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This blog hop is about falling for the first time so i had to choose to feature my Genetic Attraction Series. Why? Because two of these books were the first romance novels i ever wrote and they’re still favorites. I have always made my living as a non-fiction writer and when people would tell me, as they did most of my adult life, “you should write a book”, it sounded like work! Who wanted to write all day and then at night and on the weekends too? Then i started reading erotic romance. Now this was fun! I had finally found something i loved so much, i could imagine doing it all the time! I thought up a story of an older female scientist who has the hots for her younger male research partner. Then i read my first MM romance. I loved it so much, i added another man to my book. I instantly became both an LGBT writer and a menage writer. That first book was called Genetic Attraction. While i was waiting to see if that book would be accepted, i wrote The Scientist and the Supermodel. Both books went on to be nominated for all kinds of awards. And that was 18 books ago! Obviously, it was love at first write!

So here is a scene from The Scientist and the Supermodel. The first book in the series even if i did write it second. Here you’ll meet two of my favorite heroes and what many people call one of my finest creations, Roan Black. This scene is the first time they see each other.

Geneticist Jake Martin has brilliant scientific vision, but he’s blind to his own nature. Despite his flagging interest in women and his past experience with a man, he’s convinced himself he’d be happy if he could just have his older boss, Emmaline Silvay, as his lover. Living in his closeted dream world, he’s unprepared for the powerful attraction he experiences to supermodel Roan Black, “the most beautiful man in the world.”

Jake can’t resist the gorgeous, androgynous creature. Who could? he thinks. But Roan refuses to accept him until Jake admits that it’s a man he wants and this man in particular. Jake tells himself it’s just sex, but his refusal to understand what he really needs threatens the best chance at happiness he’s ever had. Is there a future for a PhD scientist who refuses to see and a high school dropout supermodel who understands all too clearly?

The beautiful guy was leaving. Funny, Jake felt his stomach clench in disappointment. Well, he figured that was normal. You didn’t get to see something that beautiful every day, no matter what sex it was.

“Want another one?”

Jake looked up at the bartender. She looked a little fuzzy. Not a good omen for his sobriety. Yeah, she was definitely flirting. He gave her a big smile. “Sure.” No, wait, how many have I had? Oh, what the fuck, he didn’t care. He looked around at the now much less interesting group of people, and when he looked back, there was a new drink in front of him. Jeez, that was quick. He took a deep swallow. Maybe it would help him sleep. Sleep, by himself — without Em, without anyone. He wiped a hand across his face. What was wrong with him?

“Is this seat taken?”

He didn’t even have to look. That beautiful, low, silky voice had to go with that beautiful silky skin and hair and lips. Damn, give it up, Jake! He turned on his stool, a little wobbly, to find the man who had been across the bar a couple minutes ago now standing beside him. He glanced across the expanse for a moment in muzzy-headed confusion.

The brunet chuckled. “I walked out the back door and came around the bar.”

“Thought you’d left.” Was he slurring his words?

Dimples flashed. “Glad you noticed.”

And amazingly, Jake saw that in the midst of all that perfection, the guy had one tooth that crossed the other in front. It was a charming little joke. Somehow it made him more perfect. “You don’t seriously think that any human on the planet wouldn’t notice, do you?” He peered up into that face. Way up. Over six feet up. Green. Jesus, his eyes were green. “You are fucking beautiful.”

The man looked a little uncomfortable, but he smiled. “Glad you think so. Can I buy you a drink?”

Jake shook his head slowly. It made him dizzy. “I’m rapidly realizing that the one thing I need the least is another drink.”

“Can I sit down?”

Jake gestured expansively. Yeah, he was drunk. “It’s a free bar, or at least damned reasonable.”

The guy winced and then shrugged. “Sorry, I won’t bother you.” He turned to go, and like it had a mind of its own, Jake’s hand shot out and grabbed the guy’s arm. Through the soft material of the long-sleeve T-shirt, Jake could feel hard, lean muscle, just like the powerful strength evident in those long denim-covered legs. The denim lovingly cupped a bulge so impressive it almost made Jake gasp. Shit, when did he start noticing some guy’s package except maybe for comparison purposes? Composing himself was a losing battle, but he tried.

The beautiful man was standing stock-still, just staring at where Jake gripped his biceps. Jake let him go like his T-shirt was on fire. “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just don’t drink very well.”

Very slowly, the handsome stranger placed a hand carefully on Jake’s forearm. Even through his shirt and suit coat, he could feel heat. Then the guy looked straight into Jake’s eyes.

“Would you like to go somewhere else?”

The heat flashed to Jake’s face and groin simultaneously. “Uh, where? Look, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I’m not gay or anything.”

The man smiled slightly. “Well, I am, more or less, but I’d be very happy to just talk to you, find out why you look so smart and what you’re doing at a” — he read the badge — “Genetic Medicine Symposium.”

Jake knew he should say no. This guy clearly fell into the category of advanced human relations, and Jake barely had his learner’s permit. But there was no way the refusal would come out of his mouth. “Uh, okay. Where?”

The guy looked around. “Chances are, all the public spaces are full of people who know either you or me. My room is being watched. What about yours?”

Watched? “Yeah, okay. I’ve got some chairs and a couch and stuff. Room 725.”

“It’s probably best I meet you up there. Is that okay?”

“Uh, okay, yeah.”

The black-haired beauty fished a wad of bills from his pocket and threw them on the bar where Jake was sitting. Even with a generous tip, it was way too much. Jake started to object when the man put up two fingers. “By the way, I get the feeling you don’t know my name is Roan Black.”

“No. I’m Jake. Jake Martin.”

“See you in room 725, Jake.” And he walked away, slipping the sunglasses and cap back in place. 

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