I have the edits on my book, Genetic Attraction, in the hands of readers and am waiting for comments back. Now, i could be working on edits of the prequel, but instead i—went to the movies. I love movies. They have always been one of my primary sources of relaxation since i was a kid. If there are films i like in theatres, i can easily see a movie a week and occasionally two. This weekend I saw Eclipse.

Funny that i love writing contemporary, but end up reading and watching so many vampires. I don’t like the really scary ones. (In a couple days i’m going to write some comments on CharlaineHarris’ Sookie Stackhouse books versus the much darker Trueblood .) All of the Twilight Saga falls into the not-very-scary category, but they still manage to be sexy. I wonder if Stephenie Meyer intended them to be quite as sexy as they are? No matter how honorable and upright she makes Edward, the threat of his “losing control” is very sexual. And no matter how adorable and “right for her” Jacob is, he really can’t compete with the danger of the vampire myth.
The movie is pretty darn good. The vampire war gives the plot structure, but the film is really about the significance of Bella’s choice to be a vampire. We finally face, as does she, the weight of such a choice. The wonderful valedictorian speech delivered by the character, Jessica, outlines the idea that young adulthood is for making mistakes and taking chances that you can’t make later in life. Bella has to wonder if she is giving up her choices.
We also spend more time with the very yummy vampire, Jasper, in this movie. Jackson Rathbone is a cutie and watching him come into his own is a treat. Another treat is a wonderful scene between Edward and Jacob in the tent where they compare what they can do for Bella. It’s worth seeing the film just to see this scene (no m/m fans, it’s not THAT kind of scene.)
If you don’t get Twilight or vampires, don’t see Eclipse. But if you do, run don’t walk to see all these pretty bloodsuckers on the big screen.