the men flanking her motioned for him to come up. He mounted the three stairs and went to stand before her. He took a deep breath and held his floral tribute out with a low bow. In the dark recesses of his mind, over the pounding of his heart, he thought he heard someone murmur something that sounded like “another one.”
When at last he raised his head to look at the woman of his dreams, he froze with his mouth gaping open like a fish. Before him, with his arms folded demurely across his chest, was the most beautiful man he’d ever seen, but still, a man. Nothing less than a man, with a pitying expression on his face.
“You thought I was a woman, didn’t you?” he asked. “I get that a lot.”
The men next to Yamane chuckled, and one motioned with his head toward a pile of lovely floral tributes in a heap on another table, which was also stacked with stuffed animals and heart-shaped candy boxes like a vast pyramid made out of the dashed hopes of countless would-be admirers.
Rory looked at his flowers. He looked back at Ran Yamane. As if the last fifteen hundred miles were a film going backward, he saw the whole thing slipping away from him.
Yamane stood and leaned over the table. “Look.” He spoke with a soothing voice. “I know it’s a disappointment, but surely there’s someone else at this convention who would enjoy receiving flowers from a nice young man? I’ve seen no less than fifteen Princess Celendriannas. Maybe you could make a new friend.”
Rory couldn’t speak right away. He waited for Yamane to sit back down and then wordlessly drew his portfolio out of his bag. “I bought this on eBay, sir, and I wonder if you would be kind enough to sign it for me.”
“My,” said Ran. His pen stopped in midair. “That’s quite an accent you have. I presume you’re from the South?”
“Yes, sir,” said Rory politely. He noted another one of his cherished notions was being destroyed before his eyes. His artist was as American as he was. “New Orleans. You’re American?”
Yamane nodded. “My mother is Japanese, but I lived in New York with my father until I was in my teens. I now claim Japan as my home, and Ran as my surname, but I sound as American as…” The man trailed off and grew silent.
“As what?” asked Rory, used to his accent being the subject of much conjecture. He frankly thought the man was rethinking saying, “As you do.”
“I’m very sorry to have to tell you this, but this drawing isn’t one of mine,” Yamane said quietly.
Rory digested this. “Are you sure?” He frowned, looking at the picture in question. “There’s no mistake?”
“I’m sorry.” Yamane shook his head. “Did you pay for this?”
“Not much,” Rory lied. “I got it on eBay.”
“Here.” Yamane motioned to one of the men standing beside him to get him a book from a stack next to all the abandoned flowers. “Here, I’ll sign this instead. It’s a safe bet you don’t have this. It’s brand-new.” He slid his thumbnail into the top of the shrink-wrap covering the book and removed it. “What’s your name?”
“Rory Delaplaines,” Rory answered, swallowing his disappointment.
“Fine,” said the man as he autographed the book. “Thank you for your interest. I’m sorry I wasn’t what you expected.” He handed Rory the book and turned on a smile of such detached Asian politeness that Rory’s heart shattered into a million tiny pieces.
“Thank you, sir.” He opened the book Ran Yamane had signed for him and gave himself wholly up to his quiet despair. It read, Best wishes to Laurie Dellplane from, and some kanji characters Rory could never hope to read. He felt tears sting his eyes and hesitated on the platform that had been his dream destination for half his life.
Rory briefly studied the cover of the book he held in his hands. He felt an immense, almost consuming desire to convey what he was feeling to Yamane. He lowered his head again, holding the flowers out before him. If anything, his bow this time was deeper.
“Excuse me,” Yamane said in a stage whisper. “What are you doing?”
Rory didn’t lift his head. “Well, as to that, sir, after careful consideration, there is no one in the world on whom I can bestow these flowers but you.”
“No,” Yamane said implacably.
Surprised, Rory straightened. He leaned over to speak to Yamane quietly. “I’ve thought about this, sir, I really have. I came to venerate the artist who created the work I admire, and I simply must be allowed to offer this token of the gratitude I feel.”
“Don’t you see I have enough flowers?”
Rory frowned and felt himself dig in his heels a little. “That is why I don’t understand why you won’t take mine with a simple thank-you instead of giving me a hard time.” He pushed the flowers at Yamane. The men who’d been flanking Yamane stepped closer.
“Your flowers were for a woman named Ran Yamane who does not even exist and into whose image you have been pouring fantasies from your fevered imagination.” Yamane pushed them back.
“Well, of course they were!” Yamane blinked in apparent shock, and Rory gained the upper hand. He smacked the flowers against Yamane’s chest so the artist had no choice but to wrap his arms around them. “But it cannot be considered your fault that none of it was true. I love your work. I really, reallylove it.” Rory bowed again and took a deep breath.
He continued. “I traveled a long way to get here. I left my home and my job and I arrived here this very morning with no plans, no place to stay, and nothing more than the cash it took to get in and buy some food. Whether you are a man or a woman, surely you can accept that graciously.” He remained with his head bowed, but he didn’t really know why except that maybe he was afraid if he lifted it he would see people laughing at him.
“Hey, Forrest Gump,” someone behind him called. “You’re holding up the line; get a move on.”
Rory stood and began to walk away.
“Wait,” called Yamane, “wait a minute.”
He said something quietly to the two men who stood next to him and motioned Rory to follow him. To the assembled crowd, he said, “I need a cigarette. I’ll be back in five minutes.” He mimicked smoking with his free hand. Holding his flowers against his chest like a shield, he left the platform.
Rory trailed after Yamane as he wove between exhibits and vendors of every kind. Where normally Rory strode briskly, he found himself taking smaller and slower steps than usual, noting that Yamane’s way of walking was rather furtive, even timid by comparison. When they reached the end of the convention center floor, Rory noticed they were headed straight for a burly security guard standing before a door that said NO EXIT.
“Perhaps,” Rory said tentatively, slowing down, “this would be a good time to mention that I mean you no harm, and even had you been a woman, you would have been safe with me. I am not any kind of stalker so there’s no need to…”
Yamane nodded to the security guard, who let him through the door. “He’s with me.” He gestured toward Rory behind him and went through to the brightly sunlit area behind the convention center.
Rory followed him out.
“You scared me; I thought you were going to have me arrested,” said Rory with a sigh.
“Is there any reason why I should?”
“No, sir, there is not,” Rory said, practically standing at attention. “I’m sorry we got off to a bad start. I was just rather surprised by you.”
“And disappointed,” Yamane added.
“Perhaps a little,” Rory agreed. He took that opportunity to look, really look, at the man standing before him. Yamane was a diminutive man, reaching no higher than Rory’s shoulder. He wore his long hair in a braid, but some wispy strands floated around his face in what seemed, to Rory, a rebellion against the man’s perfection. He wore a pair of black jeans and a white linen shirt buttoned all the way to the collar. Over that, he wore a long black overcoat made of some lightweight fabric, probably silk, which accentuated his shoulders and chest. Instead of buttoning down the center from a traditional trench coat lapel, this coat buttoned down the side and was held together by knotted black silk ropes, the style at once exotic and distinctly Asian in its design. His hands where they clutched his flowers were long-fingered and elegant, even though they bore ink stains from the marker he’d been signing autographs with all day. Rory had to give credit where credit was due; this was a very, very beautiful man.
“Sorry.” Yamane fumbled in his coat pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and an expensive-looking gold lighter. He tapped out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth. Rory stepped forward. He took the lighter out of Yamane’s hand, which trembled very slightly as he relinquished it.
“Please allow me.” Rory reached out and removed the cigarette from Yamane’s lips, threw it on the ground, and crushed it under his foot. “Those things will kill you dead.”
“Are you insane?” Yamane seemed shocked. He tried unsuccessfully to retrieve his lighter.
“Now, how can I stand by and watch you kill yourself?” Rory drawled.
“You remind me of a dog I once had as a very small child. I used to twist its ears until it howled in pain, and still it came running whenever I called it.”
Rory frowned. “Well, to my mind, that does nothing to recommend either you or the dog.” He held the lighter out. Yamane took it but merely put it in his pocket with his cigarettes.
“Are you always like this?” Yamane asked. “Like a radio tower, broadcasting everything you think on your face as clearly as if it were written there?”
“You’re very simple.”
“But enough about me — what do you think of me?” Rory leaned against the wall, enjoying the feel of the sun on his face. He closed his eyes for a minute. When he opened them, Yamane was staring at him with something like…interest.
“Why did you really come here?” Yamane asked. “I want the unvarnished truth.”
“To find someone I thought…” Rory remained silent for a minute. “Someone I thought I loved.”
“Give me your arm, please.” Yamane uncapped his marker.
“Why?” Rory did as he was told.
“Blind faith should be rewarded, and outright stupidity should be eradicated. I haven’t decided which we have here, yet.” He wrote something on the interior of Rory’s forearm.
“What is that?” Rory asked when he saw the numbers on his arm.
“That’s the number of my room at the Hyatt. I’ll be in and out at events all evening and into the early morning. If you wish, you may rest there since you have nowhere to stay. I’ll let the hotel know I have a guest. Ask for a key at the desk.”
“That’s very kind of you, but –”
“Do you have a cell phone?”
“No, sir, I do not.”
“Hm,” murmured Yamane. “I see. Then if you are a complete fool, I’ll probably never see you again.” He knocked on the door of the convention center and the security guard let him in. When Rory made to follow him back inside, the guard closed the door in his face.
“Well, now,” he said aloud, picking up the paper and filter part of the cigarette he’d crushed, watching its loose tobacco blowing lazily around on the ground. “That was unexpected.”

PrinceOfThePlayhousePRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE by Tara Lain

See Buy Links and more information HERE.

 Driven by his desire to become a successful fashion designer and concerned with hiding his questionable past, Ru Maitland’s obsession with action movie star Gray Anson on the big screen has replaced his social life. Then obsession and reality collide when Ru is asked to design fashion costumes for a special performance of Hamlet at the Playhouse in Laguna starring none other than Gray Anson. Gray turns out to be a compelling mix of shy and brash and, despite a high profile engagement to a female socialite, the signals Gray sends Ru have his libido doing the salsa.

 Gray Anson has everything any person can want – great wealth, huge fame, a job he loves. For that, he’s given up any semblance of privacy and the right to say no to the thousands of people who depend on him and the millions who love him. He sees everything he’s ever wanted just outside the bubble of his life, but how can he make the compromises needed to embrace it? When Ru’s shady past crashes into Gray’s paparazzi-haunted present, both men have to learn that sometimes the only acceptable compromise is the whole truth.


Ru nodded and words blurted out. “I’d say you just bought and paid for the right to do most anything you want.”

Gray’s forehead creased for an instant, then smoothed again. “Okay, come with me.” Gray led the way through the crowd and stopped beside Chris. “I need to talk with Ru. We’ll be back in a few.”

“Sure thing, boss.” He turned to face the crowd as Gray pulled Ru through the doors that led to what could now officially be called Ru Maitland Designs. People crowded the halls. Gray muttered, “Well, hell.” He nodded and smiled as he kept exploring all the way back to Ru’s office. A couple of cameramen snapped pictures inside.

Ru snorted. “Had I known I was about to be preserved for posterity, I might have been neater.”

The last door led out to the parking lot behind Shazam. Gray glanced back at Ru. “Will an alarm go off if I open it?”

“Nope. It’s our secret exit.”

“Good.” He pushed down on the bar and opened the door, pulled Ru into the parking lot, and closed the doors behind them. He fished in his pocket and pulled out a key ring, then pushed a button. A chirp came from the black limo parked under the trees. He opened the back door, grabbed Ru’s arm, and pulled him inside with him. “Close the door.”

“Gray, I—”

“Close the damned door.”

Well, okay. He slammed the car door, closing them into a secret hiding place, barely illuminated through the heavy tinting on the windows. Ru turned toward Gray, who now full-on frowned. “Open your fly and lie back.”

“What? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m going to give you a blowjob. You said I bought the right to do anything I want, and that’s what I want.”

“Fuuuuuck me.” The words came out on a long, slow breath.

“We can do that too, but we’re a little short on time, so a blowjob is more practical.”

“Are you always practical?”

He gazed directly at Ru. “When you’re a gay man in the biggest, deepest closet in the world, you pretty much have to be. So unzip.”

“Hang on. You can’t just—”

“I can’t? I thought you said I could.”

Ru frowned back at him.

“Oh, you mean we might have something to talk about? Maybe I didn’t just spend a ton of money to buy sex from you? Is there a chance of that?”


Thank you for coming by! Remember to leave a comment below. One comment enters you for the two drawings. :  )

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Dream On! The Voice Judges Knock It Our of the Park

Hi –LordOfAThousandSteps400

Did you see this teaser for The Voice which showed after the Olympics last Sunday? Dream On! The Voice Judges Knock it Out of the Park. I was so blown away, i’ve watched it several times since then. I love the song, but who would have ever dreamed that the unique combo of voices among these 4 would bring such a great dimension to the song. I hope you enjoy it. Two important events coming. Friday night at Midnight EDT begins Big Backlist Weekend. Me and my guest ZA Maxfield will be giving away ecopies of one book each from our backlists. Watch for it right here on the blog! And next Wednesday, Aug 31st, is the release day for LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS!. Check it out and preorder your copy today!

Now, here are the Voice Judges with Dream On!

Thank you so much for stopping by! : )

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Lex Valentine’s Cover Reveal– “Flying in the Face of Convention” with Prizes for You!

FlyingintheFaceofConvention_200Hi and welcome! It’s my treat today to get to unveil the new cover for my friend Lex Valentine’s book, Flying in the Face of Convention. Isn’t it great? Lex Valentine’s Cover Reveal.

Plus, she’s got goodies for YOU! Leave a comment below and Lex will choose one person to receive a free ecopy of Flying in the Face of Convention. AND, if you go to Lex’s website and sign up for Lex’s newsletter, she’ll enter you in a drawing for an audiobook from her backlist!! The drawing is on September 7th — release day for this book.  

Pre-order link:


 Trey Beaumont is cautious, conservative and conventional. As a gay FBI agent, he can’t afford to be anything else. That is, until the day the mailman puts a wedding invitation into the wrong mailbox. When Trey finds two wedding invitations in his mail, one addressed to him and the other to his new neighbor, his cautious demeanor is tested. The new neighbor is none other than the man Trey crushed on in college.

 Taking the invitation over to Jordan Smithson’s condo leads to dinner and the discovery that he and Jordan share a lot more than he ever imagined. Not only is Jordan in law enforcement too as an officer with the Seattle SWAT team, he’s also gay. The final shocking discovery is that Jordan had a crush on Trey in college. With their attraction to each other out in the open and sizzling hot even after six years, Jordan asks Trey to step out from behind the conservative front he shows the world and take a chance on them. It’s up to Trey to make a leap of faith, accept his attraction to a man he hasn’t seen in six years, and fly in the face of convention. If he can, all his dreams could come true.

 This is a short story of 7,000 words, written for the RWA anthology Premier, with the theme of a wrong number. It contains a HEA with no cliff hangers.


 Why the fuck had the mailman put Jordan’s mail in the wrong box? Sure, he’d have run into Jordan sooner or later since they now lived in the same building on the same floor and would be going to the same wedding. But either of those situations would have been in public, around other people, most likely. This reunion, if you could call it that, had become something more than bumping into an old teammate on the street. And that scared the crap out of Trey.

Jordan returned wearing jeans that fit like a second skin and a threadbare University of Washington T-shirt. Trey’s mouth went drier than it had when Jordan appeared in the towel. Now, the older man looked almost exactly like he had when they were in college, when Trey’s crush on him had been at its height. Jordan plopped down next to Trey on the couch, a slight frown marring his handsome face.

“Were you not at the big dorm party my senior year? The one at the end of the year?” he asked, his voice rough and almost demanding.

Trey tried to remember if he had been. All he really remembered about the end of Jordan’s senior year was the depression that enveloped him at the thought of not seeing him anymore. “Maybe. I’m not sure,” he replied honestly.

A huge sigh escaped Jordan. “So you never heard me tell everyone I’d been accepted to the Police Academy in San Francisco?”

Blinking in utter confusion, Trey mumbled, “Police Academy? San Francisco?”

Jordan turned bright green eyes on him. “My whole life, I dreamed of being a cop. I went to college and played football because my parents asked me to. They told me to take the football scholarship and get an education. Afterward, if I wanted to be a cop, then I could go to the Academy with their blessing. So that’s what I did. I turned down the recruiters who were interested in drafting me and applied to SFPD.”

The fact that Jordan had ended up in law enforcement just as he had didn’t shock Trey nearly as much as where Jordan had been living for the past few years.

“Why San Francisco? Your parents don’t live there, do they?”

Jordan shook his head, a lock of damp chocolate-colored hair falling onto his forehead. “No. They live in Sacramento.” He paused, took a deep breath that expanded his chest, and caught Trey’s gaze, holding it intently. “Trey, I’m gay.”

 * * *

Don’t forget! Leave a comment and you may win an ecopy of Flying in the Face of Convention. Go to Lex’s website and sign up for her newsletter and you can win an audiobook from her backlist.

Thanks so much for coming by.

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Trans Men Explain Male Privilege

Hi —

Trans Men Explain Male Privilege. I saw this video on YouTube and think it has so much to say in light of all the criticism of the sexism in reporting of the Olympics. Right Associated Press, we really need to know that Michael Phelps tied for Silver BEFORE we know that Katy Ledecky broke her own world record by 2 seconds while winning the Gold. I’m as big a Phelps fan as exists, but SERIOUSLY?

Anyway, here is this very enlightening video made by thoughtful trans men, many of them men of color. For all of us, men and women — listen up! And BTW, my new book Lord of a Thousand Steps releases in 11 days!! On August 31st.

Thank you for visiting!! : )

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LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS is Bestseller in Preorder

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —

I’m so excited to tell you that my upcoming release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS isAreBestsellerIcon100X100 Bestseller in Preorder! It’s currently in the middle of the Gay Fiction Bestseller List on Amazon and yesterday i received notice that the book had hopped onto the Bestseller List at All Romance eBooks. Today it received it’s star and has climbed to the middle of the list. Then i checked Kobo and found it’s #75 on the LGBT Romance List. It’s also on the Bestseller List at Dreamspinner Press.

The book releases on August 31st, so all this happy news is happening while the book is in preorder. It’s also at iBooks and B&N. For an excerpt, check out this Page.  Here’s a little nibble. #1 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps

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Wolves on Sale! #DreamspinnerPress #TaraLain

Winter's_Wolf_FinalHi —

Time to get some Wolves on Sale! While i write a lot of contemporary romances, from time to time i do a paranormal series. One of my most popular series is Tales of the Harker Pack, including three books — The Pack or the Panther, Wolf in Gucci Loafers and Winter’s Wolf. 

All of the series is currently on sale for 25% OFF at Dreamspinner Press — from now through the 22nd. PLUS, if you buy any of the sale books, you also receive a copy of Jacob Z. Flores’s book, The Gifted One, for FREE!


The link to the Tales of the Harker Pack Series is HERE

PackorthePanther[The]LGThe Pack or the Panther







WolfinGucciLoafersLGWolf in Gucci Loafers







Winter's_Wolf_FinalWinter’s Wolf

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Top 10 RomCom Kisses

Hi —

You may know that i love really happy endings. Heck, a lot of my books end in weddings and, at the very least, they have kisses at their conclusion. I just finished my first round of edits on a romance that will release in December. It’s called Cowboys Don’t Come Out. The editor said, “Whew, that was an intense ride – -whith such a happy ending.” So when i saw this video of the Top 10 RomCom Kisses, i couldn’t resist showing them to you.

Do you agree with these? I personally am a huge fan of 10 things I Hate About You, so i might have put that one higher. I think every love scene in Dirty Dancing is the best, but i guess it’s not a comedy. That’s certainly true for The Notebook which has the best kiss ever. You’ll find this list of the Top 10 RomCom Kisses is pretty darned good. Enjoy!

Remember, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS releases August 31st and you can now pre-order it at Amazon, ARe, iBooks, Kobo and Dreamspinner Press. Click HERE for all the links.  It has some pretty great kisses too. Thanks for coming by!

#4 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps

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LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS Now at Amazon, ARe and…..

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —


My next release, Lord of a Thousand Steps is the story of Ian, a young man graduating from architecture school who works as an intern for a renowned architectural firm, Lord and Kendrick. Ian was thrown out of his home at 18 by his wealthy father for being gay and now loves with his older brother Jim and Jim’s partner, Ken. Ian longs for a family of his own and thinks he might have found it with Rico, a young architect, who is away in Mexico visiting a sick father. But Rico keeps extending his stay and the hunky CEO of Ian’s company, Braden Lord, keeps looking better and better!

Lord of a Thousand Steps comes out on August 31st. You can pre-order it now at #4 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand StepsAmazon. ARe,  Dreamspinner Press. iBooks and Kobo. Here are the links —



Dreamspinner Press


Also at iBooks and coming soon to B&N.

People are comparing this book to Knight of Ocean Avenue. I can understand that. The books are all stand alone, but if you have read the series, you’ll recognize characters in this book. Thanks for coming by! : )

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Top 10 Smartest Villains! Hard to Create.

TacklingTheTightEnd-400Hi —

As an author, one of the hardest challenges is creating interesting and meaningful villains. That’s why i have great respect for these Top 10 Smartest Villains.

Since I’m a romance writer and want to focus on the love between my two main characters, the villains can so easily get less energy. Many of my books don’t have actual “bad guys”, but rather use emotional or circumstantial obstacles as the forces that keep my heroes apart. Knight of Ocean Avenue has some nasty people in it, butKnaveofBrokenHearts-400x600 no true villains. Knave of Broken Hearts, however, has Jim’s father as a pretty awful guy who creates a lot of angst in Jim’s life.

Two of my (I think) best villains were sufficiently smart and evil that they actually kept me from writing the book for almost a year — the parents of Dennis in Tackling the Tight End. These two are weird, quirky, not easily fooled and thoroughly despicable. Actually, that series produced some other pretty bad villains too like the team owner in Canning the Center. Recently, i finished writing a book that has a true villain — a serial killer — in Death Dancer. You’ll get to read that book either late in 2016 or early 2017.

With all that in mind, here’s a video of the Top 10 Smartest Villains for your consideration. I think this is a pretty good list. Do you agree?

Thanks for coming by!! Remember you can pre-order LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS now an Dreamspinner Press.

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